Hat & Body Protector Standards 2024

Just a quick reminder to all members to check their Hats & Body Protectors are the correct standard for the 2024 Summer Series.

The approved hat standards for 2024 are:

PLEASE NOTE: ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a) will be allowed in TREC until December 31st 2024
From Jan 1st 2025 only ASTM F1163 (2015 or 2023) will be allowed 

The approved standard for body protectors for British TREC is BETA Level 3 (With a Turquoise/Blue 2018 label). It is recommended that body protectors are replaced every 3-5 years, even if they are apparently undamaged.

It’s worth taking a moment now to check your hat and body protector are the correct standards before travelling to a competition.