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Cancellation of the World Championships in Germany

Cancellation of the World Championships in Germany

Following an email received from FITE on the 11th February cancelling the 2021 TREC World Championships that had been due to take place in Westershain, Germany, a number of points are worth noting:-

  1. It was the German Organisers that cancelled the Championships not FITE.
    FITE were just relayed the message to all NETOs.
  2. FITE still have a declared intention to hold the World Championships this year, if at all possible, and have asked if any NETO is in a position to offer to organise the Championships and to let FITE know as soon as they can.
  3. Whilst it is unlikely that any other country will be able to host the Championships at such short notice, it remains a possibility. Whether individual countries will be allowed to attend is another question for each nation.
  4. At this stage the IRWG will continue to prepare for competing at the Championships.

Dave Rogerson

Chair International Riders’ Working Group

International Riders Working Group Vacancy

International Riders Working Group Vacancy

The International Riders’ Working Group at 1st May 2019 has a full complement of members. 

IRWG Chair: Dave Rogerson

Vice Chair: Cheryl McLardy

Members: Ailsa Gibson, Dorothy Still, Helen Wain, Jess Wain, Caroline Brammer

The group supports all aspects of the work required to allow all Senior and Young Rider TREC GB Teams to compete in FITE Championships.

IRWG Terms of Reference – this document details the work undertaken by the Working Group.

Anyone interested in the work of the group and potentially becoming a member in the future is welcome to contact the Chair-Dave Rogerson  for further information.

International Rider’s Qualification Period 2019-20

International Rider’s Qualification Period 2019-20

Confirmation of the end of the International Rider’s Qualification period 2019-2020

 The current Selection Criteria document indicates that the qualifying period provisionally runs from 01/03/2019 to 30/06/2020. 

Previously, a competition running the weekend after the end of June has been included within the qualification period, provided that the date still allowed time for confirmation of selected riders and receipt by FITE of required paperwork. It is anticipated that the date this year will be around the 20th July.

The Welsh Championships take place on the 4th and 5th July 2020 and I can now confirm that the qualification period will close after the completion of this competition.

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