Coronation TREC Quest 2023

TREC GB Coronation Quest

Following the success of last year’s Quest, TREC GB are launching a new TREC GB Coronation Quest for all TRECcies, which will run alongside all our usual summer activities.

This time we have a mixture of repeat challenges from last year with some new ones for this year. And we have listened to your feedback from last year and launching our Coronation Quest earlier in the year, to give you loads of time to complete the Quest!

This Challenge is primarily about taking part and achieving – completion is a bonus!

The format is based around TREC Bingo which was developed by Gina King, who has kindly allowed us to use her material, with some elements of Hoof hunt too.

The challenges are designed so that everyone can take part, whether on foot or mounted. Some require a horse, but most of these (all if you are imaginative) can be achieved whether mounted or leading. An we had some great examples of imaginative interpretation last year!

The TREC GB Summer Quest challenge opens on Monday 1st May 2023 and closes on Sunday 3rd September 2023

Joining our Coronation Quest

All you have to do is to purchase the Coronation Quest Challenge from the TREC GB shop.

You will receive three cards to complete, full instructions, plus an invitation to join a Facebook Group dedicated to this Challenge.

On the Facebook page you will need to set up 3 Albums, in which you will post your photos/videos.

More instructions will be on the Facebook page.

Completing the Quest

Each card has 20 squares to complete and each one focuses on a different TREC theme. All you have to do is to complete the task or find the object listed in each Grid square and post a photo on the Facebook group that must include the challenge (the square reference), and include a part of either you or the horse. You can complete the challenges in any order, within and between cards, as you wish.

The Challenge entry is for one person – and can be completed with whichever horse (or horses) you wish – or even without for some squares!

This year’s TREC themes are: TREC POR, TREC PTV Obstacles / Challenges and TREC MA plus random finds!

When you have completed a full card, post a photo of it to the Facebook Group.

At the end of the Challenge, rosettes will be awarded depending on the number of cards you have completed.