Final Results of TREC GB Summer League 2022

The results of the TREC GB Summer League 2022 have now been finalised and we look forward to seeing your at the Celebration & Awards Dinner on Saturday 21st January 2023 to receive your prizes. Congratulations to all placegetters in this year’s league!

 Level 1 Individual Level 1 Pairs
1st     Susie Ford
2nd    Judith Yarnold
3rd    Caroline Gudgeon
4th     Emma Wood
5th     Mary Bray
6th     Laura McKay
7th     Nicky Bunting
8th     Graham Clack
9th     Holly Siever
10th  Kim Leney
1st   Kay Ford & Kim Leney
2nd   Hannah Groombridge & Lydia Thomas
3rd   Cilla Claxton & Caroline Richardson
4th   Michelle Bowe & Vicky Cresswell
5th   Alex Wells & Rachael Wilmot
6th   Lynnette Marsh & Jo Murrell
7th   Catherine Greening & Jo Taylor
8th   Zara Lawlor & Ann Maisel
9th   Liz Payne & Mick Payne
10th    Sue Squirrell & Lynsey Ellis
Level 2 Individual
Level 2 Pairs
1st    Diane Smith
2nd   Dawn Phythian
3rd  Vicki Glynn
4th   Lesley Lewis
5th   Charlotte Fleming
6th   Chrissie Upchurch
7th   Emma Wood
8th   Zoe Morton
9th   Jane Anscombe
10th Graham Clack
1st    Amanda Aldridge & Donna Sharp
2nd   Tina Negri & Amanda Royle
3rd    Claire Bagshaw & Susie Clague
4th    Anne Warner & Helen Duckmanton
5th    Amanda Renshaw & Gemma Marshall
6th    Kathy Whitehead & Willa Muir
7th    Zoe Morton & Elen Rees
8th    Wendy Neath & Kay Kitson
9th    Jessica Clague & Georgia Smith
10th Erin Baldwin & Alex Baldwin
Level 2A Individual
Level 2A Pairs
1st    Liz Davison
2nd   Eleanor Prescott
3rd    Sian Griffiths
4th    Mary Weston
5th   Kirsty Adams
6th    Helen Wain
7th    Kay Kitson
8th    Cathy Hoyt
9th    Kathryn Rollinson
10th Jennie French
1st    Marnie Bassi & Tania Guinness
2nd   Chris Paine & Jane Anscombe
3rd    Liane Robinson & Alex Robinson
4th    Sue Perks & Judy Clark
5th    Kathryn Rollinson & Isla Murdoch
6th    Eleanor Prescott & Louisa Brammer
7th    Helen Halpin & Julie Brand
8th    Kirsty Collinson & Rachel Glossop
9th    Kirsty Collinson & Kate Tebbett
10th Gillian Newey & Sam Frize
Level 3 Individual
Level 3 Pairs
1st    Faith Anderson
2nd   Kirsty Adams
3rd    Mary Bray
4th    Christine Harling
5th    Sheila Rogerson
6th    Vicky Rothwell
7th    Caroline Brammer
8th     Jackie Bennett
9th     Lel Benyon
10th  Lynne Mabbitt
1st   Julie Brand & Helen Halpin
2nd  Cath Cromarty & Cressy Murphy
3rd  Jane Anscombe & Vanessa Warren
4th  Liane Robinson & Alex Robinson
5th  Louisa Brammer & Eleanor Prescott
6th Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson
7th Claire Pollard & Heather McLeod
Level 4
1st   Caroline Brammer
2nd Lynne Mabbitt
3rd   Jackie Bennett
4th   Kirsty Adams
5th   Kate Gillam
6th   Faith Anderson
7th    Christine Harling
8th    Mary Bray