Special Awards 2021 – Best TREC Photo of 2020/2021 Voting now Open!

Thank you to all who have taken time so far to vote for your favourite competitions, food, photos, volunteers and unsung heroes of 2020 & 2021.

The vote is now open for the Best TREC Photo of 2020/2021. Please click the link below to cast your vote.

Voting for all categories will close at 10pm on Sunday 2nd January 2022.

A full list of nominees will be published on the website following the Awards Evening.

  1. Learning to read the map on the hoof

David, normally a judge, was thrown in at the deep end to ride at the English Championships in the level One class. The photo was the night before, learning how to read a map, on the Friday night. He rode as an Individual.

Photo taken & submitted by Cath Cromarty

  1. Last minute route checking

I took this photo of Traceur Cath and the route riders, Bev and Steph doing last minute route finding, literally as the combine harvesters and balers were still working,

Photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty

  1. The sheer joy of riding

The sheer joy of riding this amazing little horse in beautiful places.

Photo taken by Sarah-Jane Bullock & submitted by Karen Butt

  1. Sunset over a clean corralling field

A lovely clean corralling field sums up the perfect end to what was a perfect weekend.

Photo taken & stubmitted by Sarah Kelsey

  1. Can sheep take part?

It just makes me smile. Roger (the sheep) came in the arena and did the jumps too!

Photo taken & submitted by Chris Paine

  1. How low can you go?

Helen Barnes is a fabulous volunteer and always brings her camera and gets some amazing snaps. This is one of many I could have chosen but this shows the great partnership between Sully and Nichola Peace in one of our open competitions

Photo taken by Helen Barnes & submitted by Helen Curley

  1. Just chillin’

Love this photo myself and partners horse Spot/mojo love their trec camps as much as we do. Whilst we where panicking that we had all of our equipment they where just chilling before the off 🥰

Photo taken & submitted by Cilla Claxton

  1. Simply the best

This photo shows my amazing Little Miss Satisfaction at her best, loving her job and rewarding me with a fantastic score of 144 at Park Farm English Champs, pulling us up into 2nd place in L2a individual.

Photo taken by IndiePics & submitted by Judith Fisher

  1. Did someone say beach?

This photo is one of my favorites of myself and my part-bred Arab Sofi on the beach phase at Gower Trec. Apart from being very colourful in our mix of hi-viz, it sums up Trec in my opinion:

– a spin on the beach

– the rider engrossed in her map

– the horse alert and happy, watching and waiting eagerly for her next direction.

Photo taken by Mandy Thomas Photography & submitted by Lesley Lewis

  1. Parting ways

The lady parting from her Patchy Twat in the back ground (Christine Banks) was such a great sport and happily unhurt! My Trec partner kim Leney is in foreground – from Brightling 2021

Photo taken by Nigel Goddard & submitted by Kay Ford