Awards Nominations 2022

We will once again be celebrating our organisers, clubs and volunteers who have given their time willingly for the love of our wonderful sport in our Special Awards, which has kindly been sponsored by the TREC GB Chair. If you would like to nominate your favourite POR, Summer or Winter venue, Summer PTV, Saturday Night social, Judges Hospitality, Photo of the Year, best volunteer or your unsung hero click on the link below!

The categories for 2022 are:

  1. Best 2022 Summer Competition Venue
  2. Best 2022 Summer POR
  3. Best 2022 Summer PTV
  4. Best 2022 Saturday Night Meal
  5. Best 2022 Winter Competition Venue
  6. Best Volunteer for 2022
  7. Unsung Hero
  8. 2022 Competition with the best hospitality for Judges
  9. Best 2022 TREC Photo of the Year

Please take a moment to nominate via the website so we can reward our organisers and volunteers for all of their hard work.

All nominations must be received by midnight on Friday 25th November 2022. Voting for all awards will open on Friday 16th December 2022 and will close at midnight on Monday 2nd January 2023.
All nominations will be acknowledged on the website after our Awards Evening.