Winter Series

Arena TREC focuses on the MA (Control of Paces) and PTV (Obstacle course) phases of TREC and events are usually run in an indoor or outdoor school.

 The PTV is shortened to 10 obstacles and there are a variety of classes to suit all horses and riders. 

MA scores – The MA phase consists of a 2m wide corridor between 50 and 150m long along which the rider canters as slowly as possible before returning by walking as fast as possible without breaking pace. A maximum of 15 points for each of the two stages can be attained, i.e. 50% of the full Summer Series marks.

Competitors are expected to present themselves and their horse in a clean and tidy state, with all tack and equipment in a serviceable condition.


League ClassEligibilityPTV obstacles equivalent to:
NewcomerOpen to RIDERS not to have been placed 1st in two or more Winter League classes prior to 1st September 2023.Level 1 
Novice HorseOpen to HORSES who have not been placed 1st in two or more Winter League classes prior to 1st September 2023.Level 2
IntermediateHorse and rider combination not to have been placed 1st in three or more Intermediate classes, or to have won twice in the Open class at WINTER TREC competitions prior to 1st September 2023.Level 2/3
Open IntermediateOpen to all horses and riders. The course will be of the same standard  as INTERMEDIATE.Level 2/3
Open league classesOpen to all horses and ridersLevel 3/4

Most Organisers will run non league classes alongside the league classes such as In Hand, Pairs, and Starters classes for you to have fun with on the day, which will be in the competition schedule. 

Winter League

All classes are open to Members and Non Members of TREC GB – only paid up members will have their scores counted towards TREC GB Winter Leagues and be eligible for any special awards.

The  Winter League will include results from all TREC GB Arena TREC competitions held from 1st September 2021 to 01st May 2022.  Points will be awarded for placings (1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, etc) in each of the Open, Intermediate, Intermediate Open, Newcomer and Novice Horse classes. The best 4 placings for each horse and rider combination throughout the season will be used to calculate the League standings.

Riders who are not members of TREC GB can join TREC GB on the day (or within 48 hours) in order for their performance at that event to count. In special circumstances competitions out side these dates may be considered to count for the league by special permission from the Winter series working group.

All participants in any TREC event must be either a TREC GB Red member or a member of their local TREC club. To find your nearest club, please visit the TREC Clubs page.