Alex Robinson

Why I want to be a member of the TREC GB Board of Trustees

Having been a member of TREC GB since its inception, I am keen to support the interests of the charity to grow and improve our sport throughout the UK. Through studying for a degree in Equine Science, I have a strong understanding of contemporary issues faced by the equestrian industry and aim to work to support TREC in working through and around them, having previously created documents for TREC GB around topical issues such as Rider Weight and Social Licence to Operate. I am especially aware of the need to be proactive in responding to welfare concerns and am eager to support TREC GB in their work to place horse welfare at the forefront of our sport.

I have a keen interest in accessibility, and a strong understanding of health and safety, having previously served as the Health and Safety student representative for 2 years at university. Through my current role as a Student Ambassador for Hartpury University, I have gained experience working as a team and an ability to think on my feet to respond to issues and concerns as they arise.

TREC Experience

  • Competed in TREC since 2008.
  • Competed at Levels 1-4, both as a pair and as an individual.
  • Most recently competing at L3 pairs with my mother, with some L2As.
  • Currently L2A National Pairs Champions and L3 Welsh and English Pairs Champions.
  • Current L3 Pairs League Champions.
  • Represented TREC GB as a Young Rider at 2 European and 2 World Championships between 2016 and 2019.
  • Recently became a member of the Scoring and Technology Working Group