Senior Riders – Dot Still

Occupation Livery Yard owner and taxi service for my boys.

Horse:  Wahiki aged 10 Irish Sport Horse, 15.2hh

Wahiki was bought as a 5 year old with the sole purpose of getting to Italy 2014 and beyond. He has a super temprement. He loves the obstacles and thinks it is all great fun. He will go all day on the POR with the minimum effort from me. He is non spooky  and a forward ride without being strong which all in all makes for the perfect TREC horse. He did qualify us for Italy but sadly I had an accident which meant I could not go. We persevered, we both became older and wiser and were selected to go to Spain in 2016 to the World Championships.

I was introduced to TREC by a friend who wanted to hire my outdoor school for a TREC training event. She suggested I have a go. I did and was totally hooked from that very day. I have competed in various equestrian disciplines and can honestly say TREC has given me the most fun on a horse.

I love the friendship it has given me, all over Europe. I love the bond it has created between Wahiki and myself, we are a team. I love the challenge of the maps and the terrain that we are sent across. I have ridden in some spectacular parts of the UK and indeed Europe. The peace away from my mobile for about 8 hours is just bliss!

The obstacles too are a lot of fun and although you practice at home, you just never know what might happen on the day. I enjoy the thrill of the PTV as it has a cross country element to it.

Finally I have met some lovely people and made some great friends both at home and abroad all with the same aims of enjoying their horses.

What is your favourite Phase and why?

Tricky one as I like them all for different reasons.

POR for the challenges

PTV for the excitement

COP for the chance to show that TREC horses have to be well schooled and obedient to gain good points ( the same could be said for the PTV too)

What advice would you give some one wanting to get into the sport?

Do it!!!!

It is a sport for all. Go to a local training event and give it a go. Look up TREC GB website to get more information.

And the one moment of TREC you will never forget!

Coming back from a back injury and coming 13th individually at the Worlds was a real high point and a great personal achievement.