Second Edition (Rusty)

owned by Dave & Sheila Rogerson

Rusty has just completed his 20th year in TREC. He went straight in at level 3 as his owner’s believed him to be 7 years old and it took until 2013 for him to become British Champion and he was then Level 3 pairs champion for 4/5 years. He’s always been good on the POR knowing when to be steady and calm though if not tied up properly he has gone off on his own. His PTV scores have been a strength averaging over 120 with strong MA points too. Sheila and Dave have shared competing on him since 2017 although he is now not doing the distance of L3s.

Recently he has been the best veteran at the last 3 British championships and in 2022 was ridden as a last minute replacement still showing he loves to compete and being crowned L2A pairs champion.

Photo creditL Krist Clay, Topgear Photos