Board of Trustees 2023

Christine Paine – Chair

I have competed at TREC since 2002 and have ridden at all levels, mostly on my own horses. I particularly enjoy the maps and riding out. I am a Judge, Trainer of Judges, Traceur and TD for all levels and regularly organise competitions too. I am a founder member of Red Kite TREC Group (in West Wales) and its current Chair. I was on the Competitions Advisory Committee when TREC was run by BHS and a Trustee since 2016. I worked in the Agricultural Feed Industry in Technical Sales, Advice and Marketing for 15 years, then worked for Government in ‘Animal Health’ with roles in Legislation, Disease Outbreak Control and Veterinary Medicines, and latterly managed a UK Inspection team. I am also an ISO 9001 Quality Auditor. During my appointment as Chair, I will use these skills for the benefit of TREC GB.

Polly Lloyd Owen – Vice Chair

As Britain opens up again, we can look forward to competing at outdoor venues, meeting old friends and riding across new routes. TREC is about having the sun on your face as you acquire and hone those skills which will help you to safely enjoy trail riding in all places and all weathers. 

If elected, I will ensure that TREC concentrates on combining it’s competitions with their intended purposes. This is about building up every rider’s capability and competence, from map reading to navigating the obstacles they meet on the way, so that our trails and bridleways can be explored with joy and confidence.  Within the UK I believe that we should work closely with FITE  maintaining and developing our objectives and  encouraging recreational riding both at home and abroad.

Cath Cromarty – Trustee

I first started TREC over 20 years ago, starting at Level One as an individual, I was hooked from there. My favourite part is the Orienteering phase, I have always loved maps and hacking out. After a few years I decided to put my name forward as a TD, Technical Delegate. As well as competing now as part of a L2A pair, I am also a judge, a trainer of Judges, both nationally and internationally. I serve on both the Rules and Training working groups. I am also a founder member of the TREC Group TRAC, (TREC Riders Association Cymru) and am currently their Treasurer. My background was mainly within the service industry, hotel and retail. My management skills within the industry, included integrity and communication, both of which I use often as a Trustee. My husband Dave is a TREC follower, TREC judge and my chief groom.

Gillian Newey – Trustee

I am interested in representing the mind set of smaller clubs, to help ensure the Sport of TREC is kept alive. I have a real passion for the sport and really feel I have found my equine discipline. I love to support others in the sport, watching, judging and encouraging them to improve against themselves and others. My daughter went to TREC Champs. When she was 14, there is a need to support and encourage these young riders to continue in our sport. We have a small but very enthusiastic club here on the IOM, and we are keen to feel like part of the wider TREC community. I organise and judge (having done some judge training with Helen Wain here on the Island) at our local competitions. We run winter Arena competitions and usually (when we can) Summer qualifying competitions. This alongside training both ridden and on foot. With 26 years teaching experience behind me I feel I would be a good asset to the board of trustees. I have excellent communication and organisation skills with the ability to coach and inspire others in the sport. I have excellent social media contacts, loving to keep everyone up to date with what is going on.

Kathy Whithead- Trustee

I see my role as a Trustee, if elected, is to help ensure that the sport develops, from grassroot competitors to international riders, young riders and the non-riders who support the sport in numerous ways.  It is important to support the clubs, enabling them to try a variety of activities/initiatives that will help create a broader and stronger membership base.  Trustees must be approachable, not be influenced or blinkered in their views, through listening to everyone who contributes to TREC and be prepared to move away from the norm to support new ideas and developments, whilst always maintaining the core values of TREC. I am part of several TREC GB working groups and understand the team effort and complexity involved in ensuring TREC meets the needs of all its members.   I have gained a broad range of skills and expertise through my work in education for the past 20 years (8 years as a headteacher of a primary school) and 15 years competing and organising TREC competitions.  Good people skills and the ability to listen to all views, both at Trustee level and club level, are paramount to working towards the greater benefit of our sport.

Trish Donnelly – Trustee

TREC is known as a friendly sport, but we also need to show potential members how they could gain access to this exciting and challenging discipline. I would like to broaden the appeal of TREC by developing the skills of young riders, equipping them to compete safely and effectively at home and abroad. I appreciate that teamwork keeps TRECGB running and would like to offer myself for the role of Trustee.  I realise that to be effective in this position I would need to collaborate with fellow Trustees to ensure that the running of TRECGB is in competent, safe hands. I have worked as part of a team, as a Teacher and developed not only skills for organising, planning and implementing a varied curriculum but have also gained experience as a School Governor. I feel that I would like to use this experience to help maintain the aims and values of TREC GB as set out in the constitution and help forge a strong governing body that will endure for years to come.

Claire Pollard – Treasurer

I have competed at TREC for more years than I like to remember, (about 20) initially with my daughter in pairs. I have also competed as an individual in Great Britain, and abroad, at all levels. I now still compete, as much as possible, but I also act as a TD and organiser.

I became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1985, and then became a member of the Institute of Taxation in 1989 (Now the Chartered Institute of Taxation). For many years I worked within the profession producing Accounts and advising companies and individuals on taxation matters. After I had my children, I started working for myself as an accountant, I now am a director and shareholder, together with my husband, of Tim Pollard Ltd. Where we work as accountants, and tax advisors to several owner managed businesses, who have a wide range of trades. I tend to look after our farming clients and the tax affairs for all clients. I am also responsible for the bookkeeping and PAYE for some clients. I am also Treasurer for our local Basset hounds, which involves the day to day running of the financial side of the business.

Liane Robinson – Trustee

Having been involved with affiliated TREC since 2006, ridden at L4 competing all over the UK and abroad and have supported my daughter as part of the Young Rider team for several years I have a wealth of experience to promote and develop the sport of TREC. I firmly believe that this wonderful sport needs to be grown at all levels in particular to grow the numbers competing at the higher levels once again including through positive publicity in all media and ensuring that people understand the skills necessary to improve their performance and ensuring appropriate animal welfare. Seeing obstacles being done expertly is a sight to behold.
Through my work I have dealt with people at all levels within a wide range of organisations from the MD through all levels of large corporations to small family run businesses as I have monitored their effectiveness at following processes including for quality, health and safety, asset management etc.
I have a high level of experience in organising and running national and international competitions including expense management.

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