Flu Vaccinations Shortage FAQs

Q: How long will the shortage last for?

A: At the moment it is hoped that the vaccination shortage won’t last long and the situation should be resolved in the coming months. TREC GB will be updating members regularly.

Q: My horse’s vaccination is due on 15th September and I am competing on the 17th September. Will I still be able to attend with my horse?

A: Yes, you can still compete. TREC GB competition organisers will all be briefed on the annual vaccination extension to 15 months.

Q: When will I need my horse to be vaccinated by? His vaccination due date is 15th September.

A: Your horse will need to be vaccinated on or before 15th December.

Q: When will he need his next booster?

A: The next booster is due no later than nine months after the extended vaccination date. So for this horse, which ahs his annual vaccination extended to 15 months and is vaccinated on 15 December, it will require the next booster on or before 15 September 2022. This will ensure than the horse has two annual boosters within 24 months.

Q: Will the vet include a note in my horse’s vaccination record?

A: BEVA are recommending that vets should require that the affected horse’s passport is signed, dated and stamped by a veterinary surgeon to document ’12 month booster delayed due to vaccine shortage; due before <<vet will insert date>>’. It will be acceptable for this passport entry to be made any time from one month prior to the vaccine’s original (12 month) due date until the date on which the 15-month extension has elapsed, provided that it has been signed before the horse attends a gathering.

Q: Are they are any other precautions which I should take before attending a competition if my vaccination has lapsed?

A: You should always make sure that your horse if it and healthy before competing. Check for any nasal discharge or signs of lethargy, you should also make yourself familiar with your horse’s normal resting temperature. A raised temperature is often the first sing that your horse may be unwell, so knowing your horse’s normal resting temperature means you can identify any increase early.

Q: Will my TREC Club committee know that there are vaccination dispensations in place?

A: Yes, we will communicate with all TREC GB affiliated clubs and officials and advise them of the current situation.

Q: I also compete within other equestrian disciplines, does this change in vaccination requirements also apply to them?

A: It’s important to note that owners of horses who would fall into the criteria below are strongly advised to stay within the 12 month vaccination requirement to meet requirements or be at risk of having to restart the vaccination course or be refused entry:

  • Plan to affiliate with any member body with a current 12-month vaccination requirement in their rules.
  • Are destined to race under BHA rules
  • Have international aspirations to compete under FEI rules
  • Currently or in the future plan to take part in activities which require competition and/or stabling at a racecourse, agricultural/equestrian college or equestrian venue which operates a six and/or 12 monthly vaccination requirement. BEF is liaising closely with these venues and will provide specific information should any decide to allow horses vaccinated between 12 and 15 months during the vaccine shortage to use their facilities at present and in the future.