Summer Series Results 2021

All the results from the summer 2021 TRECs (full competitions, POR or PTV only and Versatile TREC Horse) run around the country including results from 2020 qualifier competitions.

We really hope that you enjoyed your event and would love to hear your feedback, the good and the not so good. Please complete a Competitor Feedback Form and let us know how it went.

Click on the link below for the latest results :-

10. TLincs Oasby 17th July 2021

9. CTG Park Farm Grass Roots (2) 10 July 2021

8. CTG Park Farm Grass Roots (1) 21 June 2021

7. IOM Eairy Mount 04 July 2021

6. SET_Brightling Park_20 June 2021

5. T.Lincs_Barnetby 12 June 2021

4. Wessex Wernham Farm 28 May 2021

3. RKTG_Gower Spring Trec 23 May 2021

2. EATG_Thunderley Parsonage POR 23 May 2021

1. EATG High Roding POR 02 May 2021

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