Summer League 2023

Summer league period has now been extended and will now run from Sunday 26th March 2023 to Sunday 29th October 2023 (British Summer time).

To be eligible for points in the league you must have completed in a minimum of 2 competitions at that level.

All classes at the TREC GB National Championships will be eligible for points in the summer league.

Scoring system

The scoring system will be the same for all levels.  Points will be awarded for PLACINGS as follows:

1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points, and so on down to 10th = 1 point.

The points for the best 3 performances will be totalled and the highest total will win. If two competitors or pairs have the same total the following 3 steps will be used to split the tie in order, only moving on to the next step if still tied.

  1. Points from a 4th competiton.
  2. Average POR placing at the 3 best competitions.
  3. Number of people placed below the person or pair in the 3 competitions used for the total points – the person with the largest score will be placed above the one with the lower score – i.e. Competitor A with 3 wins at competition K (10 competitors), competition L (14 competitors) and competition M (8 competitors) would place above Competitor B with 3 wins at competition R (9 competitors), competition S (7 competitors) and competition T (5 competitors)


Prizes will be offered for the following levels:

  • Level 1 Individual 
  • Level 1 Pairs
  • Level 2 Individual
  • Level 2 Pairs
  • Level 2A Individual
  • Level 2A Pairs
  • Level 3 Individual
  • Level 3 Pairs
  • Level 4 Individual

Points will be awarded for placings in open unrestricted classes at these levels.  Placings in Novice/Restricted classes or at levels with an A or B suffix will not count towards the League. Except Level 2A.


A rider (or in the case of a pair, both members of the pair) must be a Red or Blue tier member of TREC GB before the date of the competition in order for their performance at that competition to count. TREC GB membership numbers should be quoted on the entry form in order that the rankings can be calculated accurately.  

The Pairs Leagues will be calculated based on placings achieved by a pair as a single competitive entity.  If a rider ente