Previous Events

TitleEvent DateClubEvent TypeLevelsclub_hfilterevent_type_hfilter
Wessex Brook Farm TREC PTV/MA Training – 03/10/202103/10/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
Wessex – Ace Cross Country TREC PTV Training – 09 Oct 202109/10/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
KTS Butts Leys Winter PTV/MA Training 26/09/202126/09/2021keysoeptv-ma-training training
NEST Mains of Auchlossan Combined Training/Arena Competition 25/09/202125/09/2021, nestptv-ma ptv-ma-training summer-series training
NEST Braeside of Rothmaise Judges Training 18/09/202118/09/2021nestjudge training
NEST Knock Huntly PTV Training – 12 Sept 202112/09/2021nestptv-ma-training training
IOM Summer TREC Competition11/09/20211, 2iomss21 summer-series
SETG Beechwood Farm 10:10 Competition11/09/20211, 2, 2asetg1010 summer-series
TLincs Kenwick PTV/MA Training11/09/2021lincsptv-ma-training training
BTG Penny Farm Arena TREC Training15/08/2021bowlandptv-ma summer-series
International TREC Event – Belgium06/08/2021european-cup summer-series
International TREC Event – Zuesch, Germany23/07/2021european-cup summer-series
SOS Barstobrick Arena Competition10/07/2021sosptv-ma summer-series
Wessex Emergency First Aid Training07/08/2021wessexjudge training
NEST Philorth PTV/MA Competition29/08/2021nestptv-ma summer-series
NEST Philorth PTV/MA Training01/08/2021nestptv-ma-training training
Sands Farm PTV/MA Training11/07/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
Wessex – Kites Nest PTV/MA Training10/07/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
Wessex Almondsbury Horse Show TREC Demo04/07/2021wessexdemo training
BTG Penny Farm Arena TREC Training07/07/2021bowlandptv-ma-training training
SETG Middlewick Farm VTH Competition29/08/2021setgvth-ptv-ma summer-series
TSW Leawood Equestrian Centre PTV/MA Training18/07/2021tswptv-ma-training training
SoS Barstobrick Equestrian Arena Trec12/06/2021sosss21 summer-series
TSW Fyne Court – On foot Orienteering Training10/07/2021tswpor-training training
TSW Mendip Hills Summer Competition – CANCELLED21/08/20211, 2tswss21 summer-series
BTG Penny Farm Fun TREC Summer Arena Competition13/06/2021, bowlandfun ptv-ma summer-series
RKTG Taicyd Charity Weekend – Demo and Have a Go13/06/2021red-kiteptv-ma-training training
WHTG Moorhouse Equestrian Centre TREC Training10/07/2021whtgpor-ptv-ma-training training
Wessex Cirencester Park POR Training25/09/2021wessexpor-training training
TScotland Ovenstone Equine PTV/MA Training12/06/2021trec-scotlandptv-ma-training training
SETG Willow Farm PTV/MA Summer Arena Competition03/07/2021setgptv-ma summer-series
SETG Willow Farm PTV/MA Summer Arena Competition05/06/2021setgptv-ma summer-series
KTS Home Farm PTV Training31/05/2021keysoeptv-ma-training training
TSW Quantock POR Competition26/09/20211, 2tswpor-only summer-series
CTG Milton Keynes PTV Training13/06/2021centralptv-ma-training training
Wessex Avon RDA PTV/MA Training13/06/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
SoS Hyndshawland Farm TREC Training Camp25/06/2021soscamp training
SoS Hyndshawland Farm TREC 10/10 Competition27/06/2021sos1010 summer-series
BTG Rawlinshaw Farm POR/PTV/MA Training19/06/2021bowlandpor-ptv-ma-training training
NEST Dinnet TREC PTV Training12/06/2021nestptv-ma-training training
NEST Dinnet Arena PTV/MA TREC Competition04/07/20214nestptv-ma summer-series
Wessex Lawfield Judges Training17/07/2021wessexjudge training
SETG Stonelink Farm One Day Training11/05/2021setgpor-ptv-ma-training training
SETG Stonelink Farm One Day Training25/05/2021setgpor-ptv-ma-training training
SoS Barstobrick Arena TREC Competition (non League)08/05/2021sosptv-ma summer-series
TSW Poltimore Park – POR/PTV/MA Training06/06/2021tswpor-ptv-ma-training training
SET Stonelink Farm Judges Training31/05/2021setgjudge training
KTS Butts Leys PTV Training03/05/2021keysoeptv-ma-training training
BTG Bank Farm PTV Training23/05/2021bowlandptv-ma-training training
NEST Mosswood Stables Summer Arena MA/PTV Competition29/05/2021nestptv-ma summer-series
NEST Mosswood Fixed Obstacle Training09/05/2021nestptv-ma-training training
NEST Mosswood TREC Fixed Obstacle Training15/05/2021nestptv-ma-training training
Sands Farm Summer Series TREC Competition05/09/20211wessexss21 summer-series
WESSEX – Lyford Stud Summer PTV & MA Competition – 15 Aug 202115/08/20211, 2, 3wessexptv-ma summer-series
Wessex – Ablington POR Ride15/05/2021, wessexpor-training training
BTG Mere Court Stud PTV/MA Training09/05/2021bowlandptv-ma-training training
BTG Mere Court Stud PTV/MA Training25/04/2021bowlandptv-ma-training training
Wessex Minchenhampton Unmounted POR Training02/05/2021wessexpor-training training
BTG Greenlands EC TREC Training Camp20/08/2021, bowlandtraining camp
SETG Willow Farm Winter Competition03/05/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
SET Brightling Park Summer Trec20/06/20211, 2setgss21 summer-series
SETG Mounted PTV/MA Training04/04/2021, setgptv-ma-training training
Wessex Cheltenham RDA Winter Series Competition17/04/2021wessexws20-21 winter-series
TSW Pontispool Winter Series Competition03/05/2021tswws20-21 winter-series
TRAC Walford Winter Series Competition24/04/2021tracws20-21 winter-series
TSW Wellbeck Winter Series Competition18/04/2021tswws20-21 winter-series
Wessex Lower Haddon Farm Winter Series Event25/04/2021wessexws20-21 winter-series
Wessex – Kites Nest Farm PTV/MA Training11/04/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
Wessex – Kites Nest Farm PTV/MA Training09/05/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
TRAC Frodsham Junior TREC Train and Compete POSTPONED to 202209/07/2021traccamp training
WHTG XC Training for TREC – POSTPONED24/04/2021whtgptv-ma-training training
WHTG XC Training for TREC – POSTPONED16/05/2021whtgptv-ma-training training
WHTG Thornton House Farm Winter Series Competition18/04/2021whtgws20-21 winter-series
WHTG – Stapleton Park Estate Winter Series Competition – NEW DATE – NEW VENUE03/05/2021whtgws20-21 winter-series
TSW Bicton Winter Competition – CANCELLED28/03/2021tswws20-21 winter-series
TREC GB National Championships06/08/20212, 2a, 3, 4tgbss21 summer-series
IOM Conrhenny Equestrian Centre Winter Competition and Practice POR09/05/2021iomws20-21 winter-series
IOM Llamedos Equestrian Centre Winter Competition18/04/2021iomws20-21 winter-series
IOM Eairy Mount Summer Series Competition03/07/2021, 1, 2iomsummer-series ss21
EATG Home Farm Riddlesworth Summer Series Competition17/09/20211, 2, 2aeast-angliass21 summer-series
English Championships – CTG Park Farm Summer Competition27/08/2021, 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4central keysoess21 summer-series
Park Farm Grass Route Series 2 – NEW DATE10/07/20211, 2centralss21 summer-series
Park Farm Grass Route Series 120/06/20211centralss21 summer-series
TSW Fyne Court – On foot orienteering Training – NEW DATE24/04/2021tswpor-training training
TSW Kingfisher Farm Winter Competition27/02/2021tswws20-21 winter-series
Wessex Cheltenham RDA PTV/MA Training CANCELLED02/01/2021wessexptv-ma-training training
RKTG Coetir Bach PTV Training15/11/2020red-kiteptv-ma-training training
SETG On-foot Orienteering Training POSTPONED19/11/2020setgpor-training training
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC Kenwick Winter Competition CANCELLED24/01/2021lincsws20-21 winter-series
BTG Mere Court Stud Trec Training POSTPONED22/11/2020bowlandptv-ma-training training
TREC Scotland Winter Series – Non TREC GB League25/10/2020trec-scotlandptv-ma summer-series
BTG Barton Equestrian Centre TREC Training06/12/2020bowlandptv-ma-training training
WHTG Moorhouse Winter Series POSTPONED28/11/2020whtgws20-21 winter-series
Wessex -Unmounted Map reading with compass – Stroud01/11/2020wessexpor-training training
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC Kenwick Winter Competition CANCELLED21/02/2021lincsws20-21 winter-series
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC Kenwick Winter Competition05/12/2020lincsws20-21 winter-series
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC Kenwick Winter Competition POSTPONED07/11/2020lincsws20-21 winter-series
TREC Lincolnshire Training LRAC Kenwick24/10/2020lincsws20-21 winter-series
TREC Lincolnshire Training LRAC Kenwick POSTPONED21/11/2020lincsws20-21 winter-series
CTG – Long Drove – TREC Training25/10/2020centralptv-ma-training training
Wessex Lacock Equestrian Centre Winter Series – Venue/Date Change CANCELLED24/01/2021wessexws20-21 winter-series
Wessex Breach Lane Winter Series POSTPONED08/11/2020wessexws20-21 winter-series
BTG TREC Training Rawcliffe (Outdoors)18/10/2020, bowlandptv-ma-training training
BTG Winter Competition 3 Wigan01/11/2020bowlandws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 5 CANCELLED20/02/2021ws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 4 CANCELLED23/01/2021sosws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 312/12/2020sosws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 221/11/2020ws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 221/11/2020sosws20-21 winter-series
SOS TREC Hyndshawland Winter Competition 103/10/2020sosws20-21 winter-series
SET Bodiam Winter Competition POSTPONED08/11/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
SET Bodiam Winter Competition POSTPONED20/12/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
K&TS Keysoe Winter Competition17/10/2020keysoews20-21 winter-series
SET The Croft Winter Competition – NEW DATE01/05/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
NEST Ladyleys Winter Competition20/12/2020nestws20-21 winter-series
NEST Ladyleys Winter Competition17/10/2020nestws20-21 winter-series
TSW The Grange Winter Competition11/10/2020tswws20-21 winter-series
Wessex Avon RDA Winter Competition11/10/2020wessexws20-21 winter-series
BTG Osbaldeston Winter Competition03/10/2020bowlandws20-21 winter-series
Welsh Championships – Tugford TREC, Summer 2021 Competition11/09/20211, 2, 2a, 3, 4tracss21 summer-series
TRAC Nesscliffe TREC Summer 2021 Competition – POSTPONED18/09/20211tracss21 summer-series
Welsh Championships – Bryn Sion – Summer 2021 Competiton – CANCELLED15/05/20212, 2a, 3, 4tracss21 summer-series
Central Moulton 4 – Winter Competitions – NEW DATE11/04/2021centralws20-21 winter-series
Central Moulton 3 – Winter Competitions CANCELLED10/01/2021central
Central Moulton 2 – Winter Competitions CANCELLED28/02/2021centralws20-21 winter-series
Central Moulton 1 – Winter Competitions11/10/2020centralws20-21 winter-series
Scottish Championships – Fife – Summer 2021 Competition (New Date)20/08/20211, 2, 2a, 3, 4trec-scotlandss21 summer-series
NEST Ladyleys Winter Competition26/09/2020nestws20-21 winter-series
NEST TREC Training12/09/2020nestptv-ma-training training
Sands Farm EC Winter Competition – New Date11/04/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
Sands Farm EC Winter Competition CANCELLED10/01/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
Sands Farm EC Winter Competition POSTPONED13/12/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
SETG Sands Farm EC Winter Competition POSTPONED15/11/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
TSW Conquest Winter Competition RE-SCHEDULED06/12/2020tswws20-21 winter-series
SETG Willow Farm Winter Competition – NEW DATE10/04/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
Willow Farm Winter Competition06/02/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
Willow Farm Winter Competition POSTPONED02/01/2021setgws20-21 winter-series
Willow Farm Winter Competition05/12/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
SETG Willow Farm Winter Competition POSTPONED21/11/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
Willow Farm Winter Competition17/10/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
Haford Farm Stables Winter Competition18/10/2020red-kitews20-21 winter-series
LRAC PTV Training19/09/2020lincsptv-ma-training training
Cheltenham RDA TREC PTV/MA Training05/09/2020wessexptv-ma-training training
Tumpy Green Winter Series Competition CANCELLED07/02/2021wessexws20-21 winter-series
Tumpy Green Winter Series Competition20/12/2020wessexws20-21 winter-series
IOM Ashdene Winter Competition – CANCELLED20/02/2021iomws20-21 winter-series
IOM The Glebe Winter Competition – POSTPONED03/01/2021iomws20-21 winter-series
IOM Winter Competition01/11/2020iomws20-21 winter-series
VTH Training – Southdown Farm26/09/2020tswvth-training
WHTG Stapleton Arena TREC27/09/2020whtgws20-21 winter-series
Bowland TREC Winter Series 1 Barton EC19/09/2020bowlandws20-21 winter-series
TREC Training – Outdoors06/09/2020bowlandptv-ma-training training
TREC Training – Outdoors23/08/2020bowlandptv-ma-training training
Windmill Farm Winter Competition18/10/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
TREC Weekend28/08/2020bowlandcamp training
SOS TREC Score Competition19/09/2020sosscore summer-series
Wellbeck Winter Competition13/09/2020tswws20-21 winter-series
Lower Haddon Winter Competition – Outdoor20/09/2020wessexws20-21 winter-series
Quantock TREC – POSTPONED till 202203/07/20212, 2a, 3tswss21 summer-series
Arkholme TREC Training outdoors05/09/2020bowlandptv-ma-training training
Dimlicote Mounted POR Training20/09/2020centralpor-training training
Cott Farm RKTG Winter Series05/09/2020red-kitews20-21 winter-series
Oasby TREC – Summer 2021 Competition17/07/20211, 2, 2alincsss21 summer-series
Barnetby TREC -Summer 2021 Competition12/06/20211, 2, 2alincsss21 summer-series
Thornton House Training Camp18/09/2020whtgcamp training
TREC Training Holiday29/09/2020red-kitecamp training
Milton Keynes Eventing Centre – PTV Training23/08/2020centralptv-ma-training training
On Foot evening Navigation30/08/2020red-kitepor-training training
Cott Farm Training Ride23/08/2020red-kitepor-training training
SETG Judges Training23/08/2020setgjudge training
Somerset Levels Training POR Ride08/08/2020tswpor-training training
EATG Beechwood Winter Competition POSTPONED15/11/2020east-angliaws20-21 winter-series
EAT Beechwood Winter Competition CANCELLED21/02/2021east-angliaws20-21 winter-series
TRAC Berriewood Winter Competition – New Venue18/04/2021tracws20-21 winter-series
Gracelands Winter Competition – NEW DATE11/04/2021tracws20-21 winter-series
Walford College Winter Competition – CANCELLED20/02/2021tracws20-21 winter-series
Walford College Winter Competition CANCELLED16/01/2021tracws20-21 winter-series
TRAC Walford College Winter Competition POSTPONED28/11/2020tracws20-21 winter-series
Walford College Winter Competition24/10/2020tracws20-21 winter-series
Oxleaze Winter Competition06/09/2020wessexws20-21 winter-series
Lower Dean PTV & POR Training15/08/2020keysoepor-ptv-ma-training training
Minnismoor 10/1013/09/2020setg1010 summer-series
Cherry Croft Farm 10-1003/09/2020setg1010 summer-series
SET Street Farm 10-1030/07/2020setg1010 summer-series
Park Farm TREC29/08/2020centralss20 summer-series
Harwood Dale TREC, North Yorkshire, Summer 2021 EC Competition – NEW DATE23/07/2021, 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4whtgeuropean-cup ss21 summer-series
Frocester Practice POR Ride23/08/2020wessexpor-training training
LRAC Kenwick Outdoor PTV Training22/08/2020lincsptv-ma-training training
Breach Lane PTV Fun competition02/08/2020wessexptv-ma summer-series
Just for Fun TREC training16/08/2020tswptv-ma-training training
Oxlease Farm – CANCELLED26/06/20211wessexss21 summer-series
Wernham Farm – Summer 2021 Competition28/05/20211, 2, 2a, 3wessexss21 summer-series
Gower Spring TREC Summer 2021 Competition23/05/20211, 2, 2ared-kitess21 summer-series
Bodiam 1 Winter Competition04/10/2020setgws20-21 winter-series
Nipsells Farm TREC26/09/2020east-angliass20 summer-series
Dean TREC13/09/2020keysoess20 summer-series
Quinbury Farm POR30/08/2020east-angliapor-only summer-series
Beechwood Farm 10-1008/08/2020setg1010 summer-series
EATG Thunderley Parsonage – POR Competition – NEW VENUE23/05/20211, 2, 2aeast-angliapor-only summer-series
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