Category: Hall of Fame

Jenny Snowdon

Jenny started in the world of TREC in 2003 with her homebred horse, Hobo. They both loved it and progressed quickly to Level 2a. Due to his age, they didn’t go any further up the levels.  Sadly, Jenny lost Hobo to colic in 2009, and was fortunate to be given Max on loan. Max was also very talented, but Jenny also lost him 2 years later. Since then, Jenny has had a variety of horses, but none of them have been particularly interested in TREC, plus her own health hasn’t been brilliant.

Jenny organised her first full TREC In 2004with experienced TRECcie Laurie Smith. From there, the Balanced TREC was formed and they ran several competitions in Surrey until Jenny’s move to Essex in 2013.

She continues to travel from her new home in Essex to run Winter Series competitions in Sussex. Jenny is also a TD, Judge Trainer and TREC Trainer as well as volunteering on a few TREC GB Working Groups and is always keen to promote TREC far and wide.

Katie Morgan

Katie has ridden at the top level in the UK from very early on (1999 if not before), has qualified as an International Judge and has supported the Young Rider teams through thick and thin from the very early 2000s. Katie also volunteers her time to act as chair of the FITE Liaison Working Group and keeps all at TREC GB informed of the latest news from FITE, the international governing body for TREC.

Lorraine Owens

For many years, Lorraine was one of the key people involved with TREC in Wales. She has hosted many really good events, both competition and training from her family farm in North Wales.

Lorraine was part of the TREC Advisory Group when TREC was part of the BHS and one of the first Trustees and representative for North Wales when TREC GB was formed.

Lorraine was also one of the very first to step up and take her International Judge’s certificate and having judged at International competitions since 1999, Lorraine has fostered strong links with overseas TREC people

Maggie Robertson

Maggie, together with her partner Rob, did a lot for TREC in the early days, including forming the SE TREC Group many years ago.

They organised all of the routes for the twice yearly Tilford Riding Club TRECs and Maggie was promoting the sport.

They also organised some events near where they lived in Surrey, one of which went through their fields with the PTV on the route.

Additionally, they organised the English championships at Plumpton in 2004, with Rob spending several weekends building a staircase up and down a slope (which was still there a few years ago, when I last visited)

They also provided on the foot training and even did one after dark, providing a barbeque afterwards. Maggie still runs On the Hoof themed rides in Surrey.

Mark Kendrick

Mark is another early qualified International Judge and has judged, traceured and TDed at hundreds of UK competitions and represented the UK in Judging at International competitions from 1999 onwards.

Mark also developed the very first scoring programme to be used for British TREC, which helped to move the sport forward by providing a consistent and reliable scoring system.

It has also been great to see Mark back in action as a TD again last season up in Scotland.  He has always been a great help to the northern clubs.

Zara Lawlor

Zara has been instrumental in setting up and growing Wessex TREC Club. She continues to be an active member of committee, a TD and Trainer of Judges, giving her time generously to train new TREC judges. Zara is also an enthusiastic competitor and is always encouraging to her fellow competitors, volunteers and organisers.

Anne Williamson

Anne, now sadly deceased, was a HUGE influence in getting TREC started in Scotland and kindly loaned her very talented event mare to get riders into the Senior and Young Riders teams to represent the UK in 2000 & 2001.

Anthea Kendrick

Anthea started competing in TREC very soon after it was introduced via Rob Jones and the BHS.

As a professional trek leader, she was already very comfortable with the skills required to be a top competitor.

She first competed Internationally, representing TEAM GB for many years until finally retiring from International competition in the early 2000’s.  She particularly relished the POR and still remains our highest point scorer in the International competitions.

Anthea then turned her attention to acting as the senior Chef d’equipe and after this an International judge at the FITE championships.

Whilst competing, and since retiring from competition, she has always been and remains a hugely enthusiastic Treccie, encouraging others to have a go, getting involved in training and giving talks and demos to bring the sport to other riders attention.