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Code of Conduct

TREC GB & its Members

1. Introduction

This document outlines the relationship, benefits and responsibilities between TREC GB and its members.

TREC GB is comprised only of its individual members.

TREC GB functions via:

(a) The Board including committees and working groups

(b) The Affiliated Clubs

(c) Persons supplying Administrative Services

TREC GB is financed by:

(a) Membership Fees

(b) Club Affiliation Fees

(c) Event Affiliation Fees

(d) Sale of services and expertise

(e) Sale of Merchandise

(f) Sponsorship

(g) Fund raising and Donations

TREC GB provides for its Members and Clubs:

(a) Insurance

(b) Communication

(c) Requirements for Competition

(d) Training

(e) Competition

Please note that, unless otherwise specified, the term “member clubs” refers to both TREC GB’s member clubs that are fully Affiliated and those whose status is Probationary Affiliated.

2. Responsibilities of TREC GB towards its Members

2.1 Governance

2.1.1 TREC GB is the National Ruling Body for the sport of British TREC within Great Britain where, for the purposes of this document, Great Britain is the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.

2.1.2 TREC GB represents British TREC with other Horse Sports’ governing bodies and organisations within Great Britain.

2.1.3 TREC GB represents British TREC with other TREC Governing Bodies and is affiliated to FITE (Féderation Internationale de Tourism Equestre).

2.1.4 TREC GB enables its members to be selected as members of GB teams as well as to compete as individuals in European and World TREC competitions.

2.1.5 TREC GB takes membership fees from its member clubs and its members.

2.1.6 TREC GB provides a mechanism for its members to become members of the TREC GB Board of Trustees.

2.1.7 TREC GB will provide mechanisms for the resolution of any TREC related disputes.

2.1.8 TREC GB reserves the right to remove membership from any of its members where that person has breached the rules and ethos of TREC GB or has been found guilty of conduct derogatory to the character or prejudicial to the interests of TREC GB.

  • In this case, the person will be informed and given a chance to reply; however, there is no guarantee that the person will regain their previous status.

2.1.9 TREC GB reserves the right to reject any membership application where the TREC GB Board believes that it is in the best interests of TREC GB to do so.

  • In this case, the person will be informed and given a chance to reply; however, there is no guarantee that the person will be allowed to join and that decision is final for that membership year.

2.2 Insurance

Note that:

Only Red Tier members gain insurance benefits through TREC GB membership; all other tiers of TREC GB membership do not.

2.2.1 TREC GB will provide its Red Tier Members with both Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance and provide them with a copy of the “key facts” insurance documentation. The maximum levels of public liability and personal accident cover are listed in that document.

2.2.2 The membership year and associated insurance runs from 1st October to 30th September. Members must abide by TREC GB membership rules. Cover only applies from the date the membership fee is first paid (until the following 30th September) or the date that the membership is renewed (again until the following 30th September).

2.2.3 TREC GB qualified judges may apply, via TREC GB, to TREC GB’s insurance broker for freelance instructors’ insurance at a discounted rate. TREC GB can offer no guarantee as to how its insurance broker will view the application.

2.2.4 However, TREC GB will provide Trustee Insurance for its trustees provided that they are TREC GB Members irrespective of their membership tier.

2.3 Documentation and Communication (both paper and electronic)

2.3.1 TREC GB will inform its members of any changes relating to the national organisation of TREC by email or an emailed newsletter as soon as is possible and will update its website as appropriate.

2.3.2 TREC GB will develop and publish the British TREC Rulebook.

2.3.3 TREC GB will develop standardised documentation for TREC competitions.

2.3.4 TREC GB will define a process for the booking of dates for British TREC competitions.

2.3.5 TREC GB will develop standardised computer programs for TREC competitions.

2.3.6 TREC GB will maintain a list of trained TREC Officials and make this information available to other TREC Officials as necessary.

2.3.7 TREC GB will maintain a list of its member clubs and, providing each club has provided necessary information, their contact details on its website to enable the TREC GB members to contact the clubs.

2.3.8 TREC GB will develop a mechanism for information flow between itself and its members who are also representatives for its member clubs.

2.3.9 TREC GB will provide TREC related information and news on its website in a timely manner.

2.3.10 TREC GB will publicise TREC GB member clubs’ events (including competitions and training) on its website as soon as is possible after their notification, approval and the receipt (by TREC GB) of the booking fee.

2.3.11 TREC GB will publicise training events organised by TREC GB working groups on its website as soon after their notification as is possible.

2.3.12 TREC GB will publish TREC competition results on its website as soon after their notification as is possible

2.4         Training

2.4.1 TREC GB will provide both initial and refresher training for TREC Officials: Technical Delegates (TDs ), Traceurs, International Judges, Organisers and Scorers, who are also current TREC GB members.

2.4.2 TREC GB will provide both initial and refresher training for Trainers of the TREC Officials.

Note that only current TREC GB members may become TREC GB Officials.

2.5         Competitions

2.5.1 TREC GB enables all varieties of Summer and Winter TREC related competitions to be held.

2.5.2 TREC GB will facilitate Ordnance Survey (OS) licenced printed maps for TREC competitions.

2.5.3 TREC GB will provide a scoring program for competitions.

2.5.4 TREC GB will enable TREC GB Qualifier competitions for the National Championships to be held.

2.5.5 TREC GB will encourage discounted competition entry fees for both its own members and members of both its affiliated and probationary affiliated clubs.

2.5.6 TREC GB will run annual National Championship competitions at TREC levels 1, 2, 2A, 3 and 4.

Note that the championships will not be held in the same area of the country in consecutive years.

2.5.7 TREC GB will allow its members to enter the Championships subject tovenue capacity and other relevant criteria provided they have met the qualification criteria.

2.5.8 TREC GB will run both Winter and Summer leagues for its members.

2.5.9 TREC GB may run other awards for its members and their members’ horses/ponies.

3. Responsibilities of its Members towards TREC GB

3.1 Adherence to rules and ethos

All TREC GB members must adhere to all of the following:-

3.1.1 They must pay their membership fees to TREC GB immediately they fall due in order to retain their membership and their membership benefits (including qualifications and league points).

3.1.2 They must ensure that they comply with the rules and requirements of TREC GB.

3.1.3 They must ensure that they do not commit any intentional breach of the rules or any conduct derogatory to the character or prejudicial to the interests of TREC GB and must ensure any unintentional breach is rectified in a timely fashion and an apology given (as appropriate). This includes ensuring that anything deemed unsuitable that has been posted on Social Media is taken down and an apology given.

3.1.4 They must ensure that anything they make public or post on Social Media is stated as being their personal view and is neither held out to be nor could be mistaken as the view of TREC GB.