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FITE Announcement – 2021 World Championships

FITE Announcement – 2021 World Championships

Dear Sir, Dear Madam, 

We hope that activities have resumed in your respective countries and that we will soon be able to meet again at FITE meetings. In this regard, we would like to provide you with some information:

1/ TREC 
We regret that, due to the health situation, we have to cancel the TREC World Championship this year.
The Italian stage, which is also a European Cup’stage, originally scheduled for 4-6th June, has been postponed to 27-29th August at the ASD Centro Ippico Monte d’Oro (San Dorligo della Valle, TS).
An international contest will also be held at the Centre Equestre de Maurs (France), from 1 to 3rd October.

2/ Working Equitation 
For its part, the European Working Equitation Championship is confirmed! It will take place from 10 to 12th September at the Domaine des Trois Fontaines (Le Pouget, France), for Senior and Young Riders contests. 
The programme and the registration form will be sent to you in the next few days.

3/ General Assembly 
The FITE General Assembly will take place on Friday 24th September 2021, from 14:30 to 17:00 by videoconference.
The invitation will be sent to you in the next few days, but you can already note this date in your diary!

Yours sincerely,

TREC GB IRWG Statement 3rd July 2021

TREC GB IRWG Statement 3rd July 2021

As TREC GB begins to be able to allow the running of Summer Series competitions across England, Scotland and Wales and with the likelihood that the next FITE Championships will now be in 2022, the International Riders Working Group would like to update registered riders and any riders considering competing internationally, regarding the selection period, updated Selection Criteria and reporting requirements for

  1. The competition Season and
  2. for the ‘Off’ Season period

All details are contained within the updated selection criteria which are now available in the International Riders documents page.

In summary the main points to note are-

  1. a) Senior Rider competitions completed in the period 1st March 2019 to 30th June 2022 will be considered for selection purposes.
    b) Young and Junior Duo Rider competitions competed in the period 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2022 will be considered for selection purposes.
  1. a) Competition reporting requirements have been in place for Young Riders for a number of years, are also in place for Junior Duo Riders and from 1st July 2021 will be place for Senior Riders.
    b) For the ‘Off’ Season (November- March) during a qualifying period riders will also expected to complete an ‘Off’ Season report template each month.

  2. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic TREC GB recognises that the Selection Criteria need to remain flexible but would like riders to note that the number of selection points required for selection purposes will be reviewed during 2021 and 2022 based on the number of Level 2 / 2A, Level 3 and Level 4 competitions available to riders during the qualification period.
Cancellation of the World Championships in Germany

Cancellation of the World Championships in Germany

Following an email received from FITE on the 11th February cancelling the 2021 TREC World Championships that had been due to take place in Westershain, Germany, a number of points are worth noting:-

  1. It was the German Organisers that cancelled the Championships not FITE.
    FITE were just relayed the message to all NETOs.
  2. FITE still have a declared intention to hold the World Championships this year, if at all possible, and have asked if any NETO is in a position to offer to organise the Championships and to let FITE know as soon as they can.
  3. Whilst it is unlikely that any other country will be able to host the Championships at such short notice, it remains a possibility. Whether individual countries will be allowed to attend is another question for each nation.
  4. At this stage the IRWG will continue to prepare for competing at the Championships.

Dave Rogerson

Chair International Riders’ Working Group

International Riders Working Group Vacancy

International Riders Working Group Vacancy

The International Riders’ Working Group at 1st May 2019 has a full complement of members. 

IRWG Chair: Dave Rogerson

Vice Chair: Cheryl McLardy

Members: Ailsa Gibson, Dorothy Still, Helen Wain, Jess Wain, Caroline Brammer

The group supports all aspects of the work required to allow all Senior and Young Rider TREC GB Teams to compete in FITE Championships.

IRWG Terms of Reference – this document details the work undertaken by the Working Group.

Anyone interested in the work of the group and potentially becoming a member in the future is welcome to contact the Chair-Dave Rogerson  for further information.

International Rider’s Qualification Period 2019-20

International Rider’s Qualification Period 2019-20

Confirmation of the end of the International Rider’s Qualification period 2019-2020

 The current Selection Criteria document indicates that the qualifying period provisionally runs from 01/03/2019 to 30/06/2020. 

Previously, a competition running the weekend after the end of June has been included within the qualification period, provided that the date still allowed time for confirmation of selected riders and receipt by FITE of required paperwork. It is anticipated that the date this year will be around the 20th July.

The Welsh Championships take place on the 4th and 5th July 2020 and I can now confirm that the qualification period will close after the completion of this competition.

Liz Davison & Dot Still compete in China

Liz Davison & Dot Still compete in China

International TREC GB riders in China 2018

At the 2018 European TREC Championships in Italy, one of the two Chinese representatives, Mr Wu Gang Fang from the China institute for Horse Culture, Sport and Tourism, who headed the equestrian section of the Beijing Olympics, issued an invitation to all FITE member countries to send two riders and their presidents to participate in the Wiefang Equestrian Festival taking place just three weeks later!

China joined FITE in 2017 and held their first ever TREC competition last year.

The Presidents were invited to present at the World Equestrian Tourism Summit on Equine Tourism in their countries and riders were invited to take part in China’s second ever TREC competition.

We met up with fellow ‘Treccies’ from France, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, USA, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, and we all got to ride endurance horses or Mongolian ponies who had never experienced a TREC competition before!

The POR went along the beach, through dunes and fields and along quiet tracks. Our Presidents helped to judge the competition and to train the Chinese judges.

The PTV took place on the beach and even into the Yellow Sea for one obstacle. There were loads of spectators as the event fell during ‘Golden Week’ the longest public holiday in China.

It was a lot of fun plus the huge challenge of riding an unknown horse in an entirely new environment and introducing the audience to the TREC way of competing and having fun on horses.

The Festival was a real extravaganza of various equestrian displays and included endurance, horse racing, archery and kite flying on horseback competitions with traditionally dressed Mongolian riders. There were fireworks, hot air balloons, music and grand opening and closing ceremonies.

Some of the riders and presidents were able to stay on for a VIP sight seeing tour after the festival. We visited The Great Wall of China, rode Mongolian ponies in the Manchurian Hills through the first snows of the season and visited Tiananmen Square, the outskirts of the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.

We had brilliant hosts who looked after us so well and made us feel very welcome.

It has been an amazing adventure and an experience of a lifetime with a great group of like minded folk – we had a lot of fun and made many new TREC buddies.

What a great sport bringing people together with a shared love of horses from all ages, abilities, backgrounds and nationalities from all different corners of the world.

Mr Wu Gang Fang extended invitations to us all to visit again next year – hopefully more TREC GB members will be able to take up the invitation and experience the wonderful Chinese hospitality.

HAPPA Print Raffle Winner

HAPPA Print Raffle Winner

Claire Mitchell a member of Bowland TREC.

The Raffle for the HAPPA picture kindly donated by Peter and Paula Bean sold 333 tickets and so raised £333 towards helping to fund our International Riders at the European Championships in Italy this summer. Additionally there were a couple of donations amounting to £56 making a grand total of £389.

Attendees at the TREC GB Ball bought 107 tickets.

South East TREC sold 110 tickets.

WHTG sold 41 tickets

Bowland TREC sold 35 tickets and donated a further £16.

Wessex TREC sold 25 tickets

TSW sold 15 tickets.

TRAC donated £40

Each person was allocated a number between 1-333 for each £1 paid towards the raffle.

The winning ticket number was generated using a random number generator.

The winning number was 103 that had been allocated to Claire Mitchell a member of Bowland TREC.

Well done Claire.

On behalf of the International Riders I would like to thank TREC clubs and their members for their generosity.


Dave Rogerson

Chair International Riders Working Group.

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