owned & ridden by Hilary Barnard

Harvey had more than 3100 competitive kms under his girth up to 2018; he had never been vetted out from a competition, nor lost a shoe. He was used by more than 10 riders in TREC competitions, from International FITE and European Cup competitions, and all the British levels.

Harvey had represented Great Britain in Germany 2004, France 2008, Austria, with Eleanor, 2010 and in Italy 2014. Twice he had been Level 4 British Champion, together with English, Welsh and Scottish Champion through the years, and he won Level 4 league several times. Four times he has been a part of Hilary’s European League wins and he has crossed the English Channel 18 times.

In 2018, aged 24, he took part in 8 TREC competitions, coming either first or second in his British competitions and third at Eersel in Holland.

Harvey was believed to be the only pony to have scored 160 on the PTV.