Welcome to TREC GB

TREC GB is the National Governing Body for the sport of TREC in the UK. TREC GB is a registered charity, charity number 1161328.

TREC GB administers the sport of TREC via an elected Board and regional groups so that TREC can blossom as a sport for riders who wish to develop a ‘partnership’ with their horse, at whatever level they feel comfortable. This could be exploring the beautiful countryside of this country together, aiming for a place on an international team or anything in between!

Many competitions and training sessions, to get you started, are held throughout the UK all year round. To find out more about the sport of TREC, have a look at the Our Sport page.

TREC GB welcomes its members to be involved in administering and influencing our sport. If you would like to run a competition, click on Organise an Event for full details. Alternatively, if you are interested in joining one of our Working Groups to help look after an aspect of the sport then please email us via the Contact Us button at the top of the page. Members can find a full list of the Working Groups currently in operation, and the members already taking part in them, by logging in to the website and clicking on Members area.

The current British TREC Rulebook (and any changes to it) can be read online here. Printed copies are available to purchase, please click on Shop for full details.