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Olympic Challenge

Olympic Challenge

Join us for a summer of adventure as we forge our own Olympic story.

TREC GB invites you strive for gold and become an Olympian in your own right. 

5 challenges, 3 medal levels and 3 unique ways to interpret each task. There are 45 options in total, Which path to glory will you take?

Make sure you are following our socials to be the first to hear about this exciting new, interactive challenge from TREC GB.

Hat & Body Protector Standards 2024

Hat & Body Protector Standards 2024

Just a quick reminder to all members to check their Hats & Body Protectors are the correct standard for the 2024 Summer Series.

The approved hat standards for 2024 are:

PLEASE NOTE: ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a) will be allowed in TREC until December 31st 2024
From Jan 1st 2025 only ASTM F1163 (2015 or 2023) will be allowed 

The approved standard for body protectors for British TREC is BETA Level 3 (With a Turquoise/Blue 2018 label). It is recommended that body protectors are replaced every 3-5 years, even if they are apparently undamaged.

It’s worth taking a moment now to check your hat and body protector are the correct standards before travelling to a competition.

International Riders selected to represent TREC GB 2024

International Riders selected to represent TREC GB 2024

Huge congratulations to the International Riders Selected to represent TREC GB at the FITE Championships in Schaijk, in the Netherlands in September 2024

Senior Riders selected for the FITE European Championships

Kirsty Adams.

Hilary Barnard.

Caroline Brammer.

Amy George.

Dot Still.

Young Riders selected for the FITE World Championships

Eleanor Prescott

Jacob Simpson

Awards Night Quiz Answers

Awards Night Quiz Answers

TREC GB would like to thank everyone who purchased the Awards Evening Quiz in support of the Young Riders team. £73 was raised on the night (a pound was found on the floor and donated to the worthy cause) and a further £16 was raised via the website to make a total of £99 raised. 9 completed answer sheets were submitted to Liane & Alex Robinson

and the £20 Amazon voucher will be making its way to the worthy winner Cath Cromarty, who scored an impressive 69/70.

The official answers are available to view here:

We have accepted an alternate answer for question 1 as a couple of people found Mustard who was a racehorse owned by the late Queen. Incitatus seemed to catch quite a few people out – the favourite horse of the Roman Emperor Caligula. Hercules (Steptoe and Son’s horse) – someone referenced the man-eating mares of Diomedes (whilst this person got the point as the name was correct, Hercules/Heracles wasn’t one of the mares.

The only one of the Ditloids that seemed to trip many up was one that we’re not sure has ever been achieved – some on the continent have got extremely close – 460 is the Maximum Score in TREC.

The cryptic clues probably caused most issues with the hardest being 44 – Alex is studying at Hartpury and living in Gloucester where the canons from Llanthony retreated after attacks to found a second cell – Llanthony Secunda.

Number 50 also caused problems and was simply an anagram for a venue of the Scottish Championships with a lovely brewery Ovenstone 109 next door.

Number 54 has been the venue for the World/European Championships more than once, with it being used most recently in 2022 – an anagram – Lamotte Beuvron.

For the anagrams, one answer provided didn’t quite work as an anagram but got me looking up who Marion Delgado was – we’ll leave you to look him up.  65 – Another anagram of Oscar Wilde is Alice Sword, however, Liane couldn’t find any reference to a person with this name (there must be someone) and 68 TS Eliot – someone commented that the only thing they could see for that for a while was toilets!

Voluntary Position – TREC GB Senior Team Chef d’ Equipe

Voluntary Position – TREC GB Senior Team Chef d’ Equipe

On behalf of TREC GB, the International Riders’ Working Group (IRWG) is seeking to appoint a Senior Chef d’ Equipe.

Candidates interested in the voluntary position are required to have a recent, clear DBS check. If a candidate cannot present appropriate evidence to confirm a recent, clear DBS check, then TREC GB will request a check on the candidate’s behalf.

Candidates will be required to possess appropriate Insurance for instructing riders and horses.  If suitable Insurance is not held, then a policy can be put in place via TREC GB’s underwriters, at the candidate’s expense.

Appointment of the Senior Rider Chef will be carried out by a formal group approved by the IRWG and which will consist of the Chair of the IRWG; the Senior Rider representative on the IRWG; an experienced International Rider and one other member of the IRWG (member to be confirmed). In the event of a ‘tied vote’ the Chair of the IRWG will have the casting vote. All members of the IRWG will have an opportunity, prior to the appointment, to discuss applications received. (The views of currently registered Senior Riders will be sought to help support the appointment process).

The successful applicant will hold the position for two International seasons – Senior FITE Championships in 2025 and in 2026.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Dave Rogerson (Chair IRWG) at in the first instance.

Individuals expressing an interest in the post should include a brief indication of their TREC experience and reasons for applying for the post with reference to the Job Description below.

Closing date for applications is Thursday 23rd May 2024.

A Senior Chef appointment meeting will take place on or before Thursday 6th June 2024 and the successful applicant will be contacted as soon as possible after this meeting.

Special Awards 2023 – Results

Special Awards 2023 – Results

Congratulations to all nominees, runners up and winners in the TREC GB Special Awards 2023 which recognises the work of our Organisers, TDs, Traceurs, PTV course designers, Judges and Volunteers in running TREC events across the country. The results were very close again this year and the full list of finalists, runners up and winners can be found below.

The full list of nominations can be found here:

Best Summer Venue 2023

Winner: National Championships, Wessex

Runner Up: Mosswood, Nest


Wessex Brockhurst
TRAC Dyfnant
NEST Mosswood
National Championships
Keysoe & Three Shires Shelton Hall
TREC Lincolnshire Well Vale

Best Summer POR 2023

Winner: National Championships, Wessex

Runner Up: Dorchester, TREC Southwest


Central TREC Group Cannock Chase
TREC Southwest Dorchester
TRAC Dyfnant
National Championships
Keysoe & Three Shires Shelton Hall

Best Summer PTV 2023

Winner: National Championships, Wessex

Runner Up: Dorchester, TREC Southwest


Wessex Brockhurst
TREC Southwest Dorchester
TRAC Dyfnant
Keysoe & Three Shires Earwig Farm
National Championships

Best Saturday Night Social 2023

Winner: Shelton Hall, Keysoe & Three Shires

Runner Up: National Championships, Wessex


TREC Southwest Dorchester
TRAC Dyfnant
National Championships
Keysoe & Three Shires Shelton Hall

Best Winter Venue 2022-2023

Winner: Cannington, TREC Southwest

Runner Up: Shuttleworth, Keysoe & Three Shires


TREC Southwest Cannington
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC Kenwick
South East TREC Group Sands Farm
Keysoe & Three Shires Shuttleworth

Best Judges Hospitality 2023

Winner: National Championships, Wessex

Runner Up: Holmhead, NEST


TRAC Dyfnant
NEST Holmhead
National Championships
Keysoe & Three Shires Shelton Hall
TREC Lincolnshire Well Vale

Best Volunteer 2023

Winnter: Chris Paine

Runner Up: Sue Squirrell


Angela Hughes
Chris Paine
Helen Curley
Karen Butt
Sue Squirrell

Unsung Hero 2023

Winner: Helen Curley

Runner Up: Jenny Sheen


Angela Hughes
Helen Curley
Jen Sheen
John Roberts

Best Amateur TREC Photo 2023

Winner: A picture speaks a thousand words by David Bell

Runner Up: Over we go by Anna Armstrong


On the way to the MADave Cromarty
TREC = CamaraderieMaddy Crew
TREC FamilyWessex TREC
We found the finish!Dave Cromarty
A glorious spectacleKate Gillam
SpiritDave Cromarty
Over we goAnna Armstrong
Just becauseLaura, Keysoe & Three Shires
Friends & FunJen Birtchnell
Sorry, not sorryJen Birtchnell
A picture speaks a thousand wordsDavid Bell

Best Professional TREC Photo 2023

Winner: Atmospheric by Kris Clay, Top Gear Photos

Runner Up: The Joy of TREC by Kris Clay, Top Gear Photos


Indy Equine PhotographyWhee
Indy Equine PhotographySpotty horse meets White Horse
IndiePicsTreccies do it any weather!
Dave Gaskell PicturesHappy Batman
Kris Clay, Top Gear PhotosThe Joy of TREC
Kris Clay, Top Gear PhotosAtmospheric
Jess PhotographyBig Wall + Small Pony = Jumping Face!
Kris Clay, Top Gear PhotosPOR on Foot
TREC GB Special Awards 2023 Voting Now OPEN!

TREC GB Special Awards 2023 Voting Now OPEN!

Congratulations to all finalists in the TREC GB Special Awards 2023 categories. The finalists for each category are listed below along with the reason they were nominated. To vote, please click on the voting button at the bottom of this page.

Please note: only current TREC GB members are eligible to vote for the Special Awards 2023.

Voting closes on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

1. Best Summer Venue 2023

TREC GB & Wessex National ChampionshipsEasy access venue with beautifully organised corralling with the benefit of  clubs camped together in a large flat field. Large undercover social space and maproom. The hot water urn was very welcome and the event was well organised. Fantastic off-road countryside to ride around – amazing long canter stretches.   The PTV utilised the steep, natural contours hills/valleys to make a challenging course.
KTS Shelton HallLovely friendly competition, well organised, simple venue with everything you needed. Level corralling field, with good grass cover, surrounded by mature trees and hedges, set in a quiet village. good access for lorries and trailers, not far from major A roads. The whole weekend had a friendly, happy atmosphere.   Nice compact site so it was easy to get to the PTV and POR.  The food was excellent with a charity afternoon tea, Pimms reception and delicious home cooked dinner.  It was my first summer competition and it got me hooked on Trec.
TREC Lincolnshire Well ValeLoved how it was all set up with the buildings/house and lake in the background. I was helping and everyone could follow the person on the obstacle course for most of the course. We were looked after really well by Sarah and Caroline. Super friendly atmosphere. Bibs smelt nice! Great to be able to hack on Sunday.
Wessex BrockhurstBeautiful parkland setting with fabulous house backdrop.
TRAC DyfnantDespite all the mud the competition ran smoothly and all results were out on the day. Best attended presentation for the whole season. Ideal for us judges to park at and food was great
NEST MosswoodFab venue, lovely course with natural features, homely feel venue. Everything to hand Friendly, fun competition. Held over 2 days at 2 nearby venues, which were both just stunning. PTV on lovely cross-country course at Mosswood, with many natural features and POR on the lovely private estate at Castle Forbes, highlight being the grass tracks along the River Don.

2. Best Summer POR 2023

TREC Southwest DorchesterJust loved the route. Challenging but fair. Varying terrain. Views were incredible! Beautiful off road riding for miles
TRAC DyfnantGreat use of quite a small area with plenty of well-set questions in forestry that were testing but achievable. Beautiful varied riding. Good challenge of navigation for the level I was riding at
TREC GB & Wessex National ChampionshipsTests spot on for each level in beautiful countryside. Beautiful scenery, natural obstacles, hidden entries made it fun. Gorgeous part of the country and a challenging map read.
Central TREC Group Cannock ChaseGreat views and testing routes. Cannock Chase was, as expected, a fantastically challenging, but very fair POR. Almost completely off-road, the course and the tests within were testament to the skills and experience of the traceur, organiser, and TD. We simply can’t wait for the next Cannock Chase competition! Wettest Championships for some time and lots of smiley faces along the POR.  
KTS Shelton HallFantastic scenery and interesting route. Amazing off road outriding. Everyone put their all into it

3. Best Summer PTV 2023

TREC GB & Wessex National ChampionshipsIt was brilliant how the course designers utilised the natural landscape to make the “simple” obstacles really very difficult!!  By using the steep hills & valley it became a serious test of horsemanship to maintain pace, & direction across undulating established pasture.  The course was also beautifully “dressed” with the swans by the bridge, model pigs & sheep dotted around the course, plus the obstacles made specially for the “clover leaf”!
TREC Southwest DorchesterImaginative. Gave a very traditional hunter trial style vibe. With lots of travel time between obstacles and amazing views! Great use of the headland and terrain! Felt like riding a cross country course – not just round and round in a field!  
Wessex BrockhurstJust loved this PTV. Great fun galloping round the park. Really good use of lots of natural obstacles.  
TRAC DyfnantSmall area PTV, but well thought out PTV, set up on time, ran to time and obstacles to suit each level. Great use of 1 field with all obstacles having to be taken to the competition, flowed really well and ran on time, helped by MA running after the PTV.
KTS EarwigLovely flowing course by the river Fun, quirky course with good ground, allowing you to canter on Set around the headlands of grass fields, the going was perfect and obstacles well-spaced out..  
KTS SheltonThis was perfect for my first summer competition.  It was in an enclosed field.  Not too big and scary but with lots of natural undulations.  It was also beautiful weather!

4. Best Saturday Night Social 2023

TREC GB & Wessex National ChampionshipsAs ever the Wessex caterers put on a great meal. There was an undercover area (open barns around a courtyard) for staying dry, very sociable & great food that we watched being cooked before our eyes. The dessert was lovely too.  
TREC Southwest DorchesterGood proper food! Delicious food with the sound of chatter from happy competitors and volunteers made it a night to remember. Fantastically tasty and plenty to eat for everyone.
TRAC DyfnantDelicious food and plenty of it! Lovely choice of food As a judge I really enjoyed this meal. I often, as a judge do not like the meal choices on the Saturday nights. As a man of a certain age an often out for 8 hours on the POR, I need ‘normal’ food.
KTS Shelton HallDelicious abundant and afternoon tea as well. Pimms reception.  Delicious and plentiful home cooked food.  It was also lovely that we all ate together in the tent – totally living up to the friendliest sport description!  

5. Best Winter Venue 2022/2023

KTS ShuttleworthBoth warm up and the competition ring are indoors. Lovely woods next to the arenas, where you can warm up beforehand instead of using the school. Well organised, friendly, scores out quickly, fab facilities. Use of a heated room for refreshments and socialising. Hard standing for parking. The plentiful tea, cake and homemade soup also makes it a winner with my husband.
TREC Southwest CanningtonVery accessible and loads of equipment giving lots of course options. The College has gone all out to support TREC at the venue, always welcoming and helpful. The large outdoor arena offers many possibilities for exciting courses. Always a tidy venue with great facilities. Nice size car park, easy access. The toilets are great and so warm (you almost don’t want to leave in the depths of winter!). They have also been investing in some TREC equipment so that we can use some do the harder to transport items more regularly!
TREC Lincolnshire LRAC KenwickExcellent Surfaces inside and out
Big Warm up arena, bigger indoor arena.
Good parking.
Well organised competitions with friendly atmosphere.
Indoor collecting ring.
Lots of different classes suitable for all abilities.  
South East TREC Group Sands FarmGreat venue, lots of parking, well organised by Jenny and big warm up and area to wait. Huge indoor arena, covered warm up, lots of hard stand parking, heating in the office so that judges and helpers can warm up. Indoor arena AND indoor warm up. And indoor collecting area where you can wait your turn. The competition area is big enough for lots of variety over the various classes, and Jenny builds fun and imaginative courses. Love it.  

6. Best Volunteer 2023

Helen CurleyAlways there.  Always calm. Always organised. Never let anyone down, even when she had to battle through her own tragedies. Helen seems to work tirelessly but also cheerfully. Apart from many examples that i am sure are available i would like to mention an exceptional situation. At Brockhurst she even stayed an extra night sleeping in her car -as we later discovered!- because we wanted to stay over and she felt honour bound to accommodate our request because the club had offered it. But never a moan or grumble came our way in spite of this. She is still nice to me a year later! 😂 Helen attends the majority of Wessex & other local TREC events. She is exceptionally knowledgeable & gives freely of her time & knowledge without question.  I don’t know anyone who gives more to the sport .
Helen epitomises everything that is great about TREC.
Angela HughesAngela is the organisational force behind KTS she has so many lists and spread sheets! Every thing runs to plan and she gives so much to the club. She cannot do enough to help  
Chris PaineGave up lots of free time to help with competitons Instrumental in the running of both British and Welsh champs this year. Huge amount of effort!  
Karen ButtTireless work, she has stepped down as tsw chair, but built such a good team and club. Selfless hours given to TSW over the years She stepped down as TSW chairwoman in October after literally giving the club every single hour of her time for the last three years! The club wouldn’t have come back to full strength without her.  
Sue SquirrellNothing is too much trouble for this lovely lady Always at every show and gives lots of encouraging comments Endless support for KTS members and others at every event- catering, lending me a bridle when I forgot mine, being friendly and inclusive to all whilst organising and competing.  

7. Unsung Hero 2023

Helen CurleyHelen seems to work tirelessly but also cheerfully. Apart from many examples that i am sure are available i would like to mention an exceptional situation. At Brockhurst she even stayed an extra night sleeping in her car -as we later discovered!- because we wanted to stay over and she felt honour bound to accommodate our request because the club had offered it. But never a moan or grumble came our way in spite of this. She is still nice to me a year later! 😂 Not only is she helping out at loads of competitions, she’s also on loads of Working Groups and is extremely efficient and pleasant with it. amazing amount she does plus working!  
John RobertsJohn, the husband of a rider, came and helped to set up the PTV at Dyfnant Forest TREC. He towed vehicles on to the venue field, with his 4×4 he went and got bowsers of water for us. He went and borrowed a tractor, when the mud got deeper. He towed a few off the field, helped to clear away the PTV and so many other jobs. Plus he was the hero of the hour following a riding incident and his First Aid knowledge came into play and waited for the ambulance at the venue entrance.
He was the hero of the weekend and became known as ‘Tractor man’. He did it all because his wife loves TREC.  
Angela HughesVery well organised, always responds to queries quickly, gives lots of encouragement She puts so much time and energy into making sure everything runs smoothly Always working away in the background, with a smile, making sure events run smoothly – loves a spread sheet! Someone who will turn her hand to anything!  
Jen SheenJenny runs all the events, gives advice and offers her time constantly to the smooth running of the club. She looks after everyone like family. Works tirelessly for North East Scotland TREC. Organising events. Always encouraging and reassuring to newcomers. A great asset to our club. Quite simply, I don’t think Trec in the whole of North Scotland would exist if it wasn’t for the dedication, support and enthusiasm of this lady. Certainly not in the way it does and it remains so popular, attracting new members every year.    

8. Best Judges Hospitality 2023

TREC GB & Wessex National ChampsAll judges and helpers well fed and the thank you bags had well thought out and useful things in them. First time I have stayed over and volunteered a whole weekend and was looked after so well. The judges were a top priority and the refreshments were plentiful.
KTS Shelton Hall                                   Look after their volunteers. Really good snacks! Plenty of food and drinks for the judges and a warm welcome. Always well fed, plentiful choices of lunches and evening meals. Paper work ready and in order. And lots of cake!  
TRAC DyfnantAs ever TRAC fed and watered us. Plus a lovely rosette to all the judges too. Food etc. suited me down to the ground. Plus as a fully qualified judge I was given jobs that matched my qualifications.  
NEST HolmheadSo friendly and well supported. With Wendy from IOM and Adrian from Ireland to support all judges. Professionally organised and ran smoothly. Great food and facilities for judges, even in the very cold weather. Always so well looked after by Jen Sheen her experience shines through when it comes to organising and all the rest of the crew just make it such an enjoyable event.  
TREC Lincolnshire Well ValeGood communications.
The absolute best lunches – good sarnies and a treasure trove of snacks.
Lots of Tasty pizza on Saturday night.
Coffee and cake.
Good organisation.

9. Best Amateur TREC Photo of the Year 2023

Dave CromartyOn the way to the MA at the GBs.  
Maddy CrewIt sums up everything that I love about TREC: great friendships & camaraderie between people & their horses. 
Look at how Twinkle & Tommy are in-step & both looking in the same direction.  Sue & I are having a fab ride & a good laugh.
UnknownLove this one of the whole Wessex team it really shows how tight knit we are and how relieved we were to get to this point!  
Dave CromartyAfter emerging through the hedge at the GB Championships, these level One riders were so happy to have finished and correctly too.  
Kate GillamIt was such an unexpected, glorious spectacle, in the late night, a reminder of all the different ways TREC captures our love.  
Dave CromartyThis photo captures Spirit reaching the end of his first ever POR – and Level 3 at that! He’s demonstrating that there was some soft going out on route – as evidenced by all the mud on his legs! He was still plenty fresh, and excited for the second day. It just goes to show that TREC is accessible to horses at any age – from 5 y/o Spirit, to beyond 17 y/o Star hiding behind him.

It wasn’t an easy road for Spirit to get to Dyfnant. After a bad start in life, he found his footing with a good friend of mine, but has really come into his own since starting TREC, and even that hasn’t been straightforward. From a really bad accident in 2022, to his big dramatic stay at Leahurst this year, he comes through everything with a cheeky (spirited!) personality.  
Anna Armstrong, NESTAnna Armstrong was helping at NEST Summer competition at Mosswood, Aberdeenshire. She managed to capture some great shots of us competitors  
Laura, KTS memberI like it  
Jen BirtchnellFriends and fun because of TREC  
Jen BirtchellDougal’s explanation:
“I’m sorry not sorry! I know it was really important to do my absolute best in this PTV to keep our lead, but I saw someone with a camera and I couldn’t help myself. I just had to show her my best side. Far more important to pose than to take that one little step that would have helped my rider shut the gate. We didn’t win. But look how good I look!”  
David BellI think this picture speaks a thousand words. It just speaks TREC. I drag my husband David along to TREC Competions when we are short of volunteers.  

10. Best Professional TREC Photo 2023

 Indy Equine PhotographyI had a bad jumping accident in my 20’s.  After that I didn’t jump at all for 18+ years & I still don’t like it.  I only ever jump at TREC competitions & this was taken at Cherhill (Wessex TREC).  A few strides before the jump I still wasn’t convinced that I was going to do the jump, so I asked my horse “Twinkle” if she wanted to do the jump.  Twinkle (aged 20) responded by pricking her ears & popping into canter, she then did an enormous jump & the photographer caught the moment.  All the more remarkable as I ride in a dressage saddle & never shorten my stirrups for TREC.  
 Indy Equine PhotographyLoved the fun obstacles  
 IndiePicsTREC takes place in any weather !
Waiting in the rain at tack check , Cannock Chase comp  
 IndiePicsMy wife has lost so much confidence of late, this photo from the English Championships, after having issues at the start, shows how she was eventually determined to go.  
 DaveGaskellPicturesBatman looking light, sunny and happy on the POR.

 Kris Clay (Top Gear Photos)Kris Clay always produces so many great photo, but this one for me is the Joy of TREC.  
 Kris Clay (Top Gear Photos)Kris Clay of Top Gear Photos takes such fabulous photos of all aspects of TREC. Very atmospheric and he stuck around the whole weekend at Scottish Championships  
 Jess PhotographyBig wall + small pony = jumping face!  
 Kris Clay (Top Gear Photos)This photo captures Alex and myself leading the wonderful horses Star and Jaye back towards the end of the L3 POR at the TREC in Colvend at the start of August.  After retiring Warrior (Wimp) and starting to bring on our young horse and having a successful start to our season with him, he suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic during a procedure at Leahurst and my friend very kindly lent me her horse Jaye whilst Spirit was recuperating. Towards the end of the great but challenging POR we accidentally missed a track and Star slipped.  We took the decision to complete the POR on foot and this photo captures us doing just that and Kris was able to capture one of the rare moments when Star actually has both ears forward.  
New TREC GB Administrator

New TREC GB Administrator

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newly appointed Administrative Contract provider, Nichola Hayhoe, who has joined the Admin Team from 4th December 2023.

Nichola is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and has recently begun her TREC journey with her young horse.

Nichola has a vast Administrative background experience and will be a great asset to the team.

We welcome Nichola to the TREC family and look forward to working with her.

Polly Lloyd Owen
Chair, TREC GB