Request for Tenders


TER is a piece of bespoke software written in Python. We need to add a csv import system to transfer information into a section of the database from electronic data storage system such as SportIdent (which are being used at some competitions). Some alterations to user interfaces will also be needed.

Users of the software are not technical experts and few use it frequently (usually 1-2 instances per year). Simple, intuitive and robust systems are imperative.

Brief background to SportIdent (

Electronic time stamp recording system, with data stored on a personal hand held device (carried by riders) about which box the time stamp has been recorded from. The data from the hand held devices is downloaded on completion of the ride, usually in the form of an instant printout (till receipt-type output) but also in electronic form in SI’s proprietary software. These time stamp data need to be exported from the software and imported into TER together with identifiers of both the rider and location.

Integrating SI data

The csv import file may include information from SI ‘dibbers’ or other similar electronic data collection devices, as well as being put together manually in Excel or other spreadsheet software to streamline data input.

Ongoing maintenance

Further development may be needed on a case-by-case basis, as necessitated by rule alterations (implemented no more frequently than once per year) and/or developments from this or other Working Groups. There may therefore be an opportunity for this project to lead to a more ongoing relationship in future.

Day rate and relevant previous projects

Please give details of these, including any reduced rate for charities (TREC GB is a registered charity). Also estimated timescale that the work could be started in case of being the successful tenderer.

Existing code

Demonstrations of both the TER software from the user interface point of view and SI data outputs can be made available prior to quoting, please contact to request these.

Intellectual Property Rights

TREC GB will enable the developer for this project to see the TER code as needed but the intellectual property rights of all code developed as part of the project will remain with TREC GB.