Jupiter’s Gold (Moley)

owned by Bob Cripps

Moley is 28 years young and is now fully retired.

In his TREC career he won the English L2 individual Championship in 2005 in Wiltshire, followed by a couple of years off recovering from a significant wound. We gradually built back his strength and in 2012 he won the L2 individual British Championship in Scotland. This was followed two years later in 2014 where we paired with Katie Holmes and the wonderful Fenn, to win the L2 pairs at the British Championship in Oxfordshire. Moley is such a kind and gentle soul, he adored TREC and was “renowned” for his ability to gallop the low branches and a super-fast PTV. In 2008 we were invited to participate in a TREC demonstration at Windsor Horse Show where he regaled the crowd with his fun loving antics.