Helen Curley

Why I want to be a member of the TREC GB Board of Trustees

I have been involved in TREC since 2016 and am a member of several working groups for TREC GB. I love to support this sport especially the newcomers whether that’s judging, teaching or offering encouragement to try events etc.  I would love to see the sport grow in the UK at a national and international level to be especially more accessible for children. I have a professional background in working for charities and the building sector. My current full-time role combines these two and I am able to navigate the government schemes to help the most vulnerable people in society. I have skills in project management and managing budgets worth many millions of pounds. I head up a team to deliver 2 of the charity’s largest projects and work with stakeholders at a local, national and government department level lobbying for change where necessary. As part of this organisation I am also a member of the health and safety committee and policy subgroup. I enjoy working as part of a team and encouraging people to achieve the goals they set out to do.

TREC Experience

I am an experienced map reader and came to know TREC through my BHS volunteering and access work and TREC ticked all the equestrian sport boxes that I enjoy. I have not competed since 2018 and do not currently have a riding horse. I am currently Chair of Wessex TREC and I have been part of the committee since 2017 and enjoy all aspects of organising events alongside our team of volunteers. I am most often seen running around behind the scenes making sure all things are running smoothly or organising and leading orienteering events for the club. I am also a qualified judge and safeguarding officer and a member of the winter working group and rules working group