Junior Rider Profile – Cara Newman

Photo couresy of Kris Clay www.topgearphotos.com/

Tell us a little about your horse…

Ruby is a 15.3 hh Connemara with a great jump! She is capable but quite frankly can’t be bothered most of the time, and can be very stubborn. Her pet name is ‘donkey’.

Trec suits her down to the ground, it’s so varied and just flicks her switch. Schooling her is really hard work but get her to a Trec competition and she is an absolute dream. She just loves it and would go all day on the POR and loves the PTV. She is almost too fast against the clock which is hard to believe if you ever saw her at home.

How did you get into TREC?

My mum bought Ruby as a 5 yr old and needed a companion to take with Ruby when she went to Trec training so I would go with my pony too.  My first Trec competition was at Kelburn when I was 7 riding Charlie Buttons a 11 hh Welsh pony.  

I’ve been lucky and had some brilliant ponies, Rocky a 13.2 hh very old and wise Welsh pony who was great at the PTV and gave me loads of confidence, I did my first Scottish Championship on him when I was 10 and have competed in the Scottish Champs every year since.  My last pony Brandy was like a mini racehorse, he loved Trec and was so foot perfect at the obstacles the judges used to call him Twinkle toes.

Taking on Ruby and getting qualified for the British Team has been a huge achievement.

What’s your favourite thing about TREC?

My favourite thing about Trec is the feeling of freedom when out on the POR. I love being up in the hills with amazing views, figuring out which tracks to take in the forests and galloping across open fields.

What most excites you when you think about competing abroad?

I think the whole thing will be awesome. I’ve been wanting to go travelling and I’m getting the chance to do it with great friends and my horse!

With Trec I’ve ridden in some really lovely parts of Scotland and England and made friends all over the UK. I’m looking forward to making horsey friends from other countries too.

Do you think more young people should get into the sport? And why?

Yes, I totally do. It’s the perfect fun holiday for their ponies. All our ponies have become more relaxed from doing Trec (thankfully it has opposite effect on Ruby!)

It is great waking up in the morning in beautiful places and looking out to see your horse camped beside you.

Photo courtesy of Kris Clay www.topgearphotos.com
Photo courtesy of Kris Clay www.topgearphotos.com