Winter Series 2023-2024

All results from the Quality Rosettes TREC GB Winter Series Arena TREC Competitions run across the country from 1st October to 28th April 2023 can be found below.

We really hope that you enjoyed your event and would love to hear your feedback, the good and the not so good. Please complete a Competitor Feedback Form and let us know how it went.

Event NameClubEvent DateResults
37667MoorhouseWhite Horse TREC Group18/02/2024
38594Minnismoor Winter TrecSouth East TREC Group11/02/2024
37444Berriewood Farm Winter TRECTRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)11/02/2024
35396Barstobrick Arena TREC February 2024South of Scotland TREC10/02/2024
24993Winter Series Arena TREC CompetitionMoonraker & South TREC Group04/02/2024
34655Willow Farm February 2024South East TREC Group03/02/2024
35863Ladyleys 3North East Scotland TREC28/01/2024
35070Common Leys Winter QualifierWessex TREC Club28/01/2024
35426Hyndshawland/ SoS TREC Winter series 2023/2024South of Scotland TREC27/01/2024
36380Bodiam Winter Series TRECSouth East TREC Group21/01/2024
35708Winter Affiliated CompetitionTREC Isle of Man14/01/2024
33509RKTG Winter SeriesRed Kite TREC Group13/01/2024
35395Barstobrick Arena TREC January 2024South of Scotland TREC13/01/2024
34654Willow Farm January 2024South East TREC Group06/01/2024
35707Festive Winter Affiliated CompetitionTREC Isle of Man17/12/2023
34653Willow Farm December 2023South East TREC Group16/12/2023
35394Barstobrick Arena TREC December 2023South of Scotland TREC09/12/2023
24994Winter series Arena TREC, Little Park EquestrianMoonraker & South TREC Group03/12/2023
36542Minnismoor Arena TrecSouth East TREC Group03/12/2023
34034ShuttleworthKeysoe & Three Shires TREC Club26/11/2023
35864Ladyleys 2North East Scotland TREC26/11/2023
33911The Avon CentreWessex TREC Club26/11/2023
36145Bodiam Winter Series TRECSouth East TREC Group26/11/2023
36038Osbaldeston 25/11/2023 - WINTER ARENA TREC SERIES 2023/2024Bowland TREC Group25/11/2023
34041TSW Cannington Winter Arena TREC SeriesTREC Southwest25/11/2023
36806Woodlands Stables unaffiliated Arena Trec cmpetition.East Anglia TREC Group19/11/2023
33601Thornton House Farm Winter Series TRECWhite Horse TREC Group19/11/2023
35706Winter Affiliated CompetitionTREC Isle of Man19/11/2023
33508RKTG Arena TREC SeriesRed Kite TREC Group18/11/2023
34652Willow Farm Winter Series November 2023South East TREC Group18/11/2023
36042Penny Farm 12/11/2023 - WINTER ARENA TREC SERIES 2023/2024Bowland TREC Group12/11/2023
35393Barstobrick Arena TREC November 2023South of Scotland TREC11/11/2023
33612TRAC Winter Series 2023-2024 Spot Acre FarmTRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)05/11/2023
24992Winter Series Arena TREC CompetitionMoonraker & South TREC Group05/11/2023
24930Central TREC Group Winter Arena Series 2Central TREC Group05/11/2023
33350Kenwick Winter SeriesTREC Lincolnshire04/11/2023
33910Cotswold RDAWessex TREC Club29/10/2023
35610Sands Farm Arena TRECSouth East TREC Group29/10/2023
34033ShuttleworthKeysoe & Three Shires TREC Club29/10/2023
25535Rascals Equestrian Indoor Winter SeriesWhite Horse TREC Group22/10/2023
35549Barrow FarmTREC Southwest22/10/2023
33610TRAC Walford College Winter Series 2023-2024TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)22/10/2023
36031Craven Arena 15/10/2023 - WINTER ARENA TREC SERIES 2023/2024Bowland TREC Group15/10/2023
24425Winter Series Arena TRECMoonraker & South TREC Group15/10/2023
34425Willow FarmSouth East TREC Group14/10/2023
35300WHTG STAPLETONWhite Horse TREC Group08/10/2023
33566Winter Series Arena Trec Competition at the GrangeTREC Southwest08/10/2023
24929Central TREC Group Winter SeriesCentral TREC Group01/10/2023