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International Riders Senior Rider Selection Criteria 2022-2024

International Riders Senior Rider Selection Criteria 2022-2024

The International Riders’ Working Group would like to inform all Registered Riders, Development Group members and those who may be aspiring to ride internationally for TREC GB, that the Selection Criteria has now been reviewed for the FITE TREC Championships in 2024.

The selection criteria has now been published and is available to view, along with the Senior Riders Application Form and Competition Report Template in the International Riders Document Area:

Click here for International Riders Documents Area

The criteria for Junior Duo and Young Riders seeking to qualify for the 2023 FITE Championships will remain unchanged.

Trustee Elections 2023

Trustee Elections 2023

Would you like to become one of the TREC GB Trustees? Do you have the skills and experience to help develop TREC GB?
It is now three years since TREC GB introduced their new Constitution and so we need to hold elections for new Trustees. We are seeking up to 6 more Trustees to join the Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected for a period of three years after which they must either stand down or seek re-election.
There are a number of points that you must consider if you would like to stand for the Board.

  • You will be expected to have a good working knowledge of British TREC.
  • You should read and be familiar with TREC GB’s Constitution.
    TREC GB Constitution v2.0
  • You will be expected to attend, by phone or computer, conference calls that last about 2 hours. A conference call will usually be held each month.
  • You will be expected to become a member of at least one TREC GB Working Group.
  • You will have to sign a declaration to say that you are not barred for any reason from becoming a Trustee.
  • You will have to sign up to the TREC GB Code of Conduct for Trustees on an annual basis.
    TREC GB Trustees Purpose, Expectations and Conduct (annual Commitment) v2.1
  • Should you decide to stand down from being a Trustee, the remaining Trustees will expect you to inform them before you make your decision public elsewhere.
  • You must live either within Great Britain or on the Isle of Man – ie the countries within which TREC GB is the governing body for the sport of TREC.
  • You must never have been the subject of any disciplinary action within TREC GB including official removal from or suspension from any committee or sub-committee or in terms of your membership.

As a TREC GB Trustee, there are many things that you must do, including ensuring that:-

  • TREC GB is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit. You need to know what it can & can’t do, whether it’s fulfilling its purpose & whether it is actually making a difference.
  • Both you & TREC GB are complying with TREC GB’s governing document & the law. So you will need to be familiar with TREC GB’s Constitution & any laws that apply to TREC GB. You will also need to ensure that returns are made to the Charity Commission (CC) correctly & on time & that the CC is kept up to date with appropriate changes.
  • You act in TREC GB’s best interests by making informed & balanced decisions, recognising & dealing with conflicts of interest, being prepared to question, challenge & accept majority decisions, and to re-examine previously made decisions to ensure the continued best interests of TREC GB .
  • You act with reasonable care & skill, using your own skills & experience. Know when you need to take advice, seek it & act upon it. Ensure that you prepare for meetings. Be prepared in case something goes wrong.
  • TREC GB is accountable by meeting all its legal accounting & reporting requirements, showing that it complies with the law in an effective manner, is accountable to its members, volunteers & Affiliated Clubs & that they, in turn, are accountable to the TREC GB Board.

The requirements for being a Trustee are outlined in various documents available by the following links from the Charity Commission. Please ensure that you have read them.
The essential details:
The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do – GOV.UK (
The Government’s “5 minute guides”:
Charity Commission guidance – GOV.UK (
You must not act as a Trustee if you are disqualified unless authorised to do so by a waiver from the Charity Commission. The reasons for disqualification are shown in the disqualifying reasons table and include:

  • being bankrupt or having an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  • having an unspent conviction for certain offences (including any that involve dishonesty or deception)
  • being on the sex offenders’ register

Automatic disqualification guidance:
Automatic disqualification guidance for charities – GOV.UK (

In addition to completing the Application form, including asking one other TREC GB member to propose your nomination and another to second their proposal, you will need to complete the Declaration form confirming that you are not ineligible to become a TREC GB trustee.

Board of Trustees Application Form

Board of Trustees Declaration Form

Please note that TREC GB has taken out Trustee Insurance so there is no financial risk to being a Trustee.
However, there are exclusions, including not covering you:-

  • for any liability arising from or connected with the giving of professional advice or service whether or not for remuneration or any act, error or omission relating thereto,
  • for any intentional dishonest or fraudulent act or omission or any wilful breach that you commit of any statute, rule or law.

Please note that all nominations must have been received by TREC GB Admin ( by midnight on Monday 20th February 2023.
Thank you,
on behalf of TREC GB Trustees

<strong> International Riders Selection Criteria Review January 2023</strong>

 International Riders Selection Criteria Review January 2023

The International Riders’ Working Group would like to inform all Registered Riders, Development Group members and those who may be aspiring to ride internationally for TREC GB, that the Selection Criteria are currently being reviewed for the FITE TREC Championships in 2024.

There will be significant changes, particularly for Senior Riders, who will begin qualification during the 2023 Summer Series.

The criteria for Junior Duo and Young Riders seeking to qualify for the 2023 FITE Championships will remain unchanged.

Once final details have been confirmed and the Selection Criteria documents updated, they will be published on the TREC GB website in the International Riders section and on the current Facebook pages. This will be during February 2023.

Special Awards 2022 – Results

Special Awards 2022 – Results

Congratulations to all nominees, runners up and winners in the TREC GB Special Awards 2022 which recognises the work of our Organisers, TDs, Traceurs, PTV course designers, Judges and Volunteers in running TREC events across the country. The results were very close again this year and the full list of finalists, runners up and winners can be found below.

The full list of nominations can be found here:

1. Best Summer TREC Venue

Winner: Welsh Championships, Llanthony

Runner Up: Grassroots Championships


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

2. Best Summer POR

Winner: Welsh Championships, Llanthony

Runner Up: Grassroots Championships


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

3. Best Summer PTV

Winner: Stourhead

Runner Up: Welsh Championships, Llanthony


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Marlborough Downs
  • Stourhead
  • Thornton le Moor
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

4. Best Saturday Night

Winner: Grassroots Championships

Runner Up: Deer Park


  • Deer Park
  • Grassroots Championships
  • National Championships

5. Best Winter Venue

Winner: Cheltenham RDA

Runner Up: Thornton House


  • Cheltenham RDA
  • Croft Farm
  • The Grange
  • LRAC Kenwick
  • Shuttleworth
  • Thornton House

6. Best Judges Hospitality

Winner: Grassroots Championships

Runner Up: Stourhead


  • Grassroots Championships
  • Stourhead
  • Thornton Le Moor
  • Welsh Championships, Llanthony

7. Best TREC Photo

Winner: We’ve Finished – photo by Victoria Adams Photography & submitted by Liane Robinson

Runner Up: The Beauty of TREC – photo taken & submitted by Kate Gillam


  • PTV Fun – photo taken by Paws for Thought Photography & submitted by Caroline Pederick
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow – photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty
  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside – photo taken by Chris Gipson & submitted by Zoe Morton
  • Llanthony route checking – photo taken & submiteed by Cath Cromarty
  • Sit Tight – photo taken by Amy George & submitted by Helen Curley
  • Just Chillin’ – photo taken and submitted by Erica Thomas
  • That first cuppa – photo taken & submitted by Karen Butt
  • What a view! – photo taken and submitted by Lesley Lewis
  • Dreams do Come True – photo taken by NHMM Photography (France) and submitted by Kirsty Adams
  • Size doesn’t matter – photo taken by Harri Like & submitted by Cressy Murphy
  • Rain or Shine – photo taken & submitted by Hattie Abretti
  • This is fun! – photo taken by Andrew Youll & submitted by Tania O’Connell
  • Closing the gate – photo taken by Christopher Lee & submitted by Michelle Bowe
  • Level 3 Plotting grids – photo taken & submitted by Dave Cromarty
  • Say Cheese – photo taken & submitted by Charlotte Fleming
  • Happy Partners – photo taken by Tony Pays & submitted by Lucy Wild
  • The Beauty of TREC – photo taken & submitted by Kate Gillam
  • We’ve finished – photo taken by Victoria Adams photography & submitted by Liane Robinson

7. Best Volunteer

Winner: Sue Squirrell

Runner Up: Andy & Dave Chappell


  • Andy & Dave Chappell
  • Cath Cromarty
  • Helen Curley
  • Karen Butt
  • Mike Messenger
  • Sue Squirrell

    9. Unsung Hero

    Winner: Cath Cromarty

    Runner Up: Jess Wain


    • Cath Cromarty
    • Evie O’Keeffe
    • Jess Wain
    • Jill Perry

    Anne Williamson

    Anne, now sadly deceased, was a HUGE influence in getting TREC started in Scotland and kindly loaned her very talented event mare to get riders into the Senior and Young Riders teams to represent the UK in 2000 & 2001.

    Anthea Kendrick

    Anthea started competing in TREC very soon after it was introduced via Rob Jones and the BHS.

    As a professional trek leader, she was already very comfortable with the skills required to be a top competitor.

    She first competed Internationally, representing TEAM GB for many years until finally retiring from International competition in the early 2000’s.  She particularly relished the POR and still remains our highest point scorer in the International competitions.

    Anthea then turned her attention to acting as the senior Chef d’equipe and after this an International judge at the FITE championships.

    Whilst competing, and since retiring from competition, she has always been and remains a hugely enthusiastic Treccie, encouraging others to have a go, getting involved in training and giving talks and demos to bring the sport to other riders attention.

    Jenny Snowdon

    Jenny started in the world of TREC in 2003 with her homebred horse, Hobo. They both loved it and progressed quickly to Level 2a. Due to his age, they didn’t go any further up the levels.  Sadly, Jenny lost Hobo to colic in 2009, and was fortunate to be given Max on loan. Max was also very talented, but Jenny also lost him 2 years later. Since then, Jenny has had a variety of horses, but none of them have been particularly interested in TREC, plus her own health hasn’t been brilliant.

    Jenny organised her first full TREC In 2004with experienced TRECcie Laurie Smith. From there, the Balanced TREC was formed and they ran several competitions in Surrey until Jenny’s move to Essex in 2013.

    She continues to travel from her new home in Essex to run Winter Series competitions in Sussex. Jenny is also a TD, Judge Trainer and TREC Trainer as well as volunteering on a few TREC GB Working Groups and is always keen to promote TREC far and wide.

    Katie Morgan

    Katie has ridden at the top level in the UK from very early on (1999 if not before), has qualified as an International Judge and has supported the Young Rider teams through thick and thin from the very early 2000s. Katie also volunteers her time to act as chair of the FITE Liaison Working Group and keeps all at TREC GB informed of the latest news from FITE, the international governing body for TREC.

    Lorraine Owens

    For many years, Lorraine was one of the key people involved with TREC in Wales. She has hosted many really good events, both competition and training from her family farm in North Wales.

    Lorraine was part of the TREC Advisory Group when TREC was part of the BHS and one of the first Trustees and representative for North Wales when TREC GB was formed.

    Lorraine was also one of the very first to step up and take her International Judge’s certificate and having judged at International competitions since 1999, Lorraine has fostered strong links with overseas TREC people