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Special Awards 2021 – Results

Special Awards 2021 – Results

Congratulations to all nominees, runners up and winners in the TREC GB Special Awards 2021 which recognises the work of our Organisers, TDs, Traceurs, PTV course designers, Judges & Volunteers in running TREC events across the country. The results were very close this year and the full list of finalists, runners up and winners can be found below.

The full list of nominations can be found here:

1. Best Summer TREC Venue

Winner: Tugford

Runner Up: National Championships


  • National Championships
  • Park Farm
  • Riddlesworth
  • Tugford
  • Wernham Farm

2. Best Summer TREC POR

Winner: Tugford

Runner Up: Wernham Farm


  • Barnetby
  • National Championships
  • Tugford
  • Wernham Farm

3. Best Summer TREC PTV

Winner: National Championships

Runner Up: Tugford


  • National Championships
  • Oasby
  • Park Farm
  • Tugford

4. Best Saturday Night

Winner: National Championships

Runner Up: Park Farm


  • National Championships
  • Park Farm
  • Tugford
  • Wernham Farm

5. Best Winter Venue

Winner: Cheltenham RDA

Runner Up: Willow Farm


  • Cheltenham RDA
  • Gracelands
  • The Grange, Okehampton
  • LRAC Kenwick
  • Lower Haddon
  • Moulton College
  • Sands Farm, Sussex
  • Walford College
  • World Horse Welfare Penny Farm
  • Willow Farm

6. Best Judges Hospitality

Winner: Tugford

Runner Up: Sands Farm, Devizes


  • Barnetby
  • Sands Farm, Devizes
  • Tugford

7. Best TREC Photo

Winner: Did someone say beach? Photo by Mandy Thomas Photography & submitted by Lesley Lewis

Runner Up: The sheer joy of riding – Photo by Sarah-Jane Bullock & submitted by Karen Butt


  • Learning to read the map on the hoof – photo taken & submitted by Cath Cromarty
  • Last minute route checking – photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty
  • The sheer joy of riding – photo taken by Sarah-Jane Bullock & submitted by Karen Butt
  • Sunset over a clean corralling field – photo taken & submitted by Sarah Kelsey
  • Can sheep take part? – photo taken & submitted by Chris Paine
  • How low can you go? – photo taken by Helen Barnes & submitted by Helen Curley
  • Just chillin’ – photo taken & submitted by Cilla Claxton
  • Simply the best – photo taken by IndiePics & submitted by Judith Fisher
  • Did someone say beach? – photo taken by Mandy Thomas Photography & submitted by Lesley Lewis
  • Parting ways – photo taken by Nigel Goddard & submitted by Kay Ford

8. Best Volunteer

Winner: Helen Curley

Runner Up: Andi & Dave Chappell


  • Andi & Dave Chappell
  • Cath Cromarty
  • Helen Curley
  • Jenny Snowdon

9. Unsung Hero

Winner: Christine Harling

Runner Up: Dave Cromarty


  • Boris Komarychyn (husband of Bev Stevens)
  • Cath Cromarty
  • Christine Harling
  • Dave Cromarty
Special Awards 2021 – Best TREC Photo of 2020/2021 Voting now Open!

Special Awards 2021 – Best TREC Photo of 2020/2021 Voting now Open!

Thank you to all who have taken time so far to vote for your favourite competitions, food, photos, volunteers and unsung heroes of 2020 & 2021.

The vote is now open for the Best TREC Photo of 2020/2021. Please click the link below to cast your vote.

Voting for all categories will close at 10pm on Sunday 2nd January 2022.

A full list of nominees will be published on the website following the Awards Evening.

  1. Learning to read the map on the hoof

David, normally a judge, was thrown in at the deep end to ride at the English Championships in the level One class. The photo was the night before, learning how to read a map, on the Friday night. He rode as an Individual.

Photo taken & submitted by Cath Cromarty

  1. Last minute route checking

I took this photo of Traceur Cath and the route riders, Bev and Steph doing last minute route finding, literally as the combine harvesters and balers were still working,

Photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty

  1. The sheer joy of riding

The sheer joy of riding this amazing little horse in beautiful places.

Photo taken by Sarah-Jane Bullock & submitted by Karen Butt

  1. Sunset over a clean corralling field

A lovely clean corralling field sums up the perfect end to what was a perfect weekend.

Photo taken & stubmitted by Sarah Kelsey

  1. Can sheep take part?

It just makes me smile. Roger (the sheep) came in the arena and did the jumps too!

Photo taken & submitted by Chris Paine

  1. How low can you go?

Helen Barnes is a fabulous volunteer and always brings her camera and gets some amazing snaps. This is one of many I could have chosen but this shows the great partnership between Sully and Nichola Peace in one of our open competitions

Photo taken by Helen Barnes & submitted by Helen Curley

  1. Just chillin’

Love this photo myself and partners horse Spot/mojo love their trec camps as much as we do. Whilst we where panicking that we had all of our equipment they where just chilling before the off 🥰

Photo taken & submitted by Cilla Claxton

  1. Simply the best

This photo shows my amazing Little Miss Satisfaction at her best, loving her job and rewarding me with a fantastic score of 144 at Park Farm English Champs, pulling us up into 2nd place in L2a individual.

Photo taken by IndiePics & submitted by Judith Fisher

  1. Did someone say beach?

This photo is one of my favorites of myself and my part-bred Arab Sofi on the beach phase at Gower Trec. Apart from being very colourful in our mix of hi-viz, it sums up Trec in my opinion:

– a spin on the beach

– the rider engrossed in her map

– the horse alert and happy, watching and waiting eagerly for her next direction.

Photo taken by Mandy Thomas Photography & submitted by Lesley Lewis

  1. Parting ways

The lady parting from her Patchy Twat in the back ground (Christine Banks) was such a great sport and happily unhurt! My Trec partner kim Leney is in foreground – from Brightling 2021

Photo taken by Nigel Goddard & submitted by Kay Ford

TREC GB Special Awards 2021 Voting now Open!

TREC GB Special Awards 2021 Voting now Open!

Congratulations to all finalists in the TREC GB Special Awards 2021 categories. The finalists for each category are listed below along with the reason they were nominated. To vote, please click on the voting button at the bottom of this page.

Voting for the Best TREC GB Photo of 2020/2021 will commence on Tuesday 21st December.

Please note: only current TREC GB members are eligible to vote for the Special Awards 2021.

1. Best Summer Venue 2020/2021

National Championships, BrynllewlynGreat atmosphere, great views, showers & a snack bar on site!
Park FarmLovely venue, super organisation, varied terrain, smiling judges (who were well fed by Keysoe!)
RiddlesworthShowers! Hot water! Gorgeous catering barn. Cute area for PTV with little hills and wooded areas. Lovely POR. Hosts were super helpful ensuring the water butt was replenished and muck trailer changed. Just made to feel very welcome by the venue.
TugfordPlenty of corralling space & grass cover, beautiful views, friendly hosts, well organised, varied terrain for PTV.
Wernham FarmBeautiful ride in stunning countryside, plenty of space for corralling & friendly team organising.

2. Best Summer POR 2020/2021

BarnetbyStunning scenery with mixed terrain, woods, farmland, coastline & open hills with very little road work – fantastic route!
National Championships, Brynllewlyn Great riding, technical & challenging but not impossible – a championship level POR with lovely scenery
TugfordLovely routes with plenty of beautiful views – quiet country lanes, bridleways, woodland and special permissions made for superb route.
Wernham FarmStunning breath taking views, good challenges and very well explained checkpoint/ticket guidance circulated. Galloping across the ridgeway and jumping the hunt jumps is a memory that will stay with me for ever

3. Best Summer PTV 2020/2021

National Championships, Brynllewlyn A wonderfully & imaginatively developed course for all levels making the best use of the land and natural obstacles as well as those built into the cross-country course – particularly the S-Bend in the water with a canoe!
OasbyFabulous long and bowling course with a good variety of interesting obstacles.
Park FarmBrilliant course with a good variety of inviting obstacles, making the best use of the long and flowing track – fabulous to ride!
TugfordGreat use of recently cropped fields. Great variety of obstacles for all levels, including 3 separate bending variations. Great Cloverleaf, opposite direction to the normal ones. Lovely natural ups and downs and great views from the top field.

4. Best Saturday Night 2020/2021

National Championships, BrynllewlynAbsolutely fabulous, really hearty food – and plenty of it. Just what you need at the end of a long day.
Park FarmThe ladies from KTS did an amazing job of producing excellent home cook beef stew, chicken stew and vegetable and halloumi stew for competitors and judges alike. There was plenty to go round. Plates were licked clean and many went up for seconds. All the food was hot and tasty.
TugfordLocally made food, great choice of homemade salads to go with the main and desserts after.
WernhamGood homemade food all fresh veg and plenty to go around

5. Best Winter Venue 2019/2020 or 2020/2021

Cheltenham RDAThis is a fantastic large arena with a great surface and large outdoor warm up on the beautiful Cheltenham racecourse. It has a viewing gallery, plenty of parking and lovely staff who will always help.
GracelandsMassive outdoor arena meant competition could run at this venue during some covid restrictions
Grange, OkehamptonOwners are really helpful. Plenty of parking, stables on site if needed. Lovely indoor arena. Indoor and outdoor warm up space
LRAC KenwickLarge car park all on hardstanding, large indoor arena, big enough for the obstacles and a collecting area, great surface, very large outdoor arena available for warm up
Lower HaddonVery helpful owner. Hard standing for parking and viewing area indoors
Moulton CollegeThis venue was new to CTG in 2020. It allows warm up, competition, spectating and scoring all in one huge arena. The 60 x 40 arena can be split to give a large completion space and good warm up allowing us to make use of a wide range of obstacles large and small.
Sands Farm, West SussexGreat indoor warm up and different course each time. Friendly, great judges & easy to get to.
WalfordThe Venue is great; it has a very large warm up arena and a large indoor arena too. With enough space for horses to stand in, when the weather is extreme. Lovely toilets and an indoor viewing area too
WHW Penny FarmLovely venue with a fantastic cafe full of homemade food, friendly staff (who give our TREC club great rates) and do brilliant work rehabilitating horses (who you can wander around the site and meet in between classes, while munching cake :-).
Willow FarmBrilliantly organised event and one every month in the winter. Tina Coburn and helpers kept going whenever they could. Always cheerful and always varied courses

6. Best Volunteer 2020/2021

Andi & Dave ChappellDrive around the country helping at many TREC competitions throughout the year. Always friendly and helpful, calm and reassuring at Checkpoints and very precise in judging PTV – they turn up everywhere and are happy to take on anything asked of them!
Cath CromartyAlways there, always positive. She does so much for TREC and is so encouraging to newcomers
Helen CurleyWorks super hard, looks after and respects competitors, judges and other team members. Always appreciates the time/effort others have put in. Brilliant organiser
Jenny SnowdonJenny genuinely cares about the sport, always volunteering to judge and teach and run judging courses, travelling many miles to do so.

7. Unsung Hero 2020/2021

Boris Komarychyn (Husband of Bev Stevens)Boris a non-horsey, non TREC person. He happily rode the whole of the routes for Tugford, Welsh Championships on his bike with the TD. Despite ruining many inner tubes on hedge cuttings during the week, he refused to accept any money to refund him his costs for new ones. He happily received a few bottles of Lucozade.
Cath CromartyCath works tirelessly to promote TREC, running & supporting competitions & training as well as being instrumental in ensuring that the working groups with which she is involved keep on track & get their work done. Went out of her way to make sure first timers were encouraged into the sport at the Welsh nationals / all the first timers I spoke to will definitely be returning to TREC!
Christine HarlingChristine quietly gets on with all tasks needed, going above and beyond, for example staying with organisers at the end of events to ensure all is tidy etc. Christine is also our main scorer and technical wiz she stayed up till past 12am doing the POR scoring for Wernham on her birthday! missing out on Saturday eve festivities.
Dave CromartyFor sitting out in all weathers, voluntarily, taking fantastic photos at events. Any photo proceeds are donated to charity. I`m sure he gets dragged round by his wife Cath, but he always has a smile on his face and a nice word to say. A lovely chap!

8. Best Judges Hospitality 2020/2021

BarnetbyCleanest loos, excellent catering for lunch and dinner and tea and cake after judging. Clear directions and good CP positions! clear concise information provided before the event, everybody set out in good time, excellent quality food and plenty available, competitor “thank yous” passed on to all helpers after the event
Sands Farm, DevizesBest lunch ever. Refreshments were AMAZING! Volunteers and competitors’ enjoyment was at the forefront here with amazing lunch packs from local cafe in amazing flavours and with Haribo and carrots for the competitors too. Delicious lunch! Good briefing from officials. All very calm and well organised.
TugfordI had lots of emails telling me exactly what I was going to do and when, which as usual is always best. Offered as much food as I wanted to take to my CP and road crossing. Endless drinks as needed and a Bacon butty for Sunday morning as well as a packed lunch and a little thank you gift of a stainless-steel eating tool.
TREC Adventure

TREC Adventure

TREC GB are pleased to introduce a new online challenge – TREC Adventure.

Get ready to solve online puzzles as a TREC Competitor to navigate your way through our competition to earn your place on our leader board.

Why not team up with some fellow TRECcies, family or friends and have a virtual social evening?

We’ll send you everything you need to host & take part in the TREC Adventure. Click on the button below to sign up.

There is a small cost involved to take part in the TREC Adventure, £7 for 1-2 people, £14 for 3-4 and £21 for 5 or more.

We hope you join us in our Adventure!

Awards Nominations & Awards Evening 2021

Awards Nominations & Awards Evening 2021

TREC GB are pleased to announce that our Virtual Awards Evening will be held on Saturday 15th January via Zoom and we would like to invite you all to dig out your most glamourous tops & backgrounds and join us for an evening celebrating our achievements over the last 2 years.

Whilst there has been no Summer League for the past two years, we do have other awards to make and as part of these, to celebrate our wonderful organisers, volunteers and venues, TREC GB would like to invite nominations for any person or event for each of the following categories. Please respond by Tuesday 14th December. Voting will then commence via the website on Friday 17th December for successful finalists.

The categories are:

  1. Best 2020 or 2021 Summer Competition Venue
  2. Best 2020 or 2021 Summer POR
  3. Best 2020 or 2021 Summer PTV
  4. Best 2020 or 2021 Saturday Night Meal
  5. Best 2020 or 2021 Winter Competition Venue 
  6. Best Volunteer for 2020 or 2021
  7. Unsung Hero
  8. 2020 or 2021 Competition with best hospitality for judges
  9. Best 2020 or 2021 TREC Photo of the Year

Please take a moment to nominate via the website so we can reward organisers and volunteers for all of their hard work.
All nominations will be acknowledged on the website after the Virtual Awards Evening.

Change to Hat Standards

Change to Hat Standards

To ensure riders are wearing the most up to date riding hats and to give plenty of notice, please note that from the 31st December 2022, the following hat standards will no longer be accepted. This is due to the age of hats made to these standards:

  1. PAS O15 1998
  2. SNELL 2001
  3. SEI ASTM 95

These hat standards will be removed from the Rulebook in Spring 2022, when it is next printed.
The list of Current hat standards can be found at: Page 60

TREC GB of behalf of the
Rules Working Group

Autumn TRECathlon Challenge 2021

Autumn TRECathlon Challenge 2021

Following the success of our Spring Challenge, TREC GB are introducing a new Autumn Challenge which has been inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics, with a little help from the Pony Club Tetrathlon.

The Challenge will be over a shorter time period than the Spring Challenge – between Friday 22nd October and Sunday 7th November. This will allow for other commitments and to take advantage of the best weather opportunity.

The Challenge is FREE to TREC GB members; non-members can join the fun for an entry fee of £7.50.

How does it work?

You can choose a level which is comfortable for you or train to achieve something a little more difficult. And if you only wish to do one section, why not put together a ‘tag team’ to complete the Challenge between you?

Again, there are mounted and unmounted challenges, to allow everyone to take part.

  1. Based on a Triathlon / Tetrathlon format, pick a variation from three sections and a level from each which represents an achievable, but stretching challenge for you.
SectionOptionsChallenge Distance (km)
WaterSwimming 0.511.52
 Cycling 1020 25 30 
FootWalking 5101520
  1. You can choose your own distances, but we will also give special awards for:
  • ‘Sprint’ TRECathlon – 400m swim, 20km ride and 5km walk
  • ‘Iron Maiden’ TRECathlon – 1,500m swim, 30km ride and 10km walk (Individual or teams)
  1. Then, for a bit of extra fun, why not add a bonus challenge? This can be anything related to any of the sections – or something completely different!
  2. Post your Challenges to the TREC GB Events Facebook page and start to prepare – let us know what you are planning and what ‘training’ you are doing.

Join us on our Facebook Group, introduce yourself and your horse, if you have one, and the challenge level you have selected. The Facebook Group is there to help you with motivation and encouragement towards your goals – your own support team from fellow Treccies!

As you progress through the challenges, keep a record of them on our Tracker sheet and, when completed, send it in to

Everyone who completes the Challenge will receive a Certificate and those who complete the ‘Sprint’ or ‘Iron Maiden’ Challenge over a single day, will receive a commemorative rosette.

Do I need a horse?

No! Anybody can take part whether they ride/own a horse or not.

When does the Autumn Halloween TRECathlon Challenge run?

The Challenge will be over a shorter time period than the Spring Challenge – between Friday 22nd October and Sunday 7th November. Aim to complete your Challenge over 1 or 2 days between 22nd October and 7th November – and post the evidence of what you have achieved.

New Winter Series Sponsors 2021-22

New Winter Series Sponsors 2021-22

TREC GB are pleased to announce that we have a new sponsor for the 2021 / 2022 Winter Series. ‘The Profiles Range’ and Equi-vation have kindly sponsored the series.

The Profiles Range are producers of British made ornamental metal works inspired by the Countryside. (House Signs, Weather Vanes and fantastic Gift Ideas)

Equi-vation produce storage solutions for your yard. (Feed Bins, Tack Lockers, Trunks and Stable Name Plates).

TREC GB Members: Login to the Members area and go to Member Discounts to receive a special offer code for both companies.

TREC GB National Championships Photographs

TREC GB National Championships Photographs

The photographs from the National Championships are now available in 3 Galleries

Saturday event –
Sunday event –
presentation and judges –

Full digital images £8 per image
Social Media images £4 per image

Printed images available direct from Jonathan Cundy Photography: email

National Championships 2021 Results

National Championships 2021 Results

Congratulations to all competitors who competed in the TREC GB National Championships 2021. It was fantastic to see everyone enjoying the beautiful scenery in Wales and acheiving personal bests on the PTV course (who knew the S-Bend could be so tricky?).

Overall Results are now available here. Detailed results to follow as soon as possible.

A huge thank you to the organising team and the army of volunteers, without whom we would not have been able to run the competition.

© 2020 TREC GB. TREC GB and the TREC GB logo are registered trademarks of TREC GB, the governing body of the equestrian sport TREC in Great Britain. TREC GB is a registered charity, charity number 1161328. Scottish Charity Number SC046352.