Welcome Moonrakers & South TREC Club

TREC GB are pleased to welcome Moonraker and South TREC Club as a probationary TREC Club from 1st October 2021.

Moonraker and South TREC Club is based in South Wiltshire and will also be developing TREC in Hampshire.

As a probationary club, over the next twelve months, Moonraker and South will need to meet all the criteria for TREC Clubs as given in the document ‘TREC GB and its Affiliated Clubs’ (link), before being confirmed as an Affiliated TREC Club.

As well as providing additional TREC in South Wiltshire, the formation of Moonraker and South will bring new opportunities to an area of England that has not been active in recent years and we wish the new club every success.

Kind Regards


On behalf of TREC GB