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Final Results for the Quality Rosettes Winter Series League 2023 – 2024

Final Results for the Quality Rosettes Winter Series League 2023 – 2024

The final results for the Quality Rosettes Winter Series 2023-24 are now available. Congratulations to all of our champions, reserve champions and the top 10 in each league.

The Top 10 for each League are:


1stSusan PatwellCandy
2ndVanessa RegesterFantastic Mr Fox
3rdSue HorneOakthwaite Zahir Adham
4thJanet BradshawPolly
5thEmma BurrowsMarley
6thCharlotte FlemingRoss
7thJennie BlakehillRupert
8thJessica LanghamOffice Flirt
9thNatalie Freeman-WilliamsMandico
10thStephanie GoodacreDocs Baileys n Cream

Novice Horse

1stNichola PeaceRühmann vom Töster Grund
2ndDi MilnerBadgers Lad
3rdTina CobournDunwell Quince
4thVanessa RegesterFantastic Mr Fox
5thHilary BarnardMallards Wood Aquila
6thSusan PatwellCandy
7thRachel RansonDunnottar Ciarrai
8thKathryn OvendenSouthearn Paddy
9thBecky NorreyEnbarr Harry
10thEmma BuirrowsMarley


1stAmy BoalerTyan Razzmatazz
2ndWilla MuirGypsy Rose
3rdNichola PeaceRühmann vom Töster Grund
4thDebbie HarrisAchnacarry Macnair Mist
5thVicki HoldenTuffy
6thAngela HughesHS Damascus
7thJenny PlastowNeston Grace
8thPhilippa InglebyFerdinand Piccolo
9thBecky NorreyEnbarr Harry
10thFiona DillonHugo

Open Intermediate

1stCatherine GreeningWelland Crystal
2ndAmanda MarfleetInoshowens Pride
3rdPauline FrenchStan
4thBella CravenColin
5thIsla MurdochReilly
6thCaroline PittCalico
7thChrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace
8thDebbie HarrisAchnacarry Macnair Mist
9thFiona DillonHugo
10thEmma SaundersCatalina


1stAmanda MarfleetInoshowens Pride
2ndCatherine GreeningWelland Crystal
3rdPauline FrenchStan
4thCaroline PittCalico
5thBella CravenColin
6thChrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace
7thIsla MurdochReilly
8thZoe MortonPlace Mr Brighteyes
9thLesley BenyonFadagosa
10thMichelle BoweFlora

TREC GB would like to thank our sponsors, Quality Rosettes, for their support of the Winter League this year.

Rosettes for the top 10 in each league will be in the post as soon as possible.

The full results for the leagues can be viewed here.

Olympic Challenge

Olympic Challenge

Join us for a summer of adventure as we forge our own Olympic story.

TREC GB invites you strive for gold and become an Olympian in your own right. 

5 challenges, 3 medal levels and 3 unique ways to interpret each task. There are 45 options in total, Which path to glory will you take?

Make sure you are following our socials to be the first to hear about this exciting new, interactive challenge from TREC GB.

Hat & Body Protector Standards 2024

Hat & Body Protector Standards 2024

Just a quick reminder to all members to check their Hats & Body Protectors are the correct standard for the 2024 Summer Series.

The approved hat standards for 2024 are:

PLEASE NOTE: ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a) will be allowed in TREC until December 31st 2024
From Jan 1st 2025 only ASTM F1163 (2015 or 2023) will be allowed 

The approved standard for body protectors for British TREC is BETA Level 3 (With a Turquoise/Blue 2018 label). It is recommended that body protectors are replaced every 3-5 years, even if they are apparently undamaged.

It’s worth taking a moment now to check your hat and body protector are the correct standards before travelling to a competition.

International Riders selected to represent TREC GB 2024

International Riders selected to represent TREC GB 2024

Huge congratulations to the International Riders Selected to represent TREC GB at the FITE Championships in Schaijk, in the Netherlands in September 2024

Senior Riders selected for the FITE European Championships

Kirsty Adams.

Hilary Barnard.

Caroline Brammer.

Amy George.

Dot Still.

Young Riders selected for the FITE World Championships

Eleanor Prescott

Jacob Simpson

Awards Night Quiz Answers

Awards Night Quiz Answers

TREC GB would like to thank everyone who purchased the Awards Evening Quiz in support of the Young Riders team. £73 was raised on the night (a pound was found on the floor and donated to the worthy cause) and a further £16 was raised via the website to make a total of £99 raised. 9 completed answer sheets were submitted to Liane & Alex Robinson

and the £20 Amazon voucher will be making its way to the worthy winner Cath Cromarty, who scored an impressive 69/70.

The official answers are available to view here:

We have accepted an alternate answer for question 1 as a couple of people found Mustard who was a racehorse owned by the late Queen. Incitatus seemed to catch quite a few people out – the favourite horse of the Roman Emperor Caligula. Hercules (Steptoe and Son’s horse) – someone referenced the man-eating mares of Diomedes (whilst this person got the point as the name was correct, Hercules/Heracles wasn’t one of the mares.

The only one of the Ditloids that seemed to trip many up was one that we’re not sure has ever been achieved – some on the continent have got extremely close – 460 is the Maximum Score in TREC.

The cryptic clues probably caused most issues with the hardest being 44 – Alex is studying at Hartpury and living in Gloucester where the canons from Llanthony retreated after attacks to found a second cell – Llanthony Secunda.

Number 50 also caused problems and was simply an anagram for a venue of the Scottish Championships with a lovely brewery Ovenstone 109 next door.

Number 54 has been the venue for the World/European Championships more than once, with it being used most recently in 2022 – an anagram – Lamotte Beuvron.

For the anagrams, one answer provided didn’t quite work as an anagram but got me looking up who Marion Delgado was – we’ll leave you to look him up.  65 – Another anagram of Oscar Wilde is Alice Sword, however, Liane couldn’t find any reference to a person with this name (there must be someone) and 68 TS Eliot – someone commented that the only thing they could see for that for a while was toilets!

Voluntary Position – TREC GB Senior Team Chef d’ Equipe

Voluntary Position – TREC GB Senior Team Chef d’ Equipe

On behalf of TREC GB, the International Riders’ Working Group (IRWG) is seeking to appoint a Senior Chef d’ Equipe.

Candidates interested in the voluntary position are required to have a recent, clear DBS check. If a candidate cannot present appropriate evidence to confirm a recent, clear DBS check, then TREC GB will request a check on the candidate’s behalf.

Candidates will be required to possess appropriate Insurance for instructing riders and horses.  If suitable Insurance is not held, then a policy can be put in place via TREC GB’s underwriters, at the candidate’s expense.

Appointment of the Senior Rider Chef will be carried out by a formal group approved by the IRWG and which will consist of the Chair of the IRWG; the Senior Rider representative on the IRWG; an experienced International Rider and one other member of the IRWG (member to be confirmed). In the event of a ‘tied vote’ the Chair of the IRWG will have the casting vote. All members of the IRWG will have an opportunity, prior to the appointment, to discuss applications received. (The views of currently registered Senior Riders will be sought to help support the appointment process).

The successful applicant will hold the position for two International seasons – Senior FITE Championships in 2025 and in 2026.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Dave Rogerson (Chair IRWG) at in the first instance.

Individuals expressing an interest in the post should include a brief indication of their TREC experience and reasons for applying for the post with reference to the Job Description below.

Closing date for applications is Thursday 23rd May 2024.

A Senior Chef appointment meeting will take place on or before Thursday 6th June 2024 and the successful applicant will be contacted as soon as possible after this meeting.

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

Why I want to be a member of the TREC GB Board of Trustees

Having been a member of TREC GB since its inception, I am keen to support the interests of the charity to grow and improve our sport throughout the UK. Through studying for a degree in Equine Science, I have a strong understanding of contemporary issues faced by the equestrian industry and aim to work to support TREC in working through and around them, having previously created documents for TREC GB around topical issues such as Rider Weight and Social Licence to Operate. I am especially aware of the need to be proactive in responding to welfare concerns and am eager to support TREC GB in their work to place horse welfare at the forefront of our sport.

I have a keen interest in accessibility, and a strong understanding of health and safety, having previously served as the Health and Safety student representative for 2 years at university. Through my current role as a Student Ambassador for Hartpury University, I have gained experience working as a team and an ability to think on my feet to respond to issues and concerns as they arise.

TREC Experience

  • Competed in TREC since 2008.
  • Competed at Levels 1-4, both as a pair and as an individual.
  • Most recently competing at L3 pairs with my mother, with some L2As.
  • Currently L2A National Pairs Champions and L3 Welsh and English Pairs Champions.
  • Current L3 Pairs League Champions.
  • Represented TREC GB as a Young Rider at 2 European and 2 World Championships between 2016 and 2019.
  • Recently became a member of the Scoring and Technology Working Group