Qualification Criteria

Level 1, 2, 2A, 3 and 4 classes at affiliated TREC GB competitions run by TREC GB member clubs will be qualifying classes, unless the organiser has opted out of qualifier status (in which case it will be clearly stated in the schedule).

All classes will be eligible for qualifying points for TREC GB Summer League 2023.

Qualifying Period

For the TREC GB National Championships  Level 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4 qualifying competitions will run from 26th July 2022 to 30th July 2023 inclusive (Deer Park Level 1 classes on 16th July 2022 will also be included). Entries close Wednesday 2nd August 2023.

Qualification Criteria

Level 1 – Competitors who rode at Level 2 and above at the National Championships 2022 may not compete in the Level 1 Newcomer class at the TREC GB National Championships 2023.

Pairs – As a qualification for pairs, you must ride with one of the person(s) you have qualified with. You can only ride with that person(s) in the pairs class at each level that you qualified in.

The 2022 National Championships and Grassroots Championships will carry the same qualifier criteria as all other competitions, for the following year’s 2023 TREC GB National Championships.

Level 2, 2A, 3 & 4: In order to be eligible for qualification, riders must be a current Red tier or Blue tier members of TREC GB before the start of the competition at which they achieve a placing as detailed above. In the case of a pair, both riders must be TREC GB members before the competition. 

Level 1 riders: Riders must be Red or Blue tier members at the time of entering the championships.

The qualification criteria for both TREC GB National Championships 2023 has changed slightly to the following:

  • For classes with up to 10 individuals/pairs, competitors placed 1st to 5th will qualify.
  • For classes with 11 or more individuals/pairs, competitors placed 1st to 7th will qualify.
  • Qualification will roll down if the persons placed 1st to 5th (or 1st to 7th) have already qualified.

Example –   GREAT FARM COMPETITION – 8 starters Level 2+

1st place George (TREC GB member – not already qualified)
2nd place Fred (TREC GB member – already qualified)
3rd place Bill (non member) 
4th place Henry (TREC GB member – not already qualified)
5th place Chris (TREC GB member – already qualified)
6th place Richard (TREC GB member -not already qualified)
7th place Tom (TREC GB member -not already qualified)
8th place James (TREC GB member -not already qualified)

Under the 2023 rules
George, Henry, Richard, Tom and James would ALL qualify for the TREC GB National Championships for 2023.

Summer League 2023

Summer league period has now been extended and will now run from Sunday 26th March 2023 to Sunday 29th October 2023 (British Summer time).

To be eligible for points in the league you must have completed in a minimum of 2 competitions at that level.

All classes at the TREC GB National Championships will be eligible for points in the summer league.

Please contact admin@trecgb.com  if you need further information.