Winter League 2020-21

The Final Results for the V-Bandz Ltd Winter Series 2020-21 are now available. Congratulations to all of our champions, reserve champions and the top 10 in each league. 

The Top 10 for each League are:

OpenCatherine GreeningWelland CrystalCHAMPION
Suzanne BostockMia Rose3rd
Shuna MardonGaia4th
Helen HalpinShampbo Hazel Nut5th
Jacqui PyleBinx6th
Joanne BondSienna of Sunneyneuk7th
Jo VincentMr Wonkus8th
Abbey BrothertonPumba9th
Yvonne AllenDiamond Geezer10th

Open IntermediateShuna MardonGaiaCHAMPION
Helen HalpinShambo Hazel NutRESERVE CHAMPION
Zara LawlorToby3rd
Suzanne BostockMia Rose4th
Jo VincentMr Wonkus5th
Janet BrickJester6th
Pauline FrenchStan7th
Catherine GreeningWelland Crystal8th
Joanne BondSienna of Sunneyneuk9th
Nichola PeaceInca10th

IntermediateKathleen BottingGreen EarthCHAMPION
Nichola PeaceInca3rd
Amy RobertsShanbally Joe3rd
Janet BrickJester5th
Kim LeneyPrincess6th
Michelle BoweFlora7th
Suzie FordPrince8th
Mary WestonCape Clear Casey9th
Sandra KeenBill10th

Novice HorseMichelle BoweFloraCHAMPION
Gizzy MillerMr PriggleRESERVE CHAMPION
Jo MurrellMonmore Girl3rd
Willa MuirGypsy Rose4th
Caroline RichardsonMojo5th
Susie FordPrince6th
Anne CowellEric7th
Kim LeneyHarry8th
Heather McleodClaypark Mr Todd9th
Jan BarlowKnocknagree Topcat10th

NewcomerGizzy MillerMr PriggleCHAMPION
Jo MurrellMonmore GirlRESERVE CHAMPION
Lisa GeerRosie3rd
Heather McleodClaypark Mr Todd4th
Amy BoalerCelestial Navigation5th
Hatti AbrettiPentrefelin Sangwinetti6th
Anne CowellEric7th
Amy BoalerTyan Razzmatazz8th
Jan BarlowKnocknagree Topcat9th
Jess LanghamGranby Sting10th

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