Junior Rider Profile – Katie Braid

Tell us a little about your horse…

Jack is a 16.1h, 19 yr old ISH x TB.
He really enjoys Trec and all pony club activities especially the team Eventing.

How did you get into TREC?

 I heard how much my duo partner Cara enjoyed Trec and decided to give it a go. I competed with my mum until I was old enough to pair up with Cara.

What’s your favourite thing about TREC?

My favourite part of trec is the PTV.
I especially enjoy the jumping.

What most excites you when you think about competing abroad?

I am excited about experiencing the atmosphere of being at a big competition and facing new challenges with my horse.

Do you think more young people should get into the sport? And why?

Trec is a fun sport that suits everyone whether you prefer flat work or jumping. It really helps to build a relationship between you and your horse.