National Championships 2023 Results

Congratulations to all who competed in the TREC GB National Championships 2023, kindly sponsored by Leucillin Animal Skincare & Smart Saddles.

The overall results are available to view below. The phase results will be available within the next few days.

The National Champions 2023 are:

Leucllin Level 1 Newcomer IndividualLise Taylor (Chica)
Leucillin Level 1 Newcomer PairsGayle Marr (Hire Horse) & Sarah Witherspoon (Turn & Burn Superstar)
Leucillin Level 1 Open IndividualCatherine Greening (Welland Crystal)
Leucillin Level 1 Open PairsSarah-Jayne Bowers (Fingal of Achnacarry) & Diane Roberts (Skuggi)
Leucillin Level 1 Veteran HorseSian Griffiths (Barbara)
Smart Saddles Level 2 IndividualMartina Kasar (Caletto)
Smart Saddles Level 2 PairsDonna Taylor (Glantrasna Carrig) & Amanda Aldridge (Mr Pi)
Smart Saddles Level 2A IndividualHilary Barnard (Mallards Wood Aquila)
Smart Saddles Level 2A PairsLiane Robinson (Jaye) & Alex Robinson (Carive Moon and the Stars)
Smart Saddles Level 3 IndividualEleanor Prescott (Raiden)
Smart Saddles Level 3 PairsMary Weston (Cape Clear Casey) & Anna Lea (Nutkin)
Smart Saddles Level 4Amy George (A Touch Optimistik)
TeamCentral Conquerors (Mary Weston, Anna Lea & Chrissie Upchurch)
Nations CupEngland
The Lucky Jim (Highest PTV)Hilary Barnard & Caroline Brammer (score 137)
Jane Goldbart Trophy for Best ConditionThe Artful Dodger (Tania Guinness)
Highest Placed VeteranCaletto (Martina Kasar)
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 2Gizzy Miller
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 2aLiane & Alex Robinson
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 3Anna Lea & Mary Weston
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 4Amy George
Sharon Davies Trophy (Highest Placed Hired or Loaned Horse)Believe in Blue (Vicky Cresswell)

National Championships 2023-Overall ResultsDownload