TREC GB Treasurer to step down

TREC GB wish to announce that our Treasurer, Vanessa Warren, who has been in place since the formation of TREC GB, has decided to step back from the role of Treasurer at the end of this membership year (September 2022).

We cannot thank Vanessa enough for her dedication to TREC GB throughout her time as Treasurer and she will be greatly missed.

We are also grateful that by giving TREC GB advance notice of her intentions, Vanessa has given us time to seek another volunteer to fill this role and will work alongside them to ensure a smooth transition during this period.

The Trustees are working with Vanessa to discuss and agree the role of any future TREC GB Treasurer and we expect to have this available by the end of April for any prospective volunteers to consider.

Once again, on behalf of the TREC GB Trustees and indeed, all of our members, I would like to thank Vanessa for being our Treasurer.

Kind Regards

Chris Paine

Chair, TREC GB