Introduction to International Riders Development Squad

Main Aims

The aims of the Development Squad are to target Senior Riders currently competing at L2A or above and Junior/ Young Riders at the lower levels, who have an interest in:-

  1. Actively engaging in attending available training,
  2. Improving all their TREC skills,
  3. Moving forward in the sport by progressing through the levels of  competition from their current starting position,
  4. Being prepared to report on training experiences and competitions completed,
  5. Ultimately aspiring to progress to the higher levels and being considered for selection to represent their country internationally.


  1. To increase numbers of riders competing at Levels 3 and 4 thereby encouraging organisers to provide these levels more frequently when planning competitions.
  2. To create a bigger pool of riders aspiring to represent TREC GB abroad in future International Championships.
  3. To increase the number of Junior, Young and Senior riders achieving TREC GB’s Selection Criteria and therefore the number of riders from which International Teams  can be selected.

Target Riders

Senior Riders competing at level 2A or above.

Young riders (16 to 21) competing at level 2 or above .

Junior Riders (14-18) prepared to ride as a member of a pair. Currently competing at Level 1 or above.

Riders are free to join the Development Squad if they consider they fulfil the above criteria.

If you are interested  in joing the Development Squad then please  contact the International Riders Working group   with your details. A message can also be sent through the GB TREC Team Facebook page.