Covid-19 Update 2nd November 2020

COVID-19 Guidance 2nd November 2020

The Prime Minister has announced that England will be going into a month of Lockdown from Thursday 5th November.

Following this and the introduction, or pending introduction, of National Government COVID-19 ‘Lockdowns’ or Tiered systems for COVID-19 restriction across Great Britain, TREC GB has updated its guidance to Affiliated TREC Clubs, as detailed below.

Affiliated TREC Clubs and Organisers should not accept entries for, or offers of help in running an event, from anyone who lives in an area where mandatory travel restrictions apply. Individuals should be aware of any restrictions that apply both in their own area and areas where events are planned to take place.

No individuals should travel into, out of or within such an area to take part in TREC GB or Affiliated Club events. Travel under such circumstances is considered non-essential.

Some parts of a country may also have specific travel restrictions within an area. Those responsible for organising events should beware of these restrictions and not accept entries or offers of help from individuals living in these areas.

Please remember that everyone must follow their National Government’s Guidelines and that TREC GB will continue to monitor the situation carefully and take account of further advice and guidance as and when it is released.

Please stay safe.


Dave Rogerson,

Chair of