International Judges Training

International Judges training took place on Sunday 8th May 2022. 

TRAINER: Ingrid Helmes

The training took place both indoors and outdoors. Two people attended and are awaiting verification from FITE that the are qualified as International Judges.  

Attendees: Cath Cromarty & Gina King


In order to qualify as a FITE International TREC Judge you must fulfil the following criteria:

1              Qualified as a National Judge for a minimum of 3 years

2              Attended a National Judges refresher course within the last 2 years

3              Judged at three or more National TREC competitions (L2, 3 & 4) within the last 2 years

NB The awarding of the FITE International TREC Judges qualification is at the discretion of the FITE qualified trainers running this course and FITE themselves (who make the final decision based on the information submitted by your trainers).  

Please note that course attendance does not guarantee qualification.

If you are interested in attending future training please contact the TREC GB FITE Liaison Group,