Summer Series 2023 Results

All results from the Summer Series 2023 competitions run across the country from 1st October 2022 – 30th September 2023 can be found below.

We really hope that you enjoyed your event and would love to hear your feedback, the good and the not so good. Please complete a Competitor Feedback Form and let us know how it went.

Event NameClubEvent DateResults
25835Welsh TREC ChampionshipsRed Kite TREC Group15/09/2023
28079Scottish ChampsNorth East Scotland TREC15/09/2023
28428Moonrakers and South Bella's Thoroughfare Summer Affiliated TRECMoonraker & South TREC Group10/09/2023
23077WHTG Epperstone Summer Series TREC Competition 09/09/2023White Horse TREC Group09/09/2023
23664TREC IOM Summer Affiliated TREC 03/09/2023TREC Isle of Man03/09/2023
34839EATG dash-for-CacheEast Anglia TREC Group26/08/2023
22873TREC GB National Championships 2023 18/08/2023Wessex TREC Club,TREC GB18/08/2023
14385KTS Earwig Farm, Pavenham TREC Competition NEW DATE 05/08/2023Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club05/08/2023
21623SOS Colvend Summer Series TREC Competition 04/08/2023South of Scotland TREC04/08/2023
20803TSW Dorchester TREC 28/07/2023TREC Southwest28/07/2023
24895NEST Ardmedden PTV & MA CompetitionNorth East Scotland TREC23/07/2023
18119CTG Cannock Chase . English Championships. Summer Series TREC Competition 21/07/2023Central TREC Group21/07/2023
22096Wessex Upper Farm Cherhill One Day Summer Series TREC Competition 01/07/2023Wessex TREC Club01/07/2023
20626IOM Summer Affiliated TREC 30/06/2023TREC Isle of Man30/06/2023
21953KTS Shelton Hall Summer Series 24/06/2023Keysoe & Three Shires TREC Club24/06/2023
20318M&S Wernham Farm One Day Summer Series TREC 18/06/2023Moonraker & South TREC Group18/06/2023
20618TLinc Well Vale Summer Series TREC 10/06/2023TREC Lincolnshire10/06/2023
22036WHTG Fair Oaks Summer Series TREC Competition 03/6/2023White Horse TREC Group04/06/2023
19661SETG Cherry Croft Summer Series 03/06/2023South East TREC Group03/06/2023
23793NEST Mosswood Summer TREC Competition 03/06/2023North East Scotland TREC03/06/2023
20300Wessex Brockhurst Summer Competition 27/05/2023Wessex TREC Club27/05/2023
23538SETG St Clere 10/10 27/05/2023South East TREC Group27/05/2023
20731CTG Shangton Grange Summer Series TREC Competition 20/05/2023Central TREC Group20/05/2023
19693BTG Belle Vue Farm Summer Series 13/05/2023Bowland TREC Group13/05/2023
20625IOM Summer Affiliated TREC 07/05/2023TREC Isle of Man07/05/2023
19855TRAC Dyfnant Forest TREC 06/05/2023TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cymru)06/05/2023
20100TScot Ovenstone 10:10 TREC Competition 23/04/2023TREC Scotland23/04/2023
22618RKTG Cott Farm Easter TREC 15/04/2023Red Kite TREC Group15/04/2023
19662NEST Clashindarroch Summer Series 29 October 2022North East Scotland TREC29/10/2022
19745RKTG Summerhill Score TREC 23/10/2022Red Kite TREC Group23/10/2022