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Awards Night 2022

Awards Night 2022

It’s Back!

We’re pleased to announce the annual celebration of Summer Series, Hoofbeats and Special Awards is returning to the luxury 4* Ardencote Manor Country House Hotel & Spa on Saturday 21st January 2023. The price of tickets this year are:

  • Awards Night Meal only – £38.50
  • Twin Room B&B plus Awards Night meal (per person) – £106
  • Singe Room B&B plus Awards Night meal – £177.50
  • Double Room B&B plus Awards NIght meal for 2 people – £212 

To make it economic for members and their guests, tickets will be on sale with the option of paying a 50% deposit, followed by the balance by Wednesday 21st December 2022.

The Summer 2022 League awards will be presented after dinner, along with the Hoofbeats and Special Awards as voted for by our members. We will also be inducting more people and horses who have influenced the sport of TREC to our Hall of Fame.

Numbers are limited so make sure you buy your tickets promptly. Pop over to the shop to purchase your tickets now!

Awards Nominations 2022

Awards Nominations 2022

We will once again be celebrating our organisers, clubs and volunteers who have given their time willingly for the love of our wonderful sport in our Special Awards, which has kindly been sponsored by the TREC GB Chair. If you would like to nominate your favourite POR, Summer or Winter venue, Summer PTV, Saturday Night social, Judges Hospitality, Photo of the Year, best volunteer or your unsung hero click on the link below!

The categories for 2022 are:

  1. Best 2022 Summer Competition Venue
  2. Best 2022 Summer POR
  3. Best 2022 Summer PTV
  4. Best 2022 Saturday Night Meal
  5. Best 2022 Winter Competition Venue
  6. Best Volunteer for 2022
  7. Unsung Hero
  8. 2022 Competition with the best hospitality for Judges
  9. Best 2022 TREC Photo of the Year

Please take a moment to nominate via the website so we can reward our organisers and volunteers for all of their hard work.

All nominations must be received by midnight on Friday 25th November 2022. Voting for all awards will open on Friday 16th December 2022 and will close at midnight on Monday 2nd January 2023.
All nominations will be acknowledged on the website after our Awards Evening.

Final Results of TREC GB Summer League 2022

Final Results of TREC GB Summer League 2022

The results of the TREC GB Summer League 2022 have now been finalised and we look forward to seeing your at the Celebration & Awards Dinner on Saturday 21st January 2023 to receive your prizes. Congratulations to all placegetters in this year’s league!

 Level 1 Individual Level 1 Pairs
1st     Susie Ford
2nd    Judith Yarnold
3rd    Caroline Gudgeon
4th     Emma Wood
5th     Mary Bray
6th     Laura McKay
7th     Nicky Bunting
8th     Graham Clack
9th     Holly Siever
10th  Kim Leney
1st   Kay Ford & Kim Leney
2nd   Hannah Groombridge & Lydia Thomas
3rd   Cilla Claxton & Caroline Richardson
4th   Michelle Bowe & Vicky Cresswell
5th   Alex Wells & Rachael Wilmot
6th   Lynnette Marsh & Jo Murrell
7th   Catherine Greening & Jo Taylor
8th   Zara Lawlor & Ann Maisel
9th   Liz Payne & Mick Payne
10th    Sue Squirrell & Lynsey Ellis
Level 2 Individual
Level 2 Pairs
1st    Diane Smith
2nd   Dawn Phythian
3rd  Vicki Glynn
4th   Lesley Lewis
5th   Charlotte Fleming
6th   Chrissie Upchurch
7th   Emma Wood
8th   Zoe Morton
9th   Jane Anscombe
10th Graham Clack
1st    Amanda Aldridge & Donna Sharp
2nd   Tina Negri & Amanda Royle
3rd    Claire Bagshaw & Susie Clague
4th    Anne Warner & Helen Duckmanton
5th    Amanda Renshaw & Gemma Marshall
6th    Kathy Whitehead & Willa Muir
7th    Zoe Morton & Elen Rees
8th    Wendy Neath & Kay Kitson
9th    Jessica Clague & Georgia Smith
10th Erin Baldwin & Alex Baldwin
Level 2A Individual
Level 2A Pairs
1st    Liz Davison
2nd   Eleanor Prescott
3rd    Sian Griffiths
4th    Mary Weston
5th   Kirsty Adams
6th    Helen Wain
7th    Kay Kitson
8th    Cathy Hoyt
9th    Kathryn Rollinson
10th Jennie French
1st    Marnie Bassi & Tania Guinness
2nd   Chris Paine & Jane Anscombe
3rd    Liane Robinson & Alex Robinson
4th    Sue Perks & Judy Clark
5th    Kathryn Rollinson & Isla Murdoch
6th    Eleanor Prescott & Louisa Brammer
7th    Helen Halpin & Julie Brand
8th    Kirsty Collinson & Rachel Glossop
9th    Kirsty Collinson & Kate Tebbett
10th Gillian Newey & Sam Frize
Level 3 Individual
Level 3 Pairs
1st    Faith Anderson
2nd   Kirsty Adams
3rd    Mary Bray
4th    Christine Harling
5th    Sheila Rogerson
6th    Vicky Rothwell
7th    Caroline Brammer
8th     Jackie Bennett
9th     Lel Benyon
10th  Lynne Mabbitt
1st   Julie Brand & Helen Halpin
2nd  Cath Cromarty & Cressy Murphy
3rd  Jane Anscombe & Vanessa Warren
4th  Liane Robinson & Alex Robinson
5th  Louisa Brammer & Eleanor Prescott
6th Dave Rogerson & Sheila Rogerson
7th Claire Pollard & Heather McLeod
Level 4
1st   Caroline Brammer
2nd Lynne Mabbitt
3rd   Jackie Bennett
4th   Kirsty Adams
5th   Kate Gillam
6th   Faith Anderson
7th    Christine Harling
8th    Mary Bray
Request for Tenders

Request for Tenders


TER is a piece of bespoke software written in Python. We need to add a csv import system to transfer information into a section of the database from electronic data storage system such as SportIdent (which are being used at some competitions). Some alterations to user interfaces will also be needed.

Users of the software are not technical experts and few use it frequently (usually 1-2 instances per year). Simple, intuitive and robust systems are imperative.

Brief background to SportIdent (

Electronic time stamp recording system, with data stored on a personal hand held device (carried by riders) about which box the time stamp has been recorded from. The data from the hand held devices is downloaded on completion of the ride, usually in the form of an instant printout (till receipt-type output) but also in electronic form in SI’s proprietary software. These time stamp data need to be exported from the software and imported into TER together with identifiers of both the rider and location.

Integrating SI data

The csv import file may include information from SI ‘dibbers’ or other similar electronic data collection devices, as well as being put together manually in Excel or other spreadsheet software to streamline data input.

Ongoing maintenance

Further development may be needed on a case-by-case basis, as necessitated by rule alterations (implemented no more frequently than once per year) and/or developments from this or other Working Groups. There may therefore be an opportunity for this project to lead to a more ongoing relationship in future.

Day rate and relevant previous projects

Please give details of these, including any reduced rate for charities (TREC GB is a registered charity). Also estimated timescale that the work could be started in case of being the successful tenderer.

Existing code

Demonstrations of both the TER software from the user interface point of view and SI data outputs can be made available prior to quoting, please contact to request these.

Intellectual Property Rights

TREC GB will enable the developer for this project to see the TER code as needed but the intellectual property rights of all code developed as part of the project will remain with TREC GB.

Would you like to join the Scoring & Technology Working Group?

Would you like to join the Scoring & Technology Working Group?

TREC GB operate several working groups to spread the load of running the organisation, made up of riders and other stakeholders. The Scoring & Technology Working Group is responsible for the scoring programs used to score Summer & Winter Competitions (including the training of scorers), the website and database structure & management and the wider use of technology within TREC competitions.

The Scoring & Technology WG would like to hear from any members (or other interested parties) who would like to join the Working Group. The Working Group meets approximately every month via Zoom for about an hour. We welcome expressions of interest from those with technical and/or computer expertise but it is by no means a requirement – we like a broad spectrum so that we can test new developments thoroughly!

If you would like to get involved in promoting how technology can be used in our sport, please get in touch with the Working Group via

Provisional Summer Series 2022 League Results

Provisional Summer Series 2022 League Results

As the Summer Series draws to a close for 2022, we would like to thank all Clubs, Organisers, Traceurs, TDs, Judges & Volunteers for another successful year of Summer Series competitions across the country. Competitors have taken in the views from tops of mountains, deep in the forests, across open parklands and even some more urban areas.

All TREC GB members who have succesfully completed qualifying events will have been added to the TREC GB Summer Series League 2022 and the provisional results are now available to view on the website ⬇⬇⬇

Any queries regarding the Summer Series League need to be submitted to by Friday 14th October 2022.

TREC GB Leucillin National Championships 2022 Arbitration Panel Report

TREC GB Leucillin National Championships 2022 Arbitration Panel Report

Following the Leucillin TREC GB National Championships 2022 held on the 13th and 14th August 2022, a formal arbitration request was received by TREC GB.

An Arbitration Panel was formed according to the process detailed on the TREC GB website, which consulted with Championship Officials and the TREC GB Rulebook 6 th Edition:

• Technical Queries, page 15, 3.8.2
• Record Card, page 26, 4.7
• Penalty points section of the Rule Book was consulted,
• Navigation Penalties cont/d, page 34, 4.15.1
• Time Penalties, page 35, 4.15.5

Arbitration panel agreed unanimously that:

  1. The 50 Map Room Penalties should be removed from the competitor’s score as we agree that they were applied in error.
  2. Lost card penalties should be applied.
    Penalties were already included for 8 out of 14 Tickets
    Penalties for an additional 6 Tickets are to be applied – 120 Penalties
  3. Results and subsequently placings for the competition are to be amended according to the updated final scores.

The Panel also wish to remind competitors that there is a process in place for querying scores during a competition, which would have been the most appropriate way to resolve this issue.

TREC GB Equine Flu Vaccine Shortage Statement

TREC GB Equine Flu Vaccine Shortage Statement

Members may have read that there is likely to be some shortage of equine flu vaccines, potentially until the end of October. British Equestrian has consulted with all of its member bodies together with the British Equestrian Veterinary Association (BEVA) and have issued a statement.

TREC GB, alongside most of the other equestrian disciplines, will retain its 12-month booster requirement. This recognises that the majority of our horses are, as identified by the BEVA risk assessment, engaged in competition where the risks of potential transmission are greater. Where horses attend events, competitors should in the first instance encourage their vets to prioritise the vaccination of their horse due to them being in a higher risk group.

In exceptional circumstances, and only where the shortage prevents a booster from being administered within the required 12-month timeline, the horse’s booster date may extend to 15 months. These horses must have their passports marked and signed by their vet to document the delay and identify the new booster due date which must be within 15 months of the previous booster.

The entry on the passport must be submitted to TREC GB Admin as you would with a new booster for the purpose of updating the TREC GB Flu Register, at which point TREC GB will review and approve the extension. Once the delayed booster has been given, a further booster will then be required within 9 months of the delayed booster to ensure the protocol of horses having two boosters within a 24-month period is maintained.

Where a horse has been granted an extension to 15 months, the owner should be aware that if it is intended that the horse attends an event at a more sensitive venue (such as a racecourse), a full restart may be required before the horse can attend those venues.

If you have any queries about the amendments to the flu vaccination policy, please contact

Membership Renewals 1st October 2022

Membership Renewals 1st October 2022

Thank you for supporting TREC GB in the past year.

Membership renewal is due on 1st October for those not on the rolling Blue & Supporter membership.

For those on rolling membership (Blue and Supporter), this will automatically renew on the same date you took out the membership.

TREC GB have held the membership fees for as long as possible, but for this membership year, 2022-23, we need to introduce a small increase for Blue membership to £40 and Red Membership to £78.

We are pleased to confirm Supporter Membership will remain the same at £5.

All members who are taking advantage of the auto-renewal option will also receive an email from PayPal advising of this change, which will be effective from 1st October 2022.

For less than £3.50 per month, Blue members receive:

  • Free entry to TREC GB Winter and Summer Leagues
  • Free access to Hoofbeats awards (for your four-legged partner)
  • Eligibility to enter the TREC GB National and Grassroots Championships (subject to qualification)
  • Members’ Newsletters
  • Members’ area of the TREC GB website, including access to a free electronic copy of the British TREC Rulebook and all other TREC GB documentation
  • Access to TREC GB training as an ‘Official’ – Traceur, Technical Delegate, Scorer.
  • Potential for selection for the International Team to represent TREC GB at the European or World TREC Championships.
  • Voting rights at the TREC GB AGM and to elect Trustees
  • Eligibility to belong to a TREC GB Working Group or stand as a TREC GB Trustee

In addition, your membership helps to support TREC GB as the Governing Body of the sport of British TREC and its future development.Red members receive all of these benefits in addition to full 24/7 Public Liability Insurance 

If you have signed up to the new auto-renewal process, your membership fee will be automatically paid to us from your PayPal account on 1st October.

All members not on auto-renewal will be able to renew their membership on 1st October 2022.



Congratulations to our International Team who have flown the flag high for Great Britain at the World TREC Championships in Lamotte, France.

Caroline Brammer was placed 15th and Kirsty Adams was placed 44th in the Senior Riders whilst Eleanor Prescott & Louisa Brammer were placed 7th and Cara Newman & Katie Braid were placed 9th in the Junior Duos in a tough competition.

TREC GB would like to thank the support team that travelled with the riders as well as all who have supported or sponsored the team from the UK. A full report or the World Championships 2022 will be in the Winter newsletter.