TREC GB Covid 19 Update 8th June 2020

TREC GB Covid-19 Update to Members, Clubs & Organisers. 8th June 2020

Dear Member

Following consideration of the latest Government advice from 1st June 2020 and SEIB insurance information received late last week, TREC GB’s position is that affiliated club training events can resume from the 27th June 2020.

Government guidance indicates that it is now possible for group lessons to take
place in England. Lessons can accommodate five people from different households along with a coach or trainer and must be in a suitable outdoor space. Hacks of six people from different households are also possible.

In Wales, trainers can offer one to one lessons and group lessons for members of the same household. The trainer must travel to you, lessons must be outside and exercising must be from your own home.

In Scotland, non-contact outdoor horse riding is allowed and riders must only meet up with one other person or one family group from the same household. There is confirmation that one to one lessons can take place outdoors and trainers are only allowed to teach one person or one family group each day.

In all cases, social distancing guidelines must be followed and the two-metre
distancing requirement strictly observed.

Further government guidance is available by following the links below:
Groups of up to six from different households can exercise outside under new rules
Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England

Recent press releases and news bulletins are referring to a return to competitive sport, behind closed doors, combined with a rigorous programme of Covid-19 testing. However, government information doesn’t currently allow the resumption of affiliated TREC club competitions at this time.

Clubs planning to resume training must arrange to satisfy government and insurance requirements. This will require the submission of appropriate Risk Assessments, two weeks before the training dates that clearly show how normal procedures have been modified to demonstrate how advice is to be strictly followed. Clubs, Organisers and Members will receive detailed advice later this coming week.

The situation will no doubt improve quite quickly in the near future, provided there isn’t a second peak. In the meantime, TREC GB is finalising draft protocols for the resumption of Summer and Winter competitions and medical advice is being considered, along with advice from our insurers. Further information and advice to Clubs, Organisers and Members will be circulated once details are finalised.

Dave Rogerson,
Chair of