TREC GB Leucillin National Championships 2022 Arbitration Panel Report

Following the Leucillin TREC GB National Championships 2022 held on the 13th and 14th August 2022, a formal arbitration request was received by TREC GB.

An Arbitration Panel was formed according to the process detailed on the TREC GB website, which consulted with Championship Officials and the TREC GB Rulebook 6 th Edition:

• Technical Queries, page 15, 3.8.2
• Record Card, page 26, 4.7
• Penalty points section of the Rule Book was consulted,
• Navigation Penalties cont/d, page 34, 4.15.1
• Time Penalties, page 35, 4.15.5

Arbitration panel agreed unanimously that:

  1. The 50 Map Room Penalties should be removed from the competitor’s score as we agree that they were applied in error.
  2. Lost card penalties should be applied.
    Penalties were already included for 8 out of 14 Tickets
    Penalties for an additional 6 Tickets are to be applied – 120 Penalties
  3. Results and subsequently placings for the competition are to be amended according to the updated final scores.

The Panel also wish to remind competitors that there is a process in place for querying scores during a competition, which would have been the most appropriate way to resolve this issue.