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Final results for the Dengie Winter Series League 2022-2023

Final results for the Dengie Winter Series League 2022-2023

Congratulations to all top 10 Placegetters in the Dengie Winter League 2022-23. This year’s league was hotly contested across the country, with results being very close for the top 10 in each league.

The top 10 for each league are:

NewcomersJulie TaylorCuffstown Hill TopperCHAMPION
 Debbie HarrisAchnacarry Machair Mist3rd
 Chris BrooksCrannmore Lad4th
 Amy BoalerTyan Razzmatazz5th
 Kirsty SpreadburyQuinn6th
 Harriet Sullivan RobertsShanbally Joe7th
 Alex BaldwinJuno8th
 Phillipa InglebyFerdinand Piccolo9th
 Alice TeareBlue10th
Novice HorseAnne WarnerSunnyCHAMPION
 Amy BoalerTyan RazzmatazzRESERVE CHAMPION
 Vicki HoldenTuffy3rd
 Debbie HarrisAchnacarry Macnair4th
 Emille LongSpace Bound5th
 Amanda GlasspoleMinnismoor Post Haste6th
 Phillipa InglebyFerdinand Piccolo7th
 Fiona DillonHugo8th
 Willa MuirGypsy Rose9th
 Kirsty SpreadburyQuinn10th
IntermediateCaroline PittCalicoCHAMPION
 Kim LeneyJumping Jack Flash3rd
 Karen CarrollThornville Star4th
 Maria StandenAngelina5th
 Helen DuckmantonSpot6th
 Rachel RansonHarry7th
 Gizzy MillerMo Stor Priggle8th
 Laura MckayIndigo Blue9th
 Suzie ClaguePembroke Double Diamond10th
Open IntermediateCatherine GreeningWelland CrystalCHAMPION
 Chrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace3rd
 Nichola PeaceAusdan Sularis4th
 Suzanne BostockMia Rose5th
 Lel BenyonFadagosa6th
 Kim LeneyJumping Jack Flash7th
 Claire BagshawCrannmore Lad8th
 Maria StandenAngelina9th
 Bella CravenColin10th
OpenCatherine GreeningWelland CrystalCHAMPION
 Anne WarnerSunny3rd
 Claire BagshawCrannmore Lad4th
 Nichola PeaceMarike (Inca)5th
 Chrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace6th
 Suzanne BostockMia Rose7th
 Lel BenyonFadagosa8th
 Karen CarrollThornville Star9th
 Bella CravenColin10th

TREC GB would like to thank our sponsors, Dengie Horse Feeds, for their support of the Winter League this year.

Rosettes for the top 10 in each league will be in the post as soon as possible.

The full results for the leagues can be viewed here.

Natiional Championships 2023 Sponsorship

Natiional Championships 2023 Sponsorship

TREC GB are pleased to announce the Level 2 – 4 Championship Classes at the National Championships 2023 will be kindly sponsored by Smart Saddles.

The SMART saddle range, winner of the coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation 2021, was developed in a quest to design the perfect saddle to improve equine welfare and performance.

A huge THANK YOU to Smart Saddles for their continued support of our Championships and TREC GB.

TREC GB are pleased to announce the Grassroots Championship Classes at the National Championships 2023 will be kindly sponsored by Leucillin

Healthy skin makes a happy & healthy pet! Leucillin keeps skin clean, clear & healthy, it tackles infection; irritation, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin.

Leucillin, The Must Have Solution For All Pet Owners. Healthy Skin makes for a Happy and Healthy Pet.

A huge THANK YOU to Leucillin for their continued support of our Championships and TREC GB.

Coronation TREC Quest 2023

Coronation TREC Quest 2023

TREC GB Coronation Quest

Following the success of last year’s Quest, TREC GB are launching a new TREC GB Coronation Quest for all TRECcies, which will run alongside all our usual summer activities.

This time we have a mixture of repeat challenges from last year with some new ones for this year. And we have listened to your feedback from last year and launching our Coronation Quest earlier in the year, to give you loads of time to complete the Quest!

This Challenge is primarily about taking part and achieving – completion is a bonus!

The format is based around TREC Bingo which was developed by Gina King, who has kindly allowed us to use her material, with some elements of Hoof hunt too.

The challenges are designed so that everyone can take part, whether on foot or mounted. Some require a horse, but most of these (all if you are imaginative) can be achieved whether mounted or leading. An we had some great examples of imaginative interpretation last year!

The TREC GB Summer Quest challenge opens on Monday 1st May 2023 and closes on Sunday 3rd September 2023

Joining our Coronation Quest

All you have to do is to purchase the Coronation Quest Challenge from the TREC GB shop.

You will receive three cards to complete, full instructions, plus an invitation to join a Facebook Group dedicated to this Challenge.

On the Facebook page you will need to set up 3 Albums, in which you will post your photos/videos.

More instructions will be on the Facebook page.

Completing the Quest

Each card has 20 squares to complete and each one focuses on a different TREC theme. All you have to do is to complete the task or find the object listed in each Grid square and post a photo on the Facebook group that must include the challenge (the square reference), and include a part of either you or the horse. You can complete the challenges in any order, within and between cards, as you wish.

The Challenge entry is for one person – and can be completed with whichever horse (or horses) you wish – or even without for some squares!

This year’s TREC themes are: TREC POR, TREC PTV Obstacles / Challenges and TREC MA plus random finds!

When you have completed a full card, post a photo of it to the Facebook Group.

At the end of the Challenge, rosettes will be awarded depending on the number of cards you have completed.

TREC GB Trustee Elections

TREC GB Trustee Elections

TREC GB received five Trustee applications to fill the vacancies for the Board of Trustees.

A panel of Trustees, who were not involved in the election, examined these applications against the published criteria and concluded that all applicants were acceptable.

As there were five applicants for six posts, the panel concluded that a formal vote from the membership was not required and has recommended that all applicants are accepted to serve on the TREC GB Board.

We are pleased to announce that the following members are duly appointed as Trustees:

Cath Cromarty

Chris Paine

Gillian Newey

Liane Robinson

Trish Donnelly

I am sure you will join us in wishing them every success in their term of office.

International Riders Senior Rider Selection Criteria 2022-2024

International Riders Senior Rider Selection Criteria 2022-2024

The International Riders’ Working Group would like to inform all Registered Riders, Development Group members and those who may be aspiring to ride internationally for TREC GB, that the Selection Criteria has now been reviewed for the FITE TREC Championships in 2024.

The selection criteria has now been published and is available to view, along with the Senior Riders Application Form and Competition Report Template in the International Riders Document Area:

Click here for International Riders Documents Area

The criteria for Junior Duo and Young Riders seeking to qualify for the 2023 FITE Championships will remain unchanged.

Special Awards 2022 – Results

Special Awards 2022 – Results

Congratulations to all nominees, runners up and winners in the TREC GB Special Awards 2022 which recognises the work of our Organisers, TDs, Traceurs, PTV course designers, Judges and Volunteers in running TREC events across the country. The results were very close again this year and the full list of finalists, runners up and winners can be found below.

The full list of nominations can be found here:

1. Best Summer TREC Venue

Winner: Welsh Championships, Llanthony

Runner Up: Grassroots Championships


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

2. Best Summer POR

Winner: Welsh Championships, Llanthony

Runner Up: Grassroots Championships


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

3. Best Summer PTV

Winner: Stourhead

Runner Up: Welsh Championships, Llanthony


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Thornton le Moor
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

4. Best Saturday Night

Winner: Grassroots Championships

Runner Up: Deer Park


  • Deer Park
  • Grassroots Championships
  • National Championships

5. Best Winter Venue

Winner: Cheltenham RDA

Runner Up: Thornton House


  • Cheltenham RDA
  • Croft Farm
  • The Grange
  • LRAC Kenwick
  • Shuttleworth
  • Thornton House

6. Best Judges Hospitality

Winner: Grassroots Championships

Runner Up: Stourhead


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Stourhead
  • Thornton Le Moor
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

7. Best TREC Photo

Winner: We’ve Finished – photo by Victoria Adams Photography & submitted by Liane Robinson

Runner Up: The Beauty of TREC – photo taken & submitted by Kate Gillam


  • PTV Fun – photo taken by Paws for Thought Photography & submitted by Caroline Pederick
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow – photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty
  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside – photo taken by Chris Gipson & submitted by Zoe Morton
  • Llanthony route checking – photo taken & submiteed by Cath Cromarty
  • Sit Tight – photo taken by Amy George & submitted by Helen Curley
  • Just Chillin’ – photo taken and submitted by Erica Thomas
  • That first cuppa – photo taken & submitted by Karen Butt
  • What a view! – photo taken and submitted by Lesley Lewis
  • Dreams do Come True – photo taken by NHMM Photography (France) and submitted by Kirsty Adams
  • Size doesn’t matter – photo taken by Harri Like & submitted by Cressy Murphy
  • Rain or Shine – photo taken & submitted by Hattie Abretti
  • This is fun! – photo taken by Andrew Youll & submitted by Tania O’Connell
  • Closing the gate – photo taken by Christopher Lee & submitted by Michelle Bowe
  • Level 3 Plotting grids – photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty
  • Say Cheese – photo taken & submitted by Charlotte Fleming
  • Happy Partners – photo taken by Tony Pays & submitted by Lucy Wild
  • The Beauty of TREC – photo taken & submitted by Kate Gillam
  • We’ve finished – photo taken by Victoria Adams photography & submitted by Liane Robinson

7. Best Volunteer

Winner: Sue Squirrell

Runner Up: Andy & Dave Chappell


  • Andy & Dave Chappell
  • Cath Cromarty
  • Helen Curley
  • Karen Butt
  • Mike Messenger
  • Sue Squirrell

    9. Unsung Hero

    Winner: Cath Cromarty

    Runner Up: Jess Wain


    • Cath Cromarty
    • Evie O’Keeffe
    • Jess Wain
    • Jill Perry
    Invitation to Join a TREC GB Working Group

    Invitation to Join a TREC GB Working Group

    TREC GB is seeking new members to join their Winter Series Working Group (WSWG) and/or the Organisers Working Group (OWG). We are looking for members who have good communication skills, some experience in organising and running a TREC event and an understanding of what is required to organise a successful event and who feel they can give some of their time to ensure that TREC is promoted and organised consistently across the Country.

    The Winter Series Working Group have particular interest in the Winter Series TREC and have the following objectives.

    • Acting as the first point of contact for any matters relating to Winter Arena TREC
    • Reviewing Winter Series Organiser guidelines & recommending changes to the TREC GB Board
    • Reviewing Winter Arena TREC schedule and classes for each year and recommending changes to the TREC GB Board
    • Reviewing the Winter Series TREC GB League results
    • Evaluating Winter TREC competitions across the country
    • Evaluating the success of Winter TREC strategically to TREC GB
    • Reviewing and recommending potential rule changes affecting Winter Series.

    The Organisers Working Group work towards ensuring common standards across all TREC GB competitions and training events and have the following objectives 

    • To aim to hold an Organisers’ Conference at least once a year.
    • To produce a shortened “introductory” version of the Organiser’s Pack, explaining what “organising” involves, that is less daunting than the full pack.
    • To review and update both the full Organiser’s Pack (the Handbook and all subsidiary documents and forms) and the “introductory” version at least annually.
    • To aim for common standards across all competitions and training run under the auspices of TREC GB for judges, competitors and officials.
    • Aiming to get agreements in place between organisers and venues to ensuring common understanding of what is expected from both sides.
    • To encourage “new” organisers, although this must be achieved mainly by the clubs themselves with support from this working group and the promotion of the sport from TREC GB.

    We are inviting all members, who are interested, to submit a short summary of their particular skills, stating which group they would like to join and why. We may not be able to accept everyone who applies; it will depend on the range of skills that applicants can offer. Membership of TREC GB is a requirement to serve on any Working Group (WG). However, this can be Red,  Blue or Supporter Membership. 

    For those who are not familiar with our Working Groups, members are volunteers and usually meet by conference call or zoom meeting every one or two months. Ideas are discussed and proposals put forward to the TREC GB Board of Trustees for final consideration.

    If you feel that you have the skills and knowledge to offer one of our Working Groups, then please apply in the first instance, to If you feel that someone else would be ideal to serve on one of these Working Groups, please feel free to forward this email to them.

    All applications will be acknowledged.

    Thank you.

    TREC GB Admin
    on behalf of the Winter Series Working Group and the Organisers Working Group

    TREC GB National Championships 2023

    TREC GB National Championships 2023

    TREC GB are pleased to announce that the 2023 TREC GB National Championships will be held at Bibury Farm, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. GL7 5PB on Friday 18th to Sunday 20th August 2023.

    Plans are well underway and TREC GB would like to thank Mr Nick Phillips and Wessex TREC Club for hosting this year’s Championships

    For 2023, TREC GB will be holding a single National Championship which will incorporate the following Grassroots Level 1 classes:

    • Level 1 Grassroots Newcomers Individual – Open to all qualified riders who have not competed in a full Summer TREC competition (3 phase affiliated TREC GB) before 1st August 2022.
    • Level 1 Grassroots Newcomers Pairs – Open to all qualified riders, where both riders have not competed in a full Summer TREC competition (3 phase affiliated TREC GB) before 1st August 2022.
    • Level 1 Grassroots Open Individual – Open to all qualified riders
    • Level 1 Grassroots Open Pairs – Open to all qualified riders
    • Level 1 Veteran Horse Championship – Horses must be born in or before the year 2003 (20 years old) and must have completed at least one full three phase competition within the last 2 years. Individual class only.

    The qualifying period for the National Championships 2023 will run from 1st August 2022 to 30th July 2023 inclusive.

    For the full details of the qualification criteria, please pop over to the website:

    We look forward to seeing you all at the National Championships 2023!

    Awards Night 2022

    Awards Night 2022

    It’s Back!

    We’re pleased to announce the annual celebration of Summer Series, Hoofbeats and Special Awards is returning to the luxury 4* Ardencote Manor Country House Hotel & Spa on Saturday 21st January 2023. The price of tickets this year are:

    • Awards Night Meal only – £38.50
    • Twin Room B&B plus Awards Night meal (per person) – £106
    • Singe Room B&B plus Awards Night meal – £177.50
    • Double Room B&B plus Awards NIght meal for 2 people – £212 

    To make it economic for members and their guests, tickets will be on sale with the option of paying a 50% deposit, followed by the balance by Wednesday 21st December 2022.

    The Summer 2022 League awards will be presented after dinner, along with the Hoofbeats and Special Awards as voted for by our members. We will also be inducting more people and horses who have influenced the sport of TREC to our Hall of Fame.

    Numbers are limited so make sure you buy your tickets promptly. Pop over to the shop to purchase your tickets now!

    Awards Nominations 2022

    Awards Nominations 2022

    We will once again be celebrating our organisers, clubs and volunteers who have given their time willingly for the love of our wonderful sport in our Special Awards, which has kindly been sponsored by the TREC GB Chair. If you would like to nominate your favourite POR, Summer or Winter venue, Summer PTV, Saturday Night social, Judges Hospitality, Photo of the Year, best volunteer or your unsung hero click on the link below!

    The categories for 2022 are:

    1. Best 2022 Summer Competition Venue
    2. Best 2022 Summer POR
    3. Best 2022 Summer PTV
    4. Best 2022 Saturday Night Meal
    5. Best 2022 Winter Competition Venue
    6. Best Volunteer for 2022
    7. Unsung Hero
    8. 2022 Competition with the best hospitality for Judges
    9. Best 2022 TREC Photo of the Year

    Please take a moment to nominate via the website so we can reward our organisers and volunteers for all of their hard work.

    All nominations must be received by midnight on Friday 25th November 2022. Voting for all awards will open on Friday 16th December 2022 and will close at midnight on Monday 2nd January 2023.
    All nominations will be acknowledged on the website after our Awards Evening.