Summer Series

TREC GB Summer Series competitions move out of the arena and most are full competitions including the POR (orienteering phase), MA (control of paces phase) and PTV (obstacles phase).

Summer Series events can be either 1 or 2 day events (where you’ll get to camp with your horse and enjoy 2 days of fun with fellow TRECcies).

Summer Series competitions are also qualifying competitions for the National & Grassroots Championships. If you complete all 3 phaes, you may be lucky enough to qualify for either of the Championships.

There are also competitions which are POR-only , MA & PTV only, Versatile TREC Horse, Score TREC or the popular shortened version – 10/10 competitions which are excellent for practising.  

Details about all affiliated TREC GB competitions can be found via the Events area of the website. Competitors are expected to present themselves and their horse in a clean and tidy state, with all tack and equipment in a serviceable condition.

What is the POR?

The POR is the orienteering phase of TREC, where competitors navigate around a set route on horseback using a map. This might sound a bit scary, but at level 1 (Grassroots level), the navigation is very basic and most newcomers are pleasantly surprised. The higher levels of competition involve longer and more complicated orienteering routes.

The distance the POR covers varies depending on the level. The POR route for Level 1 is up to 15km (9 miles), Level 2 & 2A is up to 20km (12.5 miles), Level 3 is up to 30km (18.5 miles) and Level 4 is up to 40km (25 miles) and is designed to be completed at a range of speeds (chosen to suit the terrain & weather conditions).

The POR gives competitors an opportunity to ride in glorious countryside, sometimes on tracks or in places where horses aren’t allowed to go.

What is the MA?

The MA is the Control of Paces phase and is a simple test of how slowly your horse can canter and how quickly it can walk, without breaking into a trot from either pace. The MA is measured through a corridor of up to 150m in length and between 2m and 2.2m in width.

Horse cantering in the MA corridor

What is the PTV?

The PTV phase is a course of up to 16 obstacles designed to test things that would normally be encountered out hacking in the British countryside. Each obstacle has a maximum score of 10 points and you will not be eliminated if there is something you don’t want to or can’t do – all you have to do is stop and tell the obstacle’s judge that you are attempting the obstacle. This makes the PTV inclusive for everybody, whatever their ability.

The full range of obstacles can be found in our Rulebook

National Championships 2023

18th – 20th August 2023

The TREC GB National Championships 2023, including the Grassroots Level 1 Championships, will be held at Bibury Farm, Bibury, Cirencester, Gloucestershire for all Levels.

View all of the latest updates for the TREC GB National Championships 2023 here.


Full results from Summer 2023 Competitions can be found on the Results Page.