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TREC GB Leucillin National Championships 2022 Arbitration Panel Report

TREC GB Leucillin National Championships 2022 Arbitration Panel Report

Following the Leucillin TREC GB National Championships 2022 held on the 13th and 14th August 2022, a formal arbitration request was received by TREC GB.

An Arbitration Panel was formed according to the process detailed on the TREC GB website, which consulted with Championship Officials and the TREC GB Rulebook 6 th Edition:

• Technical Queries, page 15, 3.8.2
• Record Card, page 26, 4.7
• Penalty points section of the Rule Book was consulted,
• Navigation Penalties cont/d, page 34, 4.15.1
• Time Penalties, page 35, 4.15.5

Arbitration panel agreed unanimously that:

  1. The 50 Map Room Penalties should be removed from the competitor’s score as we agree that they were applied in error.
  2. Lost card penalties should be applied.
    Penalties were already included for 8 out of 14 Tickets
    Penalties for an additional 6 Tickets are to be applied – 120 Penalties
  3. Results and subsequently placings for the competition are to be amended according to the updated final scores.

The Panel also wish to remind competitors that there is a process in place for querying scores during a competition, which would have been the most appropriate way to resolve this issue.

TREC GB Equine Flu Vaccine Shortage Statement

TREC GB Equine Flu Vaccine Shortage Statement

Members may have read that there is likely to be some shortage of equine flu vaccines, potentially until the end of October. British Equestrian has consulted with all of its member bodies together with the British Equestrian Veterinary Association (BEVA) and have issued a statement.

TREC GB, alongside most of the other equestrian disciplines, will retain its 12-month booster requirement. This recognises that the majority of our horses are, as identified by the BEVA risk assessment, engaged in competition where the risks of potential transmission are greater. Where horses attend events, competitors should in the first instance encourage their vets to prioritise the vaccination of their horse due to them being in a higher risk group.

In exceptional circumstances, and only where the shortage prevents a booster from being administered within the required 12-month timeline, the horse’s booster date may extend to 15 months. These horses must have their passports marked and signed by their vet to document the delay and identify the new booster due date which must be within 15 months of the previous booster.

The entry on the passport must be submitted to TREC GB Admin as you would with a new booster for the purpose of updating the TREC GB Flu Register, at which point TREC GB will review and approve the extension. Once the delayed booster has been given, a further booster will then be required within 9 months of the delayed booster to ensure the protocol of horses having two boosters within a 24-month period is maintained.

Where a horse has been granted an extension to 15 months, the owner should be aware that if it is intended that the horse attends an event at a more sensitive venue (such as a racecourse), a full restart may be required before the horse can attend those venues.

If you have any queries about the amendments to the flu vaccination policy, please contact

Membership Renewals 1st October 2022

Membership Renewals 1st October 2022

Thank you for supporting TREC GB in the past year.

Membership renewal is due on 1st October for those not on the rolling Blue & Supporter membership.

For those on rolling membership (Blue and Supporter), this will automatically renew on the same date you took out the membership.

TREC GB have held the membership fees for as long as possible, but for this membership year, 2022-23, we need to introduce a small increase for Blue membership to £40 and Red Membership to £78.

We are pleased to confirm Supporter Membership will remain the same at £5.

All members who are taking advantage of the auto-renewal option will also receive an email from PayPal advising of this change, which will be effective from 1st October 2022.

For less than £3.50 per month, Blue members receive:

  • Free entry to TREC GB Winter and Summer Leagues
  • Free access to Hoofbeats awards (for your four-legged partner)
  • Eligibility to enter the TREC GB National and Grassroots Championships (subject to qualification)
  • Members’ Newsletters
  • Members’ area of the TREC GB website, including access to a free electronic copy of the British TREC Rulebook and all other TREC GB documentation
  • Access to TREC GB training as an ‘Official’ – Traceur, Technical Delegate, Scorer.
  • Potential for selection for the International Team to represent TREC GB at the European or World TREC Championships.
  • Voting rights at the TREC GB AGM and to elect Trustees
  • Eligibility to belong to a TREC GB Working Group or stand as a TREC GB Trustee

In addition, your membership helps to support TREC GB as the Governing Body of the sport of British TREC and its future development.Red members receive all of these benefits in addition to full 24/7 Public Liability Insurance 

If you have signed up to the new auto-renewal process, your membership fee will be automatically paid to us from your PayPal account on 1st October.

All members not on auto-renewal will be able to renew their membership on 1st October 2022.

<strong>New Winter Series Sponsor 2022-2023</strong>

New Winter Series Sponsor 2022-2023

TREC GB are pleased to announce Dengie Horse Feeds have kindly sponsored the 2022-2023 Winter Series.

Dengie Horse Feeds are the leading manufacturer of Fibre-Based Horse feeds in the UK, growing many of their own ingredients as possible to keep the ‘feed-miles’ low and provide the best traceability. With feeds developed for a range of common feeding issues, including laminitis, good doers, gut health, forage replacers, balanced diet, behaviour, seniors, we’re very pleased they’ve come on board with us at TREC GB for the 2022-2023 Winter Series.

For more information on the range of feeds and supplements Dengie are able to offer, head over to their website:

Thank you Dengie, your support is much appreciated!

TREC GB launches TREC Quest 2022 – fun Summer Challenge

TREC GB launches TREC Quest 2022 – fun Summer Challenge

TREC GB are launching a new Summer Challenge for all TRECcies, which will run alongside all our usual summer activities.

This Challenge is primarily about taking part and achieving – winning is a bonus!

The format is based around TREC Bingo which was developed by Gina King, who has kindly allowed us to use her material, with some elements of Hoof hunt too.

The challenges are designed so that everyone can take part, whether on foot or mounted. Some require a horse, but most of these (all if you are imaginative) can be achieved whether mounted or leading.

The TREC GB Summer Quest challenge opens on Monday 8th August 2022 and closes on Sunday 30th October 2022.

Joining our Quest

All you have to do is to purchase the Quest Challenge from the TREC GB shop – click on the button below:

TREC GB Treasurer Announcement

TREC GB Treasurer Announcement

TREC GB would like to announce that Claire Pollard will be taking up the role of TREC GB Treasurer and will also be co-opted to the Board of Trustees.

Claire is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor and we are delighted that she will be using her skills to assist TREC GB in the future.

Claire will be working with Vanessa (our current Treasurer) over the next few months and will fully take on the Treasurer role at the start of the new membership year on 1st October 2022.

I am sure that you will join me in wishing Claire well in her new role and in thanking Vanessa for all her work for TREC GB

Kind Regards


Chris Paine, Chair TREC GB On behalf of the Trustees

Still time to enter the Solution Saddles Grassroots Championships 2022

Still time to enter the Solution Saddles Grassroots Championships 2022

There is still time to enter the Solution Saddles Grassroots Champoonships 2022 to be held on 22nd – 24th July at Forty Foot Farm, Souldrop, Bedfordshire.

Entries close at midnight on Monday 4th July 2022.

As well as the standard Grassroots Championships classes, there is also a Veteran horse class and 2 non-Championships Open Classes. The Open classes are available for all to enter, regardless of qualfication critieria.

So don’t delay, enter today!

Solution Saddles Grassroots Championships 2022 Schedule Now Available

Solution Saddles Grassroots Championships 2022 Schedule Now Available

TREC GB are pleased to announce the schedule for the Solution Saddles Grassroots Championships 2022 schedule is now available. Entries open at 10am on Monday 6th June 2022. Orders for commemorative clothing also open at 10am on Monday 6th June.

Click here to view the schedule: