Junior Rider Profile – Eleanor Prescott

Tell us a little about your horse…..

My horse is called  Raiden, he’s a 14 year old Irish Sport Horse. Raiden is vey friendly and helpful – he does his best even though he doesn’t always know what exactly it is I am asking him. He is just like a big dog – he likes to follow me around and be told he’s a good boy! Being grey, he’s a bit of a swampy creature, but when he’s clean he looks like a unicorn.

How did you get into TREC?

I first got into TREC when I was ten years old and started accompanying my mum to competitions. My first TREC pony was a cheeky pony called Monty who took off with me halfway round the PTV. We still managed to come 3rd and I wanted to do more. I’ve been competing for just over 4 years now, usually with my mum as a Pairs partner but in 2021 I began competing with Louisa Brammer in Pairs and as an individual once I turned 14. 

What is your favourite phase?

My favourite part of a TREC competition has always been the POR. I enjoy challenging myself to find the correct route and each POR has different challenges that make it memorable. Although I sometimes get a bit lost (note from mum: Eleanor almost never gets lost!) it is always very fun and the landscape is often beautiful. Raiden enjoys riding over long distances too and is always willing to try anything.

What do you love about the sport?

The TREC community has always been very welcoming and supportive. Everyone is always willing to help out and give you tips on how to get better, and much of what I have learnt is from other riders I have met at competitions. Competing in TREC has helped me develop new skills as well as improving how I work with my horse. It’s also improved my confidence when riding over longer distances or alone.

Something I will never forget about TREC

The moment Monty bolted downhill with me in my first competition has burnt itself into my memory – I don’t actually remember much else about that day! We have a special place in our heart for the times we go to South Wales – there always seems to be a storm when we arrive! After the first time at Rhosilli when we had not brought enough clothing because the day before was the hottest day on record, we now always make sure we have enough warm clothes, coats and rugs when we go to Wales – even in August!