Author: Amy Ransley

National Championships 2023 Results

National Championships 2023 Results

Congratulations to all who competed in the TREC GB National Championships 2023, kindly sponsored by Leucillin Animal Skincare & Smart Saddles.

The overall results are available to view below. The phase results will be available within the next few days.

The National Champions 2023 are:

Leucllin Level 1 Newcomer IndividualLise Taylor (Chica)
Leucillin Level 1 Newcomer PairsGayle Marr (Hire Horse) & Sarah Witherspoon (Turn & Burn Superstar)
Leucillin Level 1 Open IndividualCatherine Greening (Welland Crystal)
Leucillin Level 1 Open PairsSarah-Jayne Bowers (Fingal of Achnacarry) & Diane Roberts (Skuggi)
Leucillin Level 1 Veteran HorseSian Griffiths (Barbara)
Smart Saddles Level 2 IndividualMartina Kasar (Caletto)
Smart Saddles Level 2 PairsDonna Taylor (Glantrasna Carrig) & Amanda Aldridge (Mr Pi)
Smart Saddles Level 2A IndividualHilary Barnard (Mallards Wood Aquila)
Smart Saddles Level 2A PairsLiane Robinson (Jaye) & Alex Robinson (Carive Moon and the Stars)
Smart Saddles Level 3 IndividualEleanor Prescott (Raiden)
Smart Saddles Level 3 PairsMary Weston (Cape Clear Casey) & Anna Lea (Nutkin)
Smart Saddles Level 4Amy George (A Touch Optimistik)
TeamCentral Conquerors (Mary Weston, Anna Lea & Chrissie Upchurch)
Nations CupEngland
The Lucky Jim (Highest PTV)Hilary Barnard & Caroline Brammer (score 137)
Jane Goldbart Trophy for Best ConditionThe Artful Dodger (Tania Guinness)
Highest Placed VeteranCaletto (Martina Kasar)
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 2Gizzy Miller
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 2aLiane & Alex Robinson
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 3Anna Lea & Mary Weston
Daniel Nolan Highest POR Level 4Amy George
Sharon Davies Trophy (Highest Placed Hired or Loaned Horse)Believe in Blue (Vicky Cresswell)

National Championships 2023-Overall ResultsDownload

National Championships 2023 Competitor Information

National Championships 2023 Competitor Information

We’re looking forward to welcoming all competitors and volunteers to the National Championships 2023 on Thursday and Friday.

The Competitor Information and Start Times for the coming weekend are now available to view & download from the following link. A copy has also been emailed to all competitors.

A riding out route has also been sent to all competitors for you to print if you wish to ride out on Thursday or Friday. A copy will also be on display in the secretary’s tent.

*NEW FOR 2023*

We’re excited to welcome Equireel to the National Championships this year. Equireel will be filming every competitor at every obstacle on the PTV course. To view a sample of their work, please click this link:

You will be able to order your own video from their shop after the Championships:

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, raincoat & human water, water for horses will be available in the corralling field.

Have a safe journey and we will see you there!

New Winter Series 2023-2024 Sponsor Announced

New Winter Series 2023-2024 Sponsor Announced

TREC GB are pleased to announce the 2023-2024 Winter Series has kindly been sponsored by Quality Rosettes.

Quality Rosettes makes and supplies superb quality rosettes and sashes to enhance your event, using either their designs or your own. Please take a look at their website and see if they can assist you.

Thank you Jenny Snowdon (a fellow TRECcie), owner of Quality Rosettes, for sponoring the Winter Series this year.

National Championships Update

National Championships Update

TREC GB has issued an update statement regarding the TREC GB National Championships 2023, which includes changes to the format of the Championships and how the remaining places will be filled.

You can read the full statement here:

TREC GB apologises that some members may be disappointed; however the safety and enjoyment of all people at the event – including competitors, volunteers and organisers is paramount. We hope you will understand the difficult decisions we have had to make.

National Championships 2023 Entries Paused

National Championships 2023 Entries Paused

We’re very sorry but we have had to temporarily pause entries to the National Championships 2023.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch very soon,

National Championships 2023 Entries Now Open

National Championships 2023 Entries Now Open

Entries for the TREC GB Championships 2022 at Bibury Farm, Bibury, Gloucestershire GL7 5PB on 18th – 20th August 2023 are now OPEN.
The Schedule and online entry are available via the following link:

 Entries open 10am on Thursday 22nd June and close at 10pm on Wednesday 2nd August 2023, unless already full.

Commemorative Clothing
National Championships 2023 commemorative clothing will also be available to order via the TREC GB website from 10am on Thursday 22nd June until 12pm on Monday 24th July 2023. All polo shirts and hoodies will have the TREC GB logo embroidered on the front and the names of all horses competing in the Championships on the back.

NEW FOR 2023: Commemorative Baseball Caps available with TREC GB logo and National Championships 2023 embroidered on the front.
All clothing orders for the TREC GB National Championships 2023 MUST be received by 12pm on Monday 24th July 2023 due to the lead time of obtaining stock by the clothing company.

As you know we cannot run our events without the help of our volunteers. If you are not competing this year and have some time available we would love to hear from you. You can sign up to volunteer at the TREC GB National Championships by following the link 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Hope you can make it and we look forward to seeing you there.

Final results for the Dengie Winter Series League 2022-2023

Final results for the Dengie Winter Series League 2022-2023

Congratulations to all top 10 Placegetters in the Dengie Winter League 2022-23. This year’s league was hotly contested across the country, with results being very close for the top 10 in each league.

The top 10 for each league are:

NewcomersJulie TaylorCuffstown Hill TopperCHAMPION
 Debbie HarrisAchnacarry Machair Mist3rd
 Chris BrooksCrannmore Lad4th
 Amy BoalerTyan Razzmatazz5th
 Kirsty SpreadburyQuinn6th
 Harriet Sullivan RobertsShanbally Joe7th
 Alex BaldwinJuno8th
 Phillipa InglebyFerdinand Piccolo9th
 Alice TeareBlue10th
Novice HorseAnne WarnerSunnyCHAMPION
 Amy BoalerTyan RazzmatazzRESERVE CHAMPION
 Vicki HoldenTuffy3rd
 Debbie HarrisAchnacarry Macnair4th
 Emille LongSpace Bound5th
 Amanda GlasspoleMinnismoor Post Haste6th
 Phillipa InglebyFerdinand Piccolo7th
 Fiona DillonHugo8th
 Willa MuirGypsy Rose9th
 Kirsty SpreadburyQuinn10th
IntermediateCaroline PittCalicoCHAMPION
 Kim LeneyJumping Jack Flash3rd
 Karen CarrollThornville Star4th
 Maria StandenAngelina5th
 Helen DuckmantonSpot6th
 Rachel RansonHarry7th
 Gizzy MillerMo Stor Priggle8th
 Laura MckayIndigo Blue9th
 Suzie ClaguePembroke Double Diamond10th
Open IntermediateCatherine GreeningWelland CrystalCHAMPION
 Chrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace3rd
 Nichola PeaceAusdan Sularis4th
 Suzanne BostockMia Rose5th
 Lel BenyonFadagosa6th
 Kim LeneyJumping Jack Flash7th
 Claire BagshawCrannmore Lad8th
 Maria StandenAngelina9th
 Bella CravenColin10th
OpenCatherine GreeningWelland CrystalCHAMPION
 Anne WarnerSunny3rd
 Claire BagshawCrannmore Lad4th
 Nichola PeaceMarike (Inca)5th
 Chrissie UpchurchDennis the Menace6th
 Suzanne BostockMia Rose7th
 Lel BenyonFadagosa8th
 Karen CarrollThornville Star9th
 Bella CravenColin10th

TREC GB would like to thank our sponsors, Dengie Horse Feeds, for their support of the Winter League this year.

Rosettes for the top 10 in each league will be in the post as soon as possible.

The full results for the leagues can be viewed here.

Natiional Championships 2023 Sponsorship

Natiional Championships 2023 Sponsorship

TREC GB are pleased to announce the Level 2 – 4 Championship Classes at the National Championships 2023 will be kindly sponsored by Smart Saddles.

The SMART saddle range, winner of the coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation 2021, was developed in a quest to design the perfect saddle to improve equine welfare and performance.

A huge THANK YOU to Smart Saddles for their continued support of our Championships and TREC GB.

TREC GB are pleased to announce the Grassroots Championship Classes at the National Championships 2023 will be kindly sponsored by Leucillin

Healthy skin makes a happy & healthy pet! Leucillin keeps skin clean, clear & healthy, it tackles infection; irritation, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin.

Leucillin, The Must Have Solution For All Pet Owners. Healthy Skin makes for a Happy and Healthy Pet.

A huge THANK YOU to Leucillin for their continued support of our Championships and TREC GB.

Coronation TREC Quest 2023

Coronation TREC Quest 2023

TREC GB Coronation Quest

Following the success of last year’s Quest, TREC GB are launching a new TREC GB Coronation Quest for all TRECcies, which will run alongside all our usual summer activities.

This time we have a mixture of repeat challenges from last year with some new ones for this year. And we have listened to your feedback from last year and launching our Coronation Quest earlier in the year, to give you loads of time to complete the Quest!

This Challenge is primarily about taking part and achieving – completion is a bonus!

The format is based around TREC Bingo which was developed by Gina King, who has kindly allowed us to use her material, with some elements of Hoof hunt too.

The challenges are designed so that everyone can take part, whether on foot or mounted. Some require a horse, but most of these (all if you are imaginative) can be achieved whether mounted or leading. An we had some great examples of imaginative interpretation last year!

The TREC GB Summer Quest challenge opens on Monday 1st May 2023 and closes on Sunday 3rd September 2023

Joining our Coronation Quest

All you have to do is to purchase the Coronation Quest Challenge from the TREC GB shop.

You will receive three cards to complete, full instructions, plus an invitation to join a Facebook Group dedicated to this Challenge.

On the Facebook page you will need to set up 3 Albums, in which you will post your photos/videos.

More instructions will be on the Facebook page.

Completing the Quest

Each card has 20 squares to complete and each one focuses on a different TREC theme. All you have to do is to complete the task or find the object listed in each Grid square and post a photo on the Facebook group that must include the challenge (the square reference), and include a part of either you or the horse. You can complete the challenges in any order, within and between cards, as you wish.

The Challenge entry is for one person – and can be completed with whichever horse (or horses) you wish – or even without for some squares!

This year’s TREC themes are: TREC POR, TREC PTV Obstacles / Challenges and TREC MA plus random finds!

When you have completed a full card, post a photo of it to the Facebook Group.

At the end of the Challenge, rosettes will be awarded depending on the number of cards you have completed.