Winter Series 2022-2023 Results

All results from the Dengie TREC GB Winter Series Arena TREC Competitions run aross the country from 1st October 2022 to 30th April 2023 can be found below.

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Event NameClubEvent DateResults
21427TSW The Grange Winter League TREC Competition 23/04/2023TREC Southwest23/04/2023
19666Wessex Common Leys Farm Winter Series 16/04/2023Wessex TREC Club16/04/2023
17214CTG Moulton EC Winter Series Competition 16/04/2023Central TREC Group16/04/2023
20293NEST Ladyleys 4 Winter Series 16/04/2023North East Scotland TREC16/04/2023
19665Wessex Cheltenham RDA WS 26/03/2023Wessex TREC Club26/03/2023
17193KTS Shuttleworth College Winter Series Competition 26/03/2023Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club26/03/2023
22463SETG Bodiam Winter Series TREC Competition 26/03/2023South East TREC Group26/03/2023
20291NEST Ladyleys 6 Winter Series 26/03/2023North East Scotland TREC26/03/2023
19858TSW Cannington March Arena TREC Winter Series 25/03/2023TREC Southwest25/03/2023
21785RKTG Spring Meadows Winter League TREC Competition 25/03/2023Red Kite TREC Group25/03/2023
22953SETG Minnismoor Trec Winter Series 19/03/2023South East TREC Group19/03/2023
19528TRAC Berriewood Winter Series 19 March 2023TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)19/03/2023
20622IOM Kennaa Equestrian Centre Winter Series Arena TREC 19/03/2023TREC Isle of Man19/03/2023
19952SOS Barstobrick Arena TREC Series 18/03/2023South of Scotland TREC18/03/2023
17213CTG Moulton EC Winter Series Competition 12/03/2023Central TREC Group12/03/2023
19953M&S Widbrook Winter Series 12/03/2023Moonraker & South TREC Group12/03/2023
19755SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 11/03/2023South East TREC Group11/03/2023
19680SETG Sands Farm, Horsham Winter Series 05/03/2023South East TREC Group05/03/2023
20306SoS Hyndshawland Arena TREC Competition 05/03/2023South of Scotland TREC05/03/2023
22462SETG Bodiam Winter Series TREC Competition 26/02/2023South East TREC Group26/02/2023
20292NEST Ladyleys 3 Winter Series 26/02/2023North East Scotland TREC26/02/2023
17195KTS Shuttleworth College Winter Series Competition 26/02/2023Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club26/02/2023
19854Wessex Liddington Winter Series 25/02/2023Wessex TREC Club25/02/2023
20171TLinc LRAC Kenwick Winter Series 19/02/2023TREC Lincolnshire19/02/2023
17363M&S Wilton RDA Pembroke Centre Winter Series 19/02/2023Moonraker & South TREC Group19/02/2023
19681SETG Sands Farm, Horsham Winter Series 19/02/2023South East TREC Group19/02/2023
19951SOS Barstobrick Arena TREC Series 18/02/2023South of Scotland TREC18/02/2023
21784RKTG Winter League TREC Competition Coombe Park 18/02/2023Red Kite TREC Group18/02/2023
20621IOM Kennaa Equestrian Centre Winter Series Arena TREC 12/02/2023TREC Isle of Man12/02/2023
19856TSW Cannington Arena TREC Winter Series (NEW DATE) 12/02/2023TREC Southwest12/02/2023
19525TRAC Walford College Winter Series 11 February 2023TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)11/02/2023
19756SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 11/02/2023South East TREC Group11/02/2023
22461SETG Bodiam Winter Series TREC Competition 29/01/2023South East TREC Group29/01/2023
20875BTG Penny Farm Winter Series TREC Competition 28/01/2023Bowland TREC Group28/01/2023
20170TLinc LRAC Kenwick Winter Series 22/01/2023TREC Lincolnshire22/01/2023
20624IOM Kennaa Equestrian Centre Winter Series Arena TREC 22/01/2023TREC Isle of Man22/01/2023
19682SETG Sands Farm, Horsham Winter Series 22/01/2023South East TREC Group22/01/2023
19950SOS Barstobrick Arena TREC Series 21/1/2023South of Scotland TREC21/01/2023
19758SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 14/01/2023South East TREC Group14/01/2023
21783RKTG Winter League TREC Competition Pibwrlwyd 14/01/2023Red Kite TREC Group14/01/2023
20887SETG Minnismoor Winter Series Trec Competition 08/01/2023 (NEW DATE)South East TREC Group08/01/2023
19668Wessex Avon Centre Winter Series 18/12/2022Wessex TREC Club18/12/2022
20620IOM The Glebe Winter Series TREC 18/12/2022TREC Isle of Man18/12/2022
17212CTG Moulton EC Winter Series Competition 10/12/2022Central TREC Group10/12/2022
20842BTG Osbaldeston Winter Series TREC Competition 04/12/2022Bowland TREC Group04/12/2022
19760SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 03/12/2022South East TREC Group03/12/2022
20169TLinc LRAC Kenwick Winter Series 03/12/2022TREC Lincolnshire03/12/2022
17331EATG Beechwood Winter Series 27/11/2022East Anglia TREC Group27/11/2022
19667Wessex Common Leys Farm Winter Series 20/11/2022Wessex TREC Club20/11/2022
20298SETG Bodiam Winter Series 20/11/2022South East TREC Group20/11/2022
17328EATG Woodlands Stables Winter Series 20/11/2022East Anglia TREC Group20/11/2022
20295NEST Ladyleys 2 Winter Series 20/11/2022North East Scotland TREC20/11/2022
17197KTS Shuttleworth College Winter Series Competition 20/11/2022Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club20/11/2022
19947SOS Barstobrick Arena TREC Series 19/11/2022South of Scotland TREC19/11/2022
17339M&S Wilton RDA Pembroke Centre Winter Series Competition 13/11/2022Moonraker & South TREC Group13/11/2022
20768WHTG Thornton House Winter Series TREC 13/11/2022White Horse TREC Group13/11/2022
20623IOM Llamedos Equestrian Centre Winter Series Arena TREC 13/11/2022TREC Isle of Man13/11/2022
19536TRAC Walford College Winter Series 12/11/2022TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)12/11/2022
20834BTG Penny Farm Winter Series TREC Competition 12/11/2022Bowland TREC Group12/11/2022
20583TSW Heazle Winter Series 06/11/2022TREC Southwest06/11/2022
19759SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 05/11/2022South East TREC Group05/11/2022
20168TLinc LRAC Kenwick Winter Series 05/11/2022TREC Lincolnshire05/11/2022
17211CTG Moulton EC Winter Series Competition 30/10/2022Central TREC Group30/10/2022
19683SETG Sands Farm, Horsham Winter Series 30/10/2022South East TREC Group30/10/2022
17187KTS Shuttleworth College Winter Series Competition 23/10/2022Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club23/10/2022
20414WHTG Moorhouse Equestrian Centre 23/10/2022White Horse TREC Group23/10/2022
19663Wessex Cheltenham RDA WS 23/10/2022Wessex TREC Club23/10/2022
19944SOS Barstobrick Arena TREC Series 22/10/2022South of Scotland TREC22/10/2022
20619IOM The Glebe Winter Series Arena TREC 16/10/2022TREC Isle of Man16/10/2022
20296SETG Bodiam Winter Series 16/10/2022South East TREC Group16/10/2022
20290NEST Ladyleys 1 Winter Series16/10/2022North East Scotland TREC16/10/2022
20308SoS Hyndshawland Arena TREC Competition 15/10/2022South of Scotland TREC15/10/2022
19671BTG WHW Penny Farm Winter Series 15/10/2022Bowland TREC Group15/10/2022
19607TSW The Grange Winter SeriesTREC Southwest09/10/2022
17340M&S Downlands Equestrian Winter Series Competition 09/10/2022Moonraker & South TREC Group09/10/2022
19538TRAC Walford College Winter Series 08 October 2022TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)08/10/2022
16371SETG Windmill Farm Arena TREC Competition 02/10/2022South East TREC Group02/10/2022
19757SETG Willow Farm Winter Series 01/10/2022South East TREC Group01/10/2022