Invitation to Join a TREC GB Working Group

TREC GB is seeking new members to join their Winter Series Working Group (WSWG) and/or the Organisers Working Group (OWG). We are looking for members who have good communication skills, some experience in organising and running a TREC event and an understanding of what is required to organise a successful event and who feel they can give some of their time to ensure that TREC is promoted and organised consistently across the Country.

The Winter Series Working Group have particular interest in the Winter Series TREC and have the following objectives.

  • Acting as the first point of contact for any matters relating to Winter Arena TREC
  • Reviewing Winter Series Organiser guidelines & recommending changes to the TREC GB Board
  • Reviewing Winter Arena TREC schedule and classes for each year and recommending changes to the TREC GB Board
  • Reviewing the Winter Series TREC GB League results
  • Evaluating Winter TREC competitions across the country
  • Evaluating the success of Winter TREC strategically to TREC GB
  • Reviewing and recommending potential rule changes affecting Winter Series.

The Organisers Working Group work towards ensuring common standards across all TREC GB competitions and training events and have the following objectives 

  • To aim to hold an Organisers’ Conference at least once a year.
  • To produce a shortened “introductory” version of the Organiser’s Pack, explaining what “organising” involves, that is less daunting than the full pack.
  • To review and update both the full Organiser’s Pack (the Handbook and all subsidiary documents and forms) and the “introductory” version at least annually.
  • To aim for common standards across all competitions and training run under the auspices of TREC GB for judges, competitors and officials.
  • Aiming to get agreements in place between organisers and venues to ensuring common understanding of what is expected from both sides.
  • To encourage “new” organisers, although this must be achieved mainly by the clubs themselves with support from this working group and the promotion of the sport from TREC GB.

We are inviting all members, who are interested, to submit a short summary of their particular skills, stating which group they would like to join and why. We may not be able to accept everyone who applies; it will depend on the range of skills that applicants can offer. Membership of TREC GB is a requirement to serve on any Working Group (WG). However, this can be Red,  Blue or Supporter Membership. 

For those who are not familiar with our Working Groups, members are volunteers and usually meet by conference call or zoom meeting every one or two months. Ideas are discussed and proposals put forward to the TREC GB Board of Trustees for final consideration.

If you feel that you have the skills and knowledge to offer one of our Working Groups, then please apply in the first instance, to If you feel that someone else would be ideal to serve on one of these Working Groups, please feel free to forward this email to them.

All applications will be acknowledged.

Thank you.

on behalf of the Winter Series Working Group and the Organisers Working Group