TREC GB Equine Flu Vaccination Requirements

In order to compete at a TREC GB affiliated competition all equines must be vaccinated against Equine Influenza in accordance with the following rules:

Intervals BEFORE 1st January 2024Intervals AFTER 1st January 2024
1st Vaccination (v1)
2nd Vaccination (v2)21 – 92 days21 – 60 days
3rd Vaccination (v3)150 – 215 days120 – 180 days
BoosterNot more than 1 year apartNot more than 1 year apart

Note: vaccinations must be dated within twelve months for each year recorded on the passport, after the initial cycle of three injections were originally completed. For example, a horse vaccinated on 15th March one year needs to be vaccinated on or before 15th March the following year.

The following conditions also apply

  1. Horses that have received the first 2 injections are allowed to compete, provided that the 2nd injection was not given in the last 6 days before the event.
  2. Horses that have had their first booster or annual booster within the last 6 days of an event are NOT allowed to compete.
  3. Horses that are not vaccinated or their vaccination is out of date must commence a new programme of vaccinations. A new programme takes a minimum of 28 days before a horse can compete.
  4. Horses with several years of annual booster vaccinations may have errors in their record provided that;
    • The first two primary injections were administered correctly before 1st January 2019 and;
    • All annual boosters since 1st January 2019 are within time.

Note: TREC GB do not require 6 monthly vaccinations, however some venues/clubs do have additional requirements. If this is the case the schedule will specify the details.

TREC GB requires that organisers of any events, involving equines, insist that equine influenza vaccinations are up to date and to check passports before horses are unloaded. In order to assist organisers, TREC GB maintains a Flu Vaccination Register which is shared with organisers for the purpose of checking horse passport details in order to save time on competition days.

If your horse is NOT already on the TREC GB Flu vaccination register, and you would like us to record the details, please send a copy of your horse’s passport, including the front page, ID page and vaccination pages  to You will be issued with a reference number and future boosters can be added by sending a copy of the vaccination page containing the booster details and quoting your reference number to

Click the button below to download the TREC GB Flu Vaccination Checker and check the initial vaccination programme for your horse.

TREC GB respectfully ask that if either you or your horse are unwell, exhibiting signs of a temperature, nasal discharge or any other symptoms, please do not attend an event and inform the organiser.