Winter League 2019-20

Congratulations to all competitors who took part in the winter league 2019- 2020. Below is the final top 10 for each league. 

Final Results after ties – Newcomers Points Place
Cilla Claxton & Bajhita34  1st
Katie Norwell-Hall &  Primo Princess33  2nd 
Angee Bennett & Duchess29  3rd
Amy Boaler & Tyan Razzmatazz28  4th
Cecilia Harrington & Kizzy26  5th
Wendy Corlett & Hamish26  6th
Sheila Docherty & Lightning24  7th
Lisa Geer & Rosie24  8th
Caroline Pederick & Cherokee Gold20  9th
Amy Roberts & Joe20  10th
Final – Novice Horse  
Zara Lawlor & Toby40  1st
Shuna Mardon & Bonnie39  2nd
Val Worthington & Puzzle36  3rd
Cath Anthony & Magic Game36  4th
Caroline Richardson & Mojo35  5th
Nichola Peace & Inca34  6th
Cilla Claxton & Bajhita32  7th
Katie Norwell-Hall &  Primo Princess32  8th
Lisa Geer & Rosie32  9th
Michelle Bowe & Flora29  10th
Final -Intermediate  
Marie Spillane & Westend Stevie40  1st
Shuna Mardon & Bonnie38  2nd
Joanne Bond & Sienna of Sunnynuek37  3rd
Karen Barker & Rosie37  4th
Sam Prior & Daisy36  5th
Jo Vincent & Mr Wonkus36  6th
Lynsey Ellis & Scrumpy35  7th
Zara Lawlor & Toby35  8th
Isobel Kellermann &  Indubitably Samuel34  9th
Jen Sheen & Solly33  10th
Final -Open Intermediate  
Chris Ions & Dippy Di Do40  1st
Catherine Greening & Welland Crystal 39  2nd
Chrissie Upchurch & Denis the Menace39  3rd
Anne Howkins & Coals Dee Olena39  4th
Amanda Marfleet & Inoshowens Pride38  5th
Pauline French & Stan37  6th
Sarah Wynn & Storm Child37  7th
Joanne Bond & Sienna of Sunnynuek37  8th
Lynette Marsh & My Girl Susie36  9th
Abbey Brotherton & Pumba30  10th
Final – Open  
Amanda Marfleet & Inoshowens Pride40  1st
Bella Craven & Colin40  2nd
Pauline French & Stan39  3rd
Chrissie Upchurch & Denis the Menace39  4th
Nichola Peace & Ausdan Sularis38  5th
Catherine Greening & Welland Crystal 38  6th
Chris Ions & Dippy Di Do38  7th
Anne Howkins & Coals Dee Olena38  8th
Abbey Brotherton & Pumba37  9th
Sarah Wynn & Storm Child37  10th
Michelle Norris & Cracker37  11th
Sally Hall & Basil37  12th