Board of Trustees 2021

Christine Paine – Chair

I have competed at TREC since 2002 and have ridden at all levels, mostly on my own horses. I particularly enjoy the maps and riding out. I am a Judge, Trainer of Judges, Traceur and TD for all levels and regularly organise competitions too. I am a founder member of Red Kite TREC Group (in West Wales) and its current Chair. I was on the Competitions Advisory Committee when TREC was run by BHS and a Trustee since 2016. I worked in the Agricultural Feed Industry in Technical Sales, Advice and Marketing for 15 years, then worked for Government in ‘Animal Health’ with roles in Legislation, Disease Outbreak Control and Veterinary Medicines, and latterly managed a UK Inspection team. I am also an ISO 9001 Quality Auditor. During my appointment as Chair, I will use these skills for the benefit of TREC GB.

Jane Scott – Vice Chair

I live in Lincolnshire having moved up from Kent almost 10 years ago. I have been competing at TREC since 2003 and have participated at all levels, usually on my own horse. I have been a Judge, Traceur and TD (for all levels) for most of that time, initially trained by the previous ruling body (the BHS) then regularly “refreshed” by TREC GB. I was on the BHS Competitions Advisory Committee and have been a TREC GB Trustee since 2015. I was a founder member of Trec Lincolnshire. Whilst working, I have run my own business (whilst my children were very small), taught (to A level) for a number of years and worked for almost 20 years in the aerospace industry (mainly computer systems development and technical and financial risk management).

Vanessa Warren – Treasurer

I live in Somerset and have been competing at TREC since 2001. I have participated at all levels and abroad, on both my own and borrowed horses. I have trained a variety of different breeds of horse for TREC. For most of my time I have also been a Judge, Traceur and TD. I have been a member of Trec Southwest since its very early days and I was on the Competitions Advisory Committee of the previous ruling body. I have been a trustee and your Treasurer since TREC GB was formed. In my early life, I ran an equestrian business for 15 years and before my retirement was Managing Director of a financial services company which gives me a good understanding of accounting and insurance matters.

Cath Cromarty – Trustee

I first started TREC over 20 years ago, starting at Level One as an individual, I was hooked from there. My favourite part is the Orienteering phase, I have always loved maps and hacking out. After a few years I decided to put my name forward as a TD, Technical Delegate. As well as competing now as part of a L2A pair, I am also a judge, a trainer of Judges, both nationally and internationally. I serve on both the Rules and Training working groups. I am also a founder member of the TREC Group TRAC, (TREC Riders Association Cymru) and am currently their Treasurer. My background was mainly within the service industry, hotel and retail. My management skills within the industry, included integrity and communication, both of which I use often as a Trustee. My husband Dave is a TREC follower, TREC judge and my chief groom.

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