TREC GB Covid update 21st June 2020

Following the last COVID-19 update on Thursday 18th June 2020, please find below links to the following documents;
1.  The ‘Protocol’ for running both summer and winter events and; 

 2. The more detailed Risk Assessment, including specific hazards and recommended controlling measures, needed to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, along with the hazards and control measures previously considered when running TREC events at particular venues.

 Protocol for Training and competitions Final 20th June 2020.
Generic plus COVID-19 Risk Assessment FINAL 20th June 2020
These should be used in conjunction with the ‘TREC GB Framework for the resumption events’ June 2020.
We are optimistic that events will resume as soon as possible but also urge everyone to stay safe whilst there remains a risk of spreading Covid-19.
Dave Rogerson,
Chair of

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