TREC GB Covid update 18th June 2020

TREC GB Covid-19 Update  18th June 2020

TREC GB’s intention is to allow the resumption of training events and affiliated
competitions (Summer and Winter), covered by our insurance, as soon as possible and provided that they comply with your national government guidelines.

At their meeting on Tuesday June 16th, the Trustees considered the final draft of a ‘Framework for Restarting Events’ across the United Kingdom. This framework has now been finalised and can be accessed via the link below.

link to the framework.

The framework will be followed shortly by two further supporting documents.

1. A ‘Protocol’ for running both summer and winter events;

2. A more detailed Risk Assessment, including specific hazards and
recommended controlling measures, needed to reduce the risk of spreading
Covid-19, along with the hazards and control measures previously considered
when running TREC events at particular venues.

Whilst Covid-19 will remain with us for some time we are optimistic that events will be organised across the United Kingdom but are also conscious that there is still a serious risk of spreading Covid-19 if guidance is not strictly followed and the advised precautions taken.

Dave Rogerson,
Chair of