TREC GB Special Awards 2022 Voting Now Open!

Congratulations to all finalists in the TREC GB Special Awards 2022 categories. The finalists for each category are listed below along with the reason they were nominated. To vote, please click on the voting button at the bottom of this page.

Please note: only current TREC GB members are eligible to vote for the Special Awards 2022.

Voting closes on Monday 2nd January 2023.

1. Best Summer Venue 2022

Grassroots ChampionshipsLovely site, lots of room and nice facilities The signage was excellent for all phases of the competition. Everything was easy to see and find. Lovely competition with a very friendly atmosphere
Marlborough DownsOutstanding PoR route using historic byways and race training area, beautiful coralling field set in rolling downland,  PTV and MA making great use of natural rolling downland setting too.
StourheadA wonderful location offering large corralling field, beautiful woods for the POR and fabulous valley for the PTV with the loveliest host family.
Welsh Championships, LlanthonyOne of the most beautiful places on earth. Epic views and big mountain feel. Lots of happy helpers. Easy parking and corralling. Great outdoor obstacle plan. Well organised. Loved every minute.   Just so beautiful, and so challenging to ride. Stunning scenery from the PTV field, walking distance to several pubs and a brewery/restaurant practically on site in the monastery!  What`s not to love!

2. Best Summer POR 2022

Grassroots ChampsVaried terrain, interesting route up to Level 1 championships standards, tickets and CPs well placed.
Marlborough DownsStunning historic byways, race horse training routes, use of lanes and tracks, a joyous glimpse into another world.
StourheadBeautiful woods, fields and quiet lanes.  Fabulous views. Really lovely and varied terrain. Challenging but not too much so. Great POR!
Welsh Champs, LlanthonyStunning beautiful scenery, challenging riding, challenging POR.

3. Best Summer PTV 2022

Grassroots ChampionshipsA lovely flowing course perfect for grassroots enough difficulty for this event. Jubilee theme with a Queen double on the Clover Leaf which presented a good challenge for some horses.
M&S_Marlborough DownsLong galloping course, loved the decorated obstacles. Interesting use of terrain in the PTV field and use of props (animal masks/ducks/saddles/hats) on obstacles
StourheadLiterally the most fun PTV I’ve ridden! Long and flowing route making use of natural terrain and fully optimising the gorgeous valley it was set in. The PTV was like going for  a ride and meeting various obstacles,
ThorntonLovely PTV with imaginative use of the wooded area and cross country course. Natural obstacles with good stretches between them. Happy judges! great terrain obstacles
Welsh Championships, LlanthonyFabulous, flowing course over very varied terrain. Lots of options for different levels – 3 sets of Bending, 3 sets of ride ups and downs, varied jumps, for all abilities including a small tempting log for the L2s and a full height L4 log too.

4. Best Saturday Night 2022

Deer ParkFood was excellent and plentiful and cooked freshly by fantastic caterers.
Grassroots championshipIt was delicious home cooked abundant and served with a smile. Pimm’s reception was a bonus 😀 KTS are renowned for their food and did not disappoint this year at the championships. 3 very tasty casseroles all home made with rice or bread went down well.
National ChampionshipsGreat meal held at the local cricket ground so you knew you could keep dry and warm if it rained. It didn’t but there was plenty of seating and people could easily mix. You can’t beat pie and peas! Plus loads of pudding choices and second helpings! Pie and gravy. What more could anyone want?!!!!!

5. Best Winter Venue 2021/2022

Cheltenham RDAWinner last year, and continues to be the main stay of Wessex Winter Events has large parking area, gallery, large indoor and outdoor schools. Easy access, easy parking, spectator viewing. Cake! Happy helpers, well organised.
Croft FarmHugh indoor arena, great all weather warm up, great hard standing car park.
KenwickPlenty of parking, big warm up arena, good surfaces in both arenas with collecting ring inside. Lots of different classes for everyone
ShuttleworthIndoor school to warm up as well as separate indoor school for competition, and they always have hot soup and cake in warm classroom available, Super friendly helpers.
The GrangeLarge indoor arena and indoor warm-up, plus a viewing gallery and plenty of hardstanding parking.
Thornton houseThe indoor arena is huge allowing for good space to lay out the obstacles together with the MA. Plenty of parking and always a kitchen full of cakes 😀 Always a lovely supportive atmosphere.

6. Best Volunteer 2022

Andy and David ChappellTravels the country supporting TREC with husband David – I’ve seen Andy at all of the competitions I’ve been involved in this year! Yet again these 2 deserve a volunteers medal. I have ridden at many competitions over the years, at various spots across UK and they are often there, they did 2 checkpoints at the GBs and came to help at Llanthony too. They travel all over judging at competitions and have probably been to more venues than any one rider this year.
Cath CromartyAlways there, always doing her thing. So many reasons – running a great competition at Llanthony. Volunteering as Vice Chair of the Trustees, Chair of Training Working Group and Rules Working Group. Thank you. Cath does SO much for our local group as well as TREC GB, organising competitions and judging and providing help and support to everyone taking part.
Helen CurleyShe spends so much time, and travels so far helping, even when she is poorly and moving house. She is kind and encouraging, just a lovely person. Helen is an exceptional Treccie; although she’s not competing herself at the moment she dedicates so much of her time to Trec events making sure everyone has the best experience. She is so encouraging and welcoming to new members and is always there until the bitter end at all competitions. She turns up everywhere to help. Always smiling
Karen ButtAlways goes above and beyond. So much time!
Mike MessengerGreat scorer Done lots of set up of the scoring program. When not caring for his mother in law been at the events input scores and changing entries at the last minute on the day  when pairs have decided to on their own
Sue SquirrelNothing is too much trouble. Her ideas and energy are endless Great advocate for the sport Really supports the newcomers Having arranged a fabulous camp she then followed it up  with the Grassroots Champs and even managed to compete herself which deserves a medal!

7. Unsung Hero 2022

Cath CromartyFor being the walking rule book, fountain of knowledge of TREC and giving so much of her time to support TREC in all of its pursuits For all she does, summer and winter to keep TREC flourishing. Anybody needing support or questions answered knows she will do that. Cath works tirelessly for TREC GB she competes, is on the board of trustees, runs TRAC Club, runs competitions, organises competitions, is a TD, works on several TREC GB working groups. Is extremely knowledgeable, and remembers everything.
Evie O’KeeffeHer passion and enthusiasm for TREC is fantastic, and very catching. With her training program and competitions she is opening up TREC to a whole new audience. Her training style is great she is warm and encouraging and helps everyone. Just an all round wonderful person who consistently puts others above herself and does an amazing job of promoting TREC and encouraging people to embody the spirit of TREC.
Jess WainFantastic mentoring and encouragement of the international  junior riders. The championship was a huge challenge for all the junior riders and Jess really supported them getting the right balance allowing the riders to feel proud of their selection and recognising the responsibilities that go with representing TREC GB but at the same time giving them the framework to enjoy it. Jess took the time to make sure we were prepared for travelling to France with zoom calls and caught up with us at training and competitions before the championships. At the championships she looked after us and made us feel like a team and supported us to cope with the challenges of riding abroad for the first time Jess was a wonderful source of information, advise and encouragement. Having been a young rider herself she knew exactly what was expected and coached the juniors with a fantastic, positive attitude, always making the training fun. France was an incredible experience for the junior riders and their supporters & Jess more than earned her place with her wealth of knowledge, endless energy and devotion to her junior team.
Jill PerryJill has put on so many events mostly single handed and really supports grassroots. Her events and training are always super, she also supports the neighbouring clubs. Works tirelessly promoting TRECin East Anglia and offering training to new and old competitors. A great ambassador for Trec..

8. Best Judges Hospitality 2022

Grassroots ChampionshipsHot meals on Friday and Saturday evenings. Packed lunches for POR and PTV days. Hot drinks, cakes available to help themselves. (As well as  being bought round during the PTV.) Well fed, well organised, can’t get much better!
StourheadHuge choice of packed lunches with the best cakes!  Tasty and generous evening meal for those helping for two days.
ThorntonOrganisers always smiling, coffee and cake always available, excellent food throughout.
Welsh Championships, LlanthonyAll details of where to be were emailed well before and on the weekend there was plentiful food. Drinks came around on PTV day and extra snacks too if we needed them. A small but welcome gift of a torch was given to us all.

9. Best TREC Photo 2022

This shows some of the hard work put into the ‘behind the scenes’ prep for competitions.
Whilst the TD, Shadow TD and Traceur all walked, these 2 junior riders also loved to help, one on his first ever mountain ride.
The young girl in the photo also walked the whole of the L2 routes
Cath Cromarty
L3 competitors at my Checkpoint doing their Grid referencesDave Cromarty
Was a great achievement as has taken 3 years to teach flora to open and shut gatesChristopher Leigh
This photo shows one of the Llanthony TREC volunteers testing the PTV. Just showing that size doesn’t matter!!!!Harri Like
TREC Camp 2022. What could beat a morning cuppa, in a beautiful place, with TREC friends and your pony?!Karen Butt
Just love the scenery and catching the moment. One day, at the end of the rainbow, I will find my perfect score!!Dave Cromarty
This photo captured Bradley and Jackie Bennett as they finished the PTV at the National Championships where not only did they win the L4 but it was also to be Bradley’s last ever level 4 competition.  Bradley is certainly one of the great TREC horses.Victoria Adams
An example of the stunning and challenging terrain faced by competitiors at the Weslh Trec Champs.Lesley Lewis
Jan Tucker and Rosie taking on the ditch at Beechwood TREC in fine extravagant style showing that TREC riders and horses are brave and prepared for anything.Amy George
This is my lovely mare who, after competing at the GB national comps in 35 degrees is relishing a sloppy bucket of saracen recovery mash. It captures how hot and challenging the event was, and how the organisers and sponsors provided the right things for us to have a great weekend.Charlotte Fleming
Sums up Trec! Making a cuppa whilst pony has brekkie and ‘come rain or shine, its Trec time!’Hattie Abretti
Just love this pic of Schweppes and I at Whitby!Chris Gibson Photography
Epically chilled Guinness!Erica Taylor
Stapleton May 2022
Fairly new to outdoor Trec (we had done one competition in 2021) my mare Pen was just coming back from having months off with a suspensory ligament injury so both of us were so happy and grateful to be there ❤️
She was giddy with excitement on the MA as you can see on her face and we did great, we got a 3rd place 😃😃
Andrew Youll
I just love it. The beauty of the trec camp. Lots of little things going on.Kate Gillam
This collage captures my absolutely joy at having completed a really tricky Championship PTV which I was so nervous about. The jump was just fantastic and Emma caught my relief and joy at finishing so brilliantly.Paws for Thought- Emma Nunns
The happiest pair I’ve ever seen on a POR! Emma Burrows and (I think!) Marley 🙂Tony Pay (grassroots champs)
This is a place I never dreamed I’d be. I’m on my horse of a lifetime wearing the Union Jack, being supported and encouraged by a huge band of fantastic people, meeting and making new friends, and it’s all as a result of TREC. There’s no sport I’d rather being doing more.NHMM Photography (France)